Sunday 25 December 2011

night & day

when the terms

night & day

are used in

gnowledge realm

they don't refer to the

night & day

which happen here on earth

night means 'lack of gnowledge'


day means 'true gnowledge shining'

this does not mean gnowledge

can be gotten only in the so-called daytime

in fact

night-time is much better for it

as thats the time

when one can have more access

to the real sun within

Saturday 24 December 2011

survival or servival


on this planet

are focussed on just

'survival' with an 'u'

with this very limited aim and attitude

even if one does survive

till death

of what use is it

as one will be thrown back in

this world to begin the gruesome

struggle for survival again

what is point of sustaining the body

if one has no clear goal

as to what one would do with the body

which would take one out of

the hellish cycle of 3-d existence

the real spelling

is actually


one is here to serve divine

not just survive

survival is automatic

if one serves divine

thats why the real word is


serving i value

Friday 23 December 2011


its good to be an 'escapist'

nothing wrong with

wanting to escape the

hellishness of this world/realm

but there is another kind of being

which can be labeled as


the one who wants to escape

doing the do

which is required to get

one into higher planes

of existence


it can't really 'escape'

and thus is not really an 'escapist'

it is just an unrealistic fool

who will have to learn the hard way

what it actually takes to really 'escape'

Monday 19 December 2011

no limits

there are those

who try to limit

the activities of divine

'divine wouldn't do this or that'

as if they are controllers of divine

instead of enjoying

divine's fractal pastimes

they spew nonsensical judgements

from their own lowly states

fired by negative qualities

like jealousy and anger

just like

there is no limit to

the foolishness of the foolish

there is no limit to

the leela (Play) of divine

and the fools who don't understand that

only bring about their own downfall

puritanical ?

the so-called


of now

is just a mask

which jealousy wears

it has nothing to do with P-ure

they just put on lot of clothes

to hide their ugliness

but no amount of clothes can hide ugliness

the only peaceful solution

peace amongst beings

can only happen

if they are all striving for evolution

otherwise no amount of effort

can bring about that Peace

if they all strive for evolution

their attention would be on

high & divine

not on each other's nonsense

they would also automatically

gno the right behaviour

for any situation

from this attention on divine

peace comes from creating connection to divine

not entangling strings with each other

Saturday 3 December 2011

sense & senses

how can there be


in this world

when most people

don't use their


at all

they have eyes but they don't see

they can be looking straight at you

but they are not seeing you

they are practically blind

even if they started see-ing slightly

they would not do 90% of what they do

they have nose but they don't smell

( no wonder they can be sold these horrible smelling chemical deo's )

they have skin but they cannot feel

( no wonder they can wear all these uncomfortable fabrics )

they have ears but don't listen

( no wonder any kind of crap noise can be sold to them as music )

they have tongues but cannot taste

( no wonder they consume all this tasteless genetically modified stuff )


all they do is use their mind

but mind only works from sensory inputs

they use it without using the senses

thats how it becomes sense-less

everything is just assumed, extrapolated

its like trying to solve a million piece puzzle

with 10-20 pieces


even extra sensory perception

comes from using

the senses properly first

Saturday 26 November 2011


beings on this plane-t

are doing all kind of actions

but majority of them are PoinTless

as they are PTless

PT ( ParamaTma )

gives the Axis

around which they can

raise themselves

pointlessness of it all

becomes clear to them

from time to time

especially near death

but they keep on regardless

there can be no other evil

except relentness immersion

in pointlessness

their pointless actions

may at best

create amusement for divine

but will bring only misery

for themselves

Sunday 6 November 2011

their devil

lets take a closer look at

the devil of the

translucent roman church & theology

it has its kundalini working


3rd eye open


it is basically a being

which is beyond

their control

their devil is

actually a God

in vedic scriptures

there Shiv is seen a God

which these people have

villanified as the devil

they have deliberately flipped it all upside down

so that the masses never move towards the very source/essence

which can liberate them

by calling it the devil

they keep people from going towards it

the end result

misery for all

including them

Tuesday 1 November 2011

second coming ? ... there can only be One !

the real avatar

which the gnostics ( wise men ) were predicting

2000 years ago ( and before )

has arrived now

it never came 2000 years ago

as a translucent bearded man

(as depicted in the so-called churches)

who died on a cross

leaving all the rest to suffer as well

that was all a lie concocted by the

roman government

using all the ancient mythologies

for not-so-wholesome ends

so this avatar is

in reality a

first (& only) coming

for the current age

not a second coming

there will not be a need

for any more comings

once the judgement is through ...

Friday 28 October 2011







( starting to evolve once more )

and that happens by




closer to the


P being the Axis

T being the turning around the Axis

Friday 14 October 2011


the real meaning of the term


is hidden by its spell-ing

its actually made up of 2 words -

response ability


the ability to respond

promptly & properly

to higher & divine





this real responsibility

raises one up

instead of

weighing one down

any other sense

of it

will only bring one down

Thursday 22 September 2011

spirit & soul

the 2 words

spirit & soul have become synonymous

amongst people of this planet

they see no difference

between them

spirit however

is not the same as soul

most beings here

don't have a 'soul'

they have a spirit

the talk that every being

with a nose, 2 eyes

walking on 2 feet has 'soul'

is nonsense

thats why there is so much talk

of spirit-uality

& not much mention

of soul-ality

technically the difference between

spirit & soul

comes from level of coherence

the word 'soul'

comes from 'sol'

or 'sun'

the beings

who can generate their own light

through connection with

the divine supersoul

are the ones who have soul

(not many of them here)

the rest are just spirits

who can under certain conditions

generate a soul

depending on their efforts

to establish/re-establish

connection with

the divine supersoul

Monday 19 September 2011

older & elder

even though most people

automatically ( & erroneously ) consider

older as elder

the fact is that

there is a big difference


older & elder

older just means more age

i.e more earth years in a physical form


el-ders are those

who have



turning serpent



and all the chakras flowering

so when they say respect the elders

it doesn't mean you respect

your parents and uncles and aunties

it means

that you

respect the

awakened beings

Friday 16 September 2011


any being who requires


( which automatically means

they will get discouraged

easily as well )

can never

achieve any

real goal

real goals -

getting out of hell

getting to higher states of consciousness

getting to divine itself

the brats used to encouragement

from parents, society etc

to live their essentially goal-less lives

call even divine negative/heartless

just because it

doesn't encourage

as one needs encouragement

only to carry on living a goal-less life

one achieves real goals

by firm fixation on the goal

which arises from

actual needs

like escaping

low vibration prison-like-state of being

which is the majority's lot on this planet

Saturday 10 September 2011

selfish ?!

its funny how

so many in this world

try so hard to be selfish

its always

me before you

but somehow they

never do their self any good

by their actions

if they were truly self-ish

they would improve their self

give it more strength

through evolving it

instead they bring their self

down to hell

by their foolish actions


they are not

really selfish

just plain foolish

even though self-ish is

a bad word in this world

it would be welcome change

for them to

actually care about their


coz if they do

they will automatically care

about nature, right behaviour ...

Thursday 25 August 2011

the vedic unity

this whole planet

used to be


at one point

( pre 3000 BC )

the one-book sects

posing as religions

have modified history

in order to

keep the people



under their fold

the word 'vatican' comes

from sanskrit 'vatika' ( meaning 'abode' )

vatican sits on top of what

was once a shiv temple

so does mecca

with its black stone

all magical symbols

used in this world

find their source

in vedic gnowledge

so do all the sciences

the land now called 'india'

was/is the last stronghold

of vedic gnowledge

they have tried their best to

uproot it from its very roots

but it is impossible to

take out something

which is so pervasive

real unity amongst

all the varied people

on this planet

can only come from

a coming back to

the vedic way

( सनातन धर्म
- everlasting decrees )

which by virtue of being complete

in its understanding

of this multiverse

is alone deserving of the term


in uni i tie


in one i tie

Saturday 20 August 2011

doing the do

people always seem

to be able to

do the do

when it comes to

brushing their teeth etc

but when it comes to

taking care of their soul & evolution

most cannot

do the simple do


using their mouths

to praise higher/divine


using their bodies

to serve higher/divine

it is the only way one evolves

not by thinking or internalizing

moving the mouth to praise the higher/divine

is the 'do'

only those who

do this do

with continuity

get out of the mess


Monday 15 August 2011

think think (wink wink)

there are so many

in this world

who love to think

using their faulty little brains

powered by their unfractal genes

many have pushed thought to the limit

have encountered

confusion, frustration, insanity & suicidalness

the net result has been

a big zero

all the past wisdom and tales

make it very clear that

any evolution or rise in this multiverse

depends on praising/serving the higher/divine

not thinking

Valmiki wrote the immortal epic 'Ramayan'

by praising Raam - an incarnation of divine

not by thinking

even asuras like ravan gained power & influence

by praising/serving Shiv - a divine being

still they believe

that they will figure it all out

if they just keep reading & thinking

kundalini doesn't rise

by reading/thinking

nor does 3rd eye open by reading/thinking

all evolution happens

through actual practise

of praising/serving higher/divine

this simple fact remains

elusive despite all of their thinking


all of the evidence pointing towards it

want to gno ... really !

there are many

who come to lotusocean

saying they want to gno

some even say that they want to

gno it all

yes most of them

are not even willing to

leave their

useless little lives behind

guess they don't want to


badly enough

maybe not gno at all

Wednesday 10 August 2011

random word generators

there are millions of blogs

propping up everyday

and most of their output


output of a


they don't mean/say anything

just lots of words

for no rhyme or reason

whenever people write anything

these days

it is all so incoherent

even a random word generator would

do better


there are many

who feel not worthy

of going towards divine

the fact that one wants to

turn towards divine

makes one worthy enough

enough worth lies in

just taking that step

there is no special qualification/worthiness

required to go towards divine


a wanting to get out of

the hell created by evil

Tuesday 9 August 2011


there are many who

say/think they are not brave enough

to move towards divine

out of the current structures of evil

lotusocean says that

it requires more bravery

to continue in hell

only brave can handle

unending confusion, pain, torture, boredom

people who think they are safe & secure

within hell's structures

are brave indeed

as all the evidence points otherwise

no special bravery is required to

move towards divine

those going towards divine

are not-so-brave

as it is just going towards

real safety, nourishment & pleasantness

Monday 8 August 2011

no room for divine ...

evil has tried its best

to create a world

which has no room for divine


divine has no entry point


divine will never reduce itself

to being an actor in the various silly-woods

( divine be's not act like what it is not -
job of actors is
to promote unrealism, fantasy & devoluting attitudes)

or a circus-like entertainer like pop/rock idols

( to reduce vibrations & dumb people down further )

or a gladitorial sports idol

( to suffer pain & glorify torture for some money/fame )

or a religious head

( to promote falsehoods & practise hypocrisy )

or a fake guru

( to fool oneself & masses alike )

or a corporate ceo

( to sell people/nature/earth for a chair & some money )

or a puppet government head

( to be a rubberstamp of the evil overlords )

so masses have no

access to divine

except for one loophole



Crop Circle illustrates the Shiv-Shakti activities of PT

Sunday 7 August 2011

the reason why

the reason why

majority of people on this planet

live their life like they do


because they assume/presume

that it will all last forever

their parents, friends, pets

and of course them

in this foreverness

one can while away time


one silly frivolosity/triviality

after another

whats the harm they say

we have all the time in the world

an eternity for nonsense

looking at them

one gets the feeling

they have infinite lifespans

beings here show no


of their lifespan

reality of death

does not ever really

enter their


when it actually happens

in their forever-little-world

it is seen as a trauma

which they usually cannot recover from

death opens up too many questions

like what after etc

so best to just behave

as if it doesn't exist

& carry on with mindless

nonsense in


a being who gno's

that they have limited time here

is bound to behave differently

especially if they also gno

what is at stake

if they don't

Saturday 6 August 2011

असतोमासदगमय् तमसोमाज्योतिर्गमय् मृत्योर्माअमृतमगमय्

Lets move towards

Truth from untruth
Light from darkness
Immortality from death

असत has been pronounced अस्त
as अस्त means 'setting' &
this was done when sun was 'setting' ...

असत & अस्त are phonetically connected
as 'untruth' and 'sun-setting' are
metaphorically connected

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Monday 25 July 2011

RIP ?!

millions of

RIP's ( Rest in Peace )

posted all over the


for all the dead

so-called celebrities

funny since

the beings they are refering to

never had Peace

in their life here

their souls were in torment

how do they expect

a sudden change in the afterlife

maybe they do it

to kid themselves

that the same would be the case with them

no matter how their life goes

peace would suddenly dawn upon death

it would be heaven in afterlife

even if all the actions here

have been lowly & hellish

Sunday 24 July 2011

foolish & fool of pride

not only are

the people on this

planet programmed to be

foolish & ignorant

they are for some unknown reason

full (fool) of pride too

its a deadly cocktail

foolishness and false pride

foolish to a degree

that they don't even gno

the basics of living

what to eat

what to do

what not to

they have no idea of

this world

or its history

they can't navigate

through life here

let alone in afterlife

yet many claim that

'they gno everything'

most behave like

they know what they are doing

the pride is so full

that some can't even realize

to any extent that

they are foolish or ignorant

this false pride is

pumped into them

like hot air in balloons


their evil controllers


as long as they


foolish & proud

they can never really learn

& thus have no chance of

escaping the matrix of hell

how shallow their pride is

seen from how quickly they swallow it

when they toil in the meaningless/mindless

jobs of evil

to basically just survive

speaking/writing too lightly

too many people on this planet

have gotten

too used to saying/writing stuff

(especially typing)

that doesn't match their

actual reality

saying/writing anything is

taken too lightly

as if there are no consequences for it

this comes from

a high degree


a major cutting off from nature & divine

some even cry in their own private time

as they confront their actual state

while outwardly they

feign to even fully believe

in these ridiculuos fronts

the problem is

that with this attitude

they cannot

raise the

actual state of their being/soul

they will only go down

by spewing

fantasiacal falsehoods

which have no bearing with

elements, nature & reality

Friday 22 July 2011

a fix

there are a lot of

voices in this world shouting

we will fix the enviornment

we will fix this country or that

we will fix the earth, the atmosphere

the planet mars, space even


since yours truly is yet

to meet a being

on this planet

who has even partially fixed

its own self

has an

electrically alive body


fully open flowering chakras

they all are basically trying to run away

from their incoherent suffering selves

their fix is a fixion ( fiction )

its them who are in

a fix

all of them need

a fix

real fixing starts from home


the home is the self

tri-vital instead of tri-vial

the 6th Element

Wednesday 20 July 2011

meaningful actions

people always ask

what to do

if they do not do

the jobs of the evil system

they can always do

meaningful actions

meaningful actions are those

which help oneself evolve


help others evolve too

& at the same time

don't pollute earth & the elements

so whatever one is doing

one can see if

their actions

meet this criterion

if everyone was engaged in


meaningful actions

survival won't be a problem anyways

as it is

under evil's


Tuesday 19 July 2011

तपस्या - tapasya

through movies & media

people of this planet

have been programmed

to think

that power comes from

going to gym


lacing oneself with metal & technology

the truth is that

DNA/soul is not enhanced but

perturbed by this

real power/bliss comes through tapasya

(penance being the closest term in english)

& only tapasya


praising high & divine

will not bow ... hmmm

those who say

that they will not bow

as its not in their nature to bow

will always be found


to evil

what they mean by not bowing

is that

they won't bow to

higher & divine

its a hellwish

much worse than deathwish

whats funny is that

they don't even realize

that its evil which has

programmed them so

after all

they cannot be part of team evil

if they bow to divine


the only gift they will get

for this selfless service is





energy in motion

energy which seeks answers & ascension

& doesn't stop till it gets them

it can not be distracted

emotion has nothing to do with

all the senseless drama and crying

which happens in the muggle-world

a being who

after being born in human form

doesn't seek enlightenment

is a being

without any real emotion

a being with real emotion

can/will never serve

the evil system

nor can it be caged/trapped by

any of their devices

bowing to higher & divine

is the only way to inculcate

real emotion


people are always

saying they

care for this or that


they are always shortchanging themselves

and others

they have no gnowledge of right & wrong

& cannot even take care of themselves

let alone others

budh ( erroneaously known as buddha )

left his wife, kid, kingdom

to seek the answers to life

if he hadn't left he

would have just shortchanged himself

& everyone else

but a being with real emotions

can never do that

thats what seperates muggles

from higher beings

the sincerity/realness of emotions

there are people singing stuff like

' i don't want to go until i have

found it all out '

or ' i am a seeker ' etc

when all they are actually doing is

being circus clowns on stage every night

even seeking is a charade

in this world of insincere beings


there are lot of

researchers now

focusing on

symbols/rituals used by

those who uphold

the evil structure

which oversees the

unwholesome systems of this planet

the funny part is that

most of these researchers

have hardly any gnowledge of

occult or real science

so they just get

bamboozled by all the data

they see everywhere

also most importantly

in all this confusion

they miss the critical factor -

the hellish paradigm

under which these symbols are used

symbols are not evil or satanic

(as they like to refer to them)

within themselves

they are just gateways to

pure principles governing

this multiverse

it all depends

on the level where the

symbol is used

same symbol

can be used in

heaven or hell


completely different

feel & outcome

no admittance

majority of this

planet's population

has never tasted real bliss

yet they won't admit to it

& carry on serving in the hell

created by their

deranged blissless overlords

the more they go on that path

things will only get worse

as long as they don't admit to it

there is no scope for

any change/improvement either

Friday 15 July 2011


there are many


complicated-mental types

who bring up the question

whether they are deserved or not

to be under lotusocean's umbrella

anyone who has

a proper humble attitude to

higher & divine

is deserved

one doesn't need any other skill

or qualification

or mastery

to be deserved


as is clear from the

way the word is spelt

is simply

all about


willingness to



even this judgement

they don't need to make themselves

the higher can easily see/assess

their readiness

once they make themselves available

Thursday 14 July 2011

PT's Bhoodevi Play

not a stone ... a Goddess

Monday 11 July 2011


the more people pollute the earth

& more the living conditions deprove

the more people cling on to each other

and call it love

it is creating hell

in what could be like paradise


then trying to distract

themselves from it in every way they can

drugs, fantasy, company ...

Saturday 9 July 2011

basic instincts

when confronted with

someone interesting

the basic instinct


to delve further

but not for the

people of this planet

who have suppressed

basic instincts/

natural reactions

for so long

that they are not even alive anymore

it is also a basic instinct to

be respectful to

a being higher than yourself

but that is

also not basic to them


evil has taught them to

curb basic instincts

thats the only way they can

keep working for it


all the millions of

lifesucking boring borg jobs

like supermarket checkout etc etc

basic instincts

are villified

to keep them

the living dead

Monday 4 July 2011

false idols

even in this

internet age

most of this planet

still relies

on controlled media like

television and books

to find out who to respect

or who to follow

they idolize

actors ( basically pretenders ) in movies & soaps

controlled by hollywood, bollywood

and all other falsely named woods

(nothing woody or organic about them)

owned by a few of hell's hounds

authors authorised by

private publishing companies

owned by the very same bunch

who own the entertainment industry

along with the weapons industry

along with drug cartels ...

in short a few evil twisted creatures

tell all the other people

what to idolize


the masses do it

even if it means drowning in hell

they can't see

what is really higher

or evolved

or what to aspire to

for raising one's soul

they throw stones at you

if you are not on TV

& throw flowers at you

if you are pushed by the

false media as something great

they are blind

under a spell


they don't want to wake up

even though the dream is a nightmare

& there are

repeated rude shocks to their system

the meatspell

there are forces

which are making

meat easily available

in huge amounts in big stores

beings all over this planet

are falling for it

pigging out

and turning into

and beasts

never has so much meat

been available

even all hunter-tribes

only ate to survive

when you have to kill to eat

gluttony is not easy to come by

they haven't been told

the price they will pay for it

let them be informed that

it would be way-beyond their

debit & credit cards

its common gnowledge what

pigs are fattened for

Saturday 2 July 2011

fun or Phun

every friday

the whole of

so-called west

& now increasingly

the so-called east

looks for fun

they think

weekend will be heaven

compared to their hellish week

so fun begins

by putting the body into graceless poses

& ofc

lots and lots of alcohol

so fun is primarily

getting out of it

when they say party

they just mean more alcohol

being cut off from divine

no other access to bliss they have

& it should be gnown by now that

alcohol is no tonic for bliss

it just offers lack of oxygen in the brain,

madness, delusion, loss of control

vomits & of course the hangover

so its all mock fun & party

a futile desperate attempt at it

how long can they kid themselves thus

basically depends on their

desire to slither in hell

Phun is the real spelling of fun

the P being most important

just as in Party

no Phun or Party



the divine Pole, the Axis

no heaven without divine

Friday 1 July 2011

tie's and watches

the 2 main emblems of evil's slavery

a tie


a watch

why wear a machine

right next to your skin

something which measures time

in a way very

different from

the heartbeat or breath

unless one wants to become a machine oneself

or join the borg army like darth vader

it is bad for one's physical/spiritual health

in no uncertain terms

can't be for reasons of comfort

can't be comfortable

to wear

a tie (noose) around the neck either

even animals like dogs

try to take off

the ties people

put around their neck

so even animals are

more sensitive and sensical

than so-called creatures

who pass off as human beings

people on this planet

are beyond

practicality & comfort

wearing the slave insignias

of the evil system

is more important

than anything else

Thursday 30 June 2011


the word


is not a very liked word

in these times

people are

doing everything

they can to run

as far from


they can be moronic, confused,

retarded, schizophrenic etc etc

but not simple

simplicity arises out of honesty

a quality they struggle with

like its the black plague

lotusocean only



many doubt it

using their complicated brains

how could

the truth and the answer be so simple

they say

lotusocean says

it won't be the truth

if it wasn't simple

PT's EarthShip CropFormation

at their own pace ... surely

there are those

who say

that they are learning

at their own pace

& everyone doesn't have to be

at lotusocean's pace

wonder what they think

their lifespan is ?

a minimum of

100,000 solar years ?!

people do live like

thats how much time

they have in their hands

10,000 years for playstation

another 10,000 for procastination

make mistakes and learn from those

trial & error

all kinds of funny methods

can be tried out

whats the hurry

there are ages left

childhood is for making no sense

youth is for making mistakes

old age is for struggling with the body

they also seem to

equate time with evolution

things will only improve with time they say

as if devolution is not a possibility at all

a snakes and ladders game without snakes

either they don't want to face

the reality called death


they have a really bad



reading books ?

for the last

100 odd years

people have been made

to believe that

they can gain gnowledge and evolution

just by reading


so no contact with

the author/guru

is required

just pay the money for the book

& you're done

lotusocean declares

that no one can really learn anything

worth learning

without first hand


under a guru

the whole world is reading books

at the price of millions of cut trees

& no evolution is happening

more books they read

more confused they get

learning & evolution

is a more

hands on practical thing

than people are willing to accept

it is not just some

foofoo mental concept

evolution happens through

right speech

right diet

right postures

& most importantly

right behaviour towards higher & divine

no book can teach one this

the practise of it

can only be

done under a guru



they will call an animal

which tries to defend itself

from being killed by their bullets

by charging at them

as aggressive

they will label

a tree which tries to defend itself

from being cut

by dropping big fruits on the cutter

as aggressive

they will call nature

which retaliates

for all the abuse that has been done

through earthquakes, floods ...

as aggressive

but who is the real aggressor here ?

they think they can do harm

but not have any repercussions

thats why they hate higher & divine

as they are powerless in front of it

the loss of control

makes them scream that

'divine is the aggressor '

but who is what

is very clear

to see


people talk

about all viewpoints being relevant

all the time

why should only lotusocean's

viewpoint matter ?

well for starters

there is

no point

having a


which leads one to

pain, torture & hell

that is not a viewpoint

it is a blind-no-point

a view

requires a high point

for viewing

a high evolutionary status

promises a proper real view

for those


there is hardly any


to have a


negative ?

its strange


beings who are pointing out

the actual negative

happenings in this world

which are creating a hell here





it is the most positive thing

to point out the negative

and not take part in it

how else would one

distance oneself from

the real negative called evil ?

seems like

evil has banned

anything from being called evil

under its rulership

a perfect recipe

for devolution

Tuesday 28 June 2011

the challengers

there are those

who come challenging lotusocean

but they don't even

reveal their real/full identity

its also funny to see

how these folks

don't challenge the

evil beings

who control their lives


have reduced them to a

zombie mineral borg barely-conscious

dumbed-down schizo

pathetic blissless hellbound state

they instead challenge

something which is giving

them a way out

a chance to raise their soul

out of hell

into bliss

as these words

are written

there is huge thunder & lightning

where they are being written

in bharatania

(now called UK)

even all the sold-out folk on TV

are saying

that 'Gods must be angry'

as this doesn't happen in england

at any time of year

let alone this time

challenge ... hmmm


there are those who say

that lotusocean is

not really do-ing anything to change things

they seem to be completely unaware

of the fact that

there is no greater do-ing

than telling in plain words

what is

right & wrong

good & bad

divine & evil

only education from the core

which hits out at the core

can bring about any real change

lotusocean is not

stupid or impractical

enough to

start going out there &

pulling plugs from all the polluting factories

as they suggest

& if they feel thats the way

they should go out and do it themselves

instead of asking lotusocean to do it

lotusocean fortunately doesn't work

from their limited consciousness spectrum

once people hear the truth

its up to them to change

if they change

than all nonsense stops automatically

if they still don't change

there are other much more practical

& simple ways

to end it all

nature, earth & lotusocean films

lotusocean films


earth's nature

in all of its beautiful forms

they are an amalgamation of divine & nature


there is a purpose to them

unless people appreciate

nature & its beauty

why would they stop

destroying it

so those who say

these films are just about some

flimsy rainbows etc.

& thus not practical

are in their ignorance & bad attitude

completely missing

the P-oint


people of this planet

only believe in power

in following forms -

physical power, economic power, political power

they say


has none of these powers

& thus cannot

issue any notices

they don't seem to be aware

of a power called

Divine Will Power

which streams directly from highest divine

this power

is beyond all the powers

which they worship

even regarding what they hold important

their perceptions are hollow

they talk about physical when their

bodies are electrically dead

they talk about economic when

they are part of a fraud money system

they talk about pole-i-tics

when the whole crumbling dysfunctional system is cut off from

the Pole, the Axis

the P

the P is the P-ower

Monday 27 June 2011

a notice

beings cannot be

stopped from

ruining themselves

thats their use of freewill



can't be

won't be

allowed to

ruin the earth


New World Order swamped by P's TRi Swirled Order - CropCircle Stamp Confirms

the hellbound rulers

the lowly beings

who control the

other beings called masses

on this planet

are not fit to rule

they can't direct

their own lives positively

let alone anyone elses

yet they have given themselves

this position by hook & crook

for the last 5000 years

no wonder the

world is in the state

it is

they make the masses believe that

its the masses who are ruling

through demo-n-cracy

so its the fault of the masses (humanity)

if thing are going wrong

but masses everywhere in this world

are only given options

( democrat or republican, capitalism & communism etc )

all of which are created and control by them

it is all still an aristocracy

with demons being the aristocrats

things can only change

if masses install

devic evolved souls

who care about humanity

in all decisionmaking positions

otherwise its hellboundness

for all of them


of course they won't be

allowed to continue ruining this planet

by powers higher than these



the translucent existence

on this planet

can be summed

up in a useless activity



all of their so-called


has just led to a device

called lawnmower

which creates a continuos horrible noise

doesn't allow flowers to grow

kills all organicness in a mechanical borg fashion

Saturday 25 June 2011

different or clones ?

most people

have at least

another 100,000

exactly like them

prototype no. 1, 2, 3 and so forth

still they all believe

that they are different

or have

thoughts and emotions which

are somehow their own

and no one else's

most of their

thoughts and emotions

come from social conditioning

which is in turn controlled

by beings/forces which control society

everything about most people (muggles)

is from the same limited box

to become an individual

requires a seperation

from the hive

which most are unwilling to do

to become

one of a kind



sadhana ( penance )

which most find daunting



does require

doing really different

and evolving

even if one is born

as one of the clones

Thursday 23 June 2011

victim mentality

there is a lot of

victim mentality

going around

in this world

people are always

blaming other people

& the system

for their state

yes the system is evil

but one's own destiny

lies in one's own hands

noone can stop anyone from

praising and serving higher & divine

and raising one's soul & state

the truth is that

most people

who continuously complain about their lot in life

are not willing to take

an opportunity to change their state

even if it is presented freely

so the evil which keeps them in hell

lies as much in them

as it does in the system

revolution ='s re-evolution

so much pseudomyth has

created around

the term revolution

in the last 400 years

american, french, communist revolution etc etc

people are going around wearing che guevera t-shirts

but nothing actually ever really happens

it all ends up in a big mess

with no one any happier

just some superficial change in government

which is all futile in the end anyways

is no revolution

revolution is only about evolution

it happens within each being

through personal effort

not staging demonstrations

or buying/using weapons

or wearing t-shirts with photos of confused beings

who neither care for

nor gno about



is one's own personal responsibility

doing the right things oneself

and connecting with divine

is real r-evolution

Wednesday 22 June 2011

evolution is the only revolution

some ask

what is the point of evolution ?

why be so concerned about it ?


if one is fine

doing what one does not want to do

if one is fine

being a slave to an evil system

if one is fine

being helpless

if one is fine

with things not going their way

if one is fine

being blissless in hell

than there


actually no need to worry

about evolution

but once you have made the decision

do not complain about

your job, your boss,

your boring life

your pathetic existence

if you however

Do want to

break free of the matrix prison

you would need to evolve

there is no other r-evolution

which can save you

revolution is just real evolution

& for evolving

you will have to

be respectful to higher/divine

another basic difference between divine & evil

evil tries to make simple complex

divine makes even the complex simple

even survival ...

even bare minimum

physical survival

requires certain

practical physical functions


people somehow feel


evolution, bliss, ascension

do not require


practical physical effort

they are only ready to make it

a mental or emotional game

no wonder

there is mostly devolution happening

wherever one looks

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Monday 20 June 2011

hallowed ground ?

the english (anglo-saxons)

after having concocted funny rituals

called tennis, cricket etc

like to refer to the places

where these are practised

( pitches, courts,

lords, wimbledon etc )

as hallowed ground

strange since

no holy being

has walked

on them





a hollow




unless they mean


Sunday 19 June 2011


there is lot of


going around in this world

people are continuously creating

unnecessary drama in their lives

just to feel alive

not gnoing what to do with their time

people are

entangling themselves & each other

in dramatics

without any purpose

they are living a drama

not a life

their reasoning is

if they cannot raise their soul

than why not just do drama instead

the answer to why-not is simple

to not sink into hell

drama has become a thing of art

a profession

it is respected

as can be seen by

popularity of soap stars

who are paid to create drama out of thin air

media is promoting

drama in all forms

number of soaps is increasing exponentially

all over the world

one will find that

the beings who

actually pursue evolution


higher states of consciousness

are those who are


more focus = less drama

more drama = less focus

less focus = loss of soul


of praising higher & divine

without any drama or fuss

is the only way UP

Monday 13 June 2011

who needs who

lot of messages are thrown

at lotusocean

stating stuff like

' i won't be back here again '

etc etc

it seems like

they think

lotusocean needs them

instead of

them needing lotusocean

maybe these infantile tactics

work for silly meaningless games

like elections

where one can say

' you won't get my vote '

and get some response


is not here

for acceptance

from anyone

let alone confused beings

who are already in a hell

and heading into deeper ones

those who think they are

doing a favour

by coming here

don't need to come here at all

no point in

meaningless exercises

Saturday 4 June 2011


people of this planet

love to keep animals

behind bars

in place they call a


thats why there are

so many of them

let lotusocean

break the news to them

that they themselves

are in a


which is managed by

their evil overlords

and they

are as trapped

as caged animals

in their corporate offices

what makes them worse than the animals

is that animals

at least want to

break free from their cage

machines or beings

most beings here

are functioning like machines now

working at supermarket checkout counters

doing robotic motions all day

others are answering phone calls

like machines from call centers

most people's response

to any outside

circumstance or stimuli

is becoming

more & more

narrow & limited

a computer program can


all their responses/activities

from their dayjob to

cheering at games/concerts

people are becoming

no better than droids

a computer could run this planet

and all these

people will comply easily

they have no idea

what life is for

so they are ready

to do whatever their

evil masters

lay out for them

even if the price is their soul

Tuesday 31 May 2011

leaders or misleaders ?!

there are no


on this planet



some do it

out of sheer ignorance

some out of sheer evil

the result -

enmasse devolution of souls

great stress on bhoodevi

to lead

one needs

to gno

where one is going first

Sunday 29 May 2011

torture removal

most people

on this planet

are torturing their

own bodies


the bodies of others

mostly they are doing both

most don't even realize

they are doing it

this is done under various


from duty to love to spirituality

the fact is

nothing real


true bliss or happiness or evolution

can ever be achieved

through torture

divine is comfort oriented

not torture oriented

only evil creates

false notions like

'no pain no gain'

the truth is

'no gain through pain'

only gain comes through

praise of divine

and that doesn't require any pain or torture


since there is no

real substance to



is its

only resort

no matter how

bad the quality of the item/being

no matter how harmful it is

for the user

it can always be sold

or shoved down people's throat


a certain kind of packaging


plays on the infantile minds

of the masses

from candies to

so-called celebrities

its all a

matter of packaging

those who get fooled by it

only do so

because of their disconnection from nature & divine

Friday 27 May 2011

the cover-up words

beings whose

internals are filled with

quite the opposite

use words like

love & peace

over and over

in emails articles talks lectures ...

a way to

make one feel good about oneself

while fooling others

never have these words been used

so much as now

when all is quite the opposite

beings who actually embody

these words

never have had to use them

Thursday 26 May 2011

the judges of greatness

there is

general (mis)conception

amongst the masses of this planet

that a being is only great

if it does not reveal its own qualities

instead allowing

others to reveal its qualities

this would make


an incarnation of divine

not a great being

as he revealed

his own qualities

from his own mouth

in a talk now called 'bhagawadgita'

the masses think

they are qualified

to judge
qualities of

a soul

which is much higher than them in

evolutionary status

it is an

illogical impossibility

they can never come to gno the

partial attributes

let alone complete attributes

of a being

way beyond themselves

their conception of great

only stretches to what they can perceive

so what they call great

is someone basically

at the same level as themselves

in other words

they are great

would be laughable

if not so

detrimental to their evolution

the twisted definition of humble

the current society


a being who

doesn't speak out against its nonsense

respects all its structures

doesn't stand out in any way

is not magical

as a

humble being

but that is

a foolish being


a humble being

a truly humble being is

only humble to divine

not to the

evil-run society

& its advocates

a truly humble being

is always learning

and is thus

always more gnowledgable

than the rest

a truly humble being

makes nature rejoice

wherever it is

on this earth

while the

silly mindprogrammed zombies

who are like a burden upon this earth

might ignore it

or label it rude or whatever

Sunday 22 May 2011

frequency prison

the evil overlords

of the current system

on planet earth

have the majority


in a

very low bandwidth

frequency prison

which serves as fodder

for them

the surprising bit is

that many

have no impulse to

break out

Saturday 21 May 2011



always pour in

about this or that


so that

people would listen to the teachings more

lotusocean is here


give truth as it is

not pander to people's

twisted internal programming

its not a candy store

meant to lure the kids

to sell them poisons

it doesn't need votes

to get into the seats of the system

it doesn't need a nobel prize

or mass approval by a sick society

used to manipulation

the point here is not to manipulate

but to break the spell

through relaying truth in simple words

Tuesday 17 May 2011


there are those

who say they are upset

with this or that aspect of lotusocean

what they don't realize is




setting oneself up


they are higher than lotusocean

one can only say

good for them

it would do good to all beings

before they get upset

to see if

they are really UP

before they set themselves UP

Sunday 15 May 2011


the fact that

majority of people

on this planet

pretend to be satisfied


their lives, jobs,

position, place, surroundings

gnowledge, state

works out nicely

in favour

of their evil masters

they are ready to take

all kinds of anti-depressants

and pills of a million varieties

to keep up the mask

even satisfied

imprisoned in deepest hell

they would all be

no scope of improvement

with such satisfaction

Saturday 14 May 2011


majority of beings

on this planet

have become

completely & utterly


they are just stuck in their own head

& its mosquito-like buzzing of

incoherent thoughts & feelings

& thus cannot see the reality

which is all around them

their lives are being lived

without any rhyme or reason

the impracticality has reached

bizzare levels

exemplified by those

who want/expect transformation

without actually putting their


infront of the transformer

can even food get cooked

when placed a mile from

the fire stove

let alone lead turn into gold

without the alchemist

or the alchemical agent

Thursday 12 May 2011


there are many beings here

who are sure

there is no such thing as soul

there are others

who are not quite sure

than there are those

who are clear that

they have a soul


it is somehow

unaffected by all of their actions

all this confusion in an age where


is no longer an abstract concept

it can be understood scientifically

as a being's fractal charge coherence

and yes

every action

one does

has an effect on it

through the intermediary device



Friday 6 May 2011

May 21

have to bring this up again

as many have been asking

there is a worldwide frenzy now

about May 21

the banners read -

the Lord is Coming

the Judgement Day

they are all true in a sense

but the fact is

that divine has already arrived

on earth on May 21

many years ago

the judgement is happening

with each lotusocean Plog

and no the world is not going to

end on the coming May 21

Wednesday 4 May 2011

the disciple-master which can never be

the translucent

approach to learning

is well summarized

by their own selves

in the movie

'empire strikes back'

from the 'star wars' series

the approach of luke

who is instructed to learn

from yoda - a jedi master






a word they won't use


no learning is possible

with that attitude

& no real master

would ever agree to teach such a being

except in a hollywood dream

to top it all

the background sounds for the teaching

are annoying beep beeps

of a droid

the message

there is no need to leave

your playstation behind

to learn from a sage

every brat with toys

eating & drinking junk

can become a jedi

and master the force

an ambition for gnowledge & power

without any change in the

horrible internal attitude

unrealistic fantasy

Tuesday 3 May 2011


one can only attain

a higher state

than one is in

if one

is serious about it


is a very misunderstood term

in thought & in practice


is not about

being silent or

having a certain

stern outward demeanour


lack of fun, laughter & excitement

it is about utilizing everything

for the final goal

it is about not taking

one's eye off the ball

a truly serious being

will be jovial

in the sense

they will find other non-serious

beings to be jokeworthy

they will utilize that laughter

to reinforce their

own seriousness


is not applicable to petty non-serious goals

like cleaning one's car

the goals

have to be serious



real happiness & bliss

getting out of hell & slavery of evil


real seriousness arises out of

absolute sincerity