Saturday 20 August 2011

doing the do

people always seem

to be able to

do the do

when it comes to

brushing their teeth etc

but when it comes to

taking care of their soul & evolution

most cannot

do the simple do


using their mouths

to praise higher/divine


using their bodies

to serve higher/divine

it is the only way one evolves

not by thinking or internalizing

moving the mouth to praise the higher/divine

is the 'do'

only those who

do this do

with continuity

get out of the mess



Vintish said...

your words are so beautiful :), I bow to the divine...

Shahid said...

"moving the mouth to praise the higher/divine
is the 'do' "

Fantastic post Lord.

asha Pi arTi said...

Your cool words strike like lightning and are so inspiring !

adimanav said...

how beautiful and true. narayan narayan!

sarah anne said...

it is amazing how complicated one can make things by thinking. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i do. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

Chanting the Lord's name is what a human was actually born to do.May i reach the Lord's abode/my true blissful home ultimately by continuously chanting his holy name.

Jai Shiv-Narayn <3

Anonymous said...

i bow! You make it SO simPle P! dhanyavad! Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

Keep P-raising/Serving the divine is my intention for the year 2015.

Jai Sri Narayan <3

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO generous to share the do one need do with PersisTance to evolve!
Your Plogs are constant guidance straight from Divine! the most treasured real resource on the PlaneT navigating the way out! overPhlowing with nothing but the Truth!
it is the greatest oPPortunity to have the source to turn to, bow down to and Praise. You make it clear what the real PrioriTy of this life is.
PT is the PoinT!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO kind to helP on see how essential it is to DO the DO that keeps one from falling/remaining in the most category!
You really do make it simple!
The mouth was made to Praise Divine!
The body was made to serve Divine!
'only those who
do this do
with continuity
get out of the mess'

You state clearly and Plainly that thinking and internalizing is NOT the way!
an action that has severe consequences!
You are so kind to give these warnings! So kind to guide one, to helP one learn to get ones little mind together instead of allowing it to drag one deeper into hell!
You are the only ONE who can guide the way out of hell.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

You Provide one with PracTicalities to follow for one's own betterment
You are the most benefolent

You lead by examPle
so very sweet You are, so caring

You are immensely intelligent
You are absolutely comaPassionaTe

there is no sPecific advantage to You in doing what You do for us
You helP out of comPassion
You are so beautiful !

Divine is beautiful !

sarah said...

You give so much education about how simple and straight forward things can be.

Anonymous said...

i bow.
Your simPle(s) exPlanations of the Truth are so beautiful P!
just DO the DO!
i bow
Doing the Do! caught uP in servival makes much more sense than remaining weighed down by thinking and internalizing and staying stuck in petty survival patterns.
SO grateful for all the ways You PoinT out the Truth P!
only You can
only You gno!
so grateful for Your constant PaTience and comPassion and guidance in helPing one to stop doing per self stupid actions, to stop thinking and to simPly Do the Do!
'it is the only way one evolves'
SO grateful for all the ways You helP guide one in taking real steps toward You!
i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

physically following Your behavioural recommendations is so much better than taxing the mind

Anonymous said...

wow such an awesome Plog
Your words are wonderful
You give an awesome alternative to the craziness of the world
You are a wonderful and great being
it's so awesome to be reading Your wonderful Plogs
You are so PosiTive
i bow at Your awesome feet O wonderful One

Anonymous said...

only You show what needs to be done to get away from thoughts that are always so damaging..thoughts can get more and more horrifying and can lead to shameful , audacious and pathetic whining and wingeing..thoughts are truly horrifying and You Provide such a beautiful and PracTical solution..
one just has to do the do
You teach one the correct use of sPeech
You know what the natural thing to do is
it's such a beautiful , natural and right thing to Praise a suPerior being..You show one the true, natural and PracTical way..
Your Plogs are wonderful reminders
You are the only one who tells one what to do
i bow

Anonymous said...

You tell one in such clear words what has to be done
You are so PosiTive
so kind of You to tell one what to do
You give one the most PosiTive news that one can actually evolve and get over the state one is in
You show one the PaTh to freedom
You show one how to get out of the mess
You lessen ones confusion and show one the way to get rid of it comPleTely
You are beyond legendary
Your words are so beautiful
You are such a beautiful and wonderful suPersoul
so kind of You to give one refuge
i bow at Your PheeT

Anonymous said...

it's so great to come to Your beautiful words of wisdom
one just has to do the do instead of worrying about what one did right or what one did wrong
You Provide real stability
You show one the way to real stability
instead of going into thinking and figuring things out one just has to do the do..
You give the greatest advice
You simPlify things
You show one the way out of the evil complexity of the mind
You show one the real, natural vedic way of doing things
one doesn't have to let the mind go into figuring out who is what and who did what..
one just has to do the do
one doesn't have to keep chewing in the mind about what one did wrong or what someone else did right just has to do the do
one doesn't have to worry about whether the universe is recording anything or just has to do the do
one doesn't have to worry about whether one can identify ones own bratty behaviour or not just has to do the do
one doesn't worry about controlling the just has to do the do
one doesn't have to go into the problems of the self or analysis of the just has to do the do
so kind of You to show one the way out of the mess
You are the most wonderful being
You simPlify things so wonderfully
You teach one the real PracTical aPProach
Your PersPecTives and teachings are freeing
Your words are so unburdening
through Your help one can get to a PoinT where ones mind is not messy anymore and one can behave completely appropriately before the most comPassionaTe and benevolent being that You are
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You talk straight to the PoinT. Very beautifully written and You Provide a simPle solution to ones unnecessarily made up complex mind.
One just has to do the do.
You are so comPassionaTe and benevolent to lay it out to all , the only solution out of ones mess.

"it is the only way one evolves
not by thinking or internalizing

moving the mouth to praise the higher/divine
is the 'do' "

You are so right. Internalize is dangerous, only makes one more twisted in ones approach towards Higher and Divine. You are so kind to keep reiterating the imPorTance of Praising.
Indeed it's just a matter of PBS that sets one apart from the devoluting crowd.
One has to keep moving the mouth in the Praise of higher and divine. One has to keep doing the do, You make it as simPle as it can be... And there can't be an excuse to this. Dhanyawad for Your sacred scriPTures. You set the record straight.

I bow /\

Anonymous said...

using their mouths to Praise higher /Divine
using their bodies to serve higher/Divine

so soothing Your Plogs are
You have all the answers
You make it so simPle
You simPlify so wonderfully and tell so clearly what to do and yet the faulty machine produces worry powered by the unfractal genes and it's shameful on ones part
but Your way is Powerful and nonsense is powerless
You make it so simPle and beautiful
Your words are so beautiful and Your clarity is so beautiful
You gno what to do
You save beings from the craziness which plagues them
one shouldn't even have time for thinking and internalising!
You gno the true Vedic way
You are the only messiah and saviour
Your PaTh guarantees shore access
everyone can evolve on the PaTh You show and by following the eternal multiversal laws that You tell one about
You show the way out of endless loop of nonsense and sickness
You are the comPassionaTe saviour
You have given one attention and Your Presence here on earth and so many words of wisdom and most beautiful classical music
there is really nothing else to ask for
You are so kind and comPassionaTe
You are a beautiful, beautiful suPersoul
i bow

ki vernee said...

You simplify everything so beautifully ! You make Praising and serving You so easy ! i bow !

sarah said...

this can't be read too many times
simPle extremely effective advice

Kṛtti kā said...

Most crucial education You imParT! Most crucial actions to be taken by beings if they want to evolve!
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are Perseverance and Pure intelligence. i bow.

nicolas said...

praising divine is so necessary! Praising you is an automatic thing as one is constantly feeling impressed and touched by what you do, by what you say and by who you are! your level of being-ness is the highest! you never stop impressing and one feels constantly in wonder just by the witness of your existence!
your genius is a divine miracle
your gnowledge shines and destroys ignorance

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow .. there is actually a way out.. .so kind of You to show the way out. .You are all the good news ...only those who do the do with continuity het out of the mess. ..You have the overstanding. ...doing what You say leads to clarity
so kind of You to helP one understand that if one does the work the answers will come.. .it's the multiversal law ...You're so insPiring and kind 🙏
You are so aPProPriaTe .. You are so great. ..You are so comPassionaTe to write these beautiPhul words of truth clarity and wisdom
one bows

Shruthi said...

This is the ultimate intervention urgently needed to steer one's sPiriT in the direction of evolution. Nobody, absolutely nobody cares about human evolution the way you do. Your grace and comPassion is endless. Eternally gratePhull for your inPhiniTe mercy. one bows to you sweetest!