Tuesday, 22 December 2009

am-uni-tion, not ambition

most here don't have enough am-uni-tion

(nowadays a bad word used only in relation to weapons )

to rise above

petty ambition


and all other ambi's


is the correct word for am-bi-tion

a goal can be reached only by uni - single mindedness

not bi-furcation

breaking out of the matrix

is seen as

too big an am-uni-tion to have

for most

when even setting sights on

being the best in any field is seen

as too much am-uni-tion

they would rather fall prey to

laziness or madness or both

than have proper am-uni-tion

am-uni-tion to have permanent happiness/bliss

which is basically

having uni-ty with divine as one's am-uni-tion

is a complete no-no


asha said...

wow P so eloquently True !

You have the most amunition here and inspire one to get going with what is necessary !

it is really incredible to have someone like You in one's life ! i bow.

pinx said...

Inspiring clarification !

"am-uni-tion is the correct word for am-bi-tion ~ a goal can be reached only by uni - single mindedness not bi-furcation"

brilliant ! so true !

Your words ignite one's phire to strive for proper am-uni-tion ! & You are the foremost example of One with am-uni-tion ! You are an inspiration ! Your one pointed focus when it comes to breaking out of the matrix is aweing !

You are an example to us all !

I Bow !

Amanda V said...

i bow.

amanda v said...

i bow. You clearly dePicT breaking out of the matrix as the only goal worth Persuing. one would be a fool to PuT ones energy toward any other PurPose. Your Phocus is infallible! You are the ultimate examPle of Divine am-uni-tion. You are comPleTe, unified, whole. i bow at the feet of Your Divine all gnowing mind. dhanyavad for guiding the way P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

Your words are such an inspiring guide to help one constantly strive toward uniPhiication with Divine. the only goal worth Persuing in this life! You clearly show what one need to get there
'a goal can be reached only by uni - single mindedness'
it is You who Provide so many gorgeous ways to keeP ones mind focused on Divine.
it is You who gnos how to break out of the matrix!
i bow to You PerfecT uniPhied mind!

P3AZ21 said...

Your am-uni-tion is comPleTe !
You are a clear examPle of where to aim toward
You are a leader in the true sense, You lead by examPle
PresidenT !

grateful for Your Plogs that helP one walk the PaTh toward breaking out of 3D

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Powerful

You have the comPleTe am-uni-tion

Divine coherence works at so many levels
Divine is interesting way beyond imagination ! Divine is beyond imagination !
only few get to Your blog, few only are taking the chance ! most are too afraid. cowards !

too much Sun, its blinding, shutters, shutters... ! sunscreens, lotions, sunglasses...
but i still want to sunbathe on oceanside to increase my melanine.

so come on now fellows to Plogs !

Science Spirituality said...

Only you could say it in this way and bring everything to light and make a new way of learning, a new learning which is really important!!

amaya said...

Your Plogs are so gracious.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

'they would rather fall prey to laziness or madness or both than have proper am-uni-tion' You're so very right. Your words give one hoPe of rising above laziness and craziness Your words help one feel relief Pranam

jganesh said...

wow ! You have the best perspectives ! i bow

jganesh said...

wow ! You have the best perspectives ! i bow

amaya said...

only You help one rise above petty things like ambition , ambivalence and competition so that one can have ammunition to get out of this matrix into a world where there's no disturbance and sorrow
You are so helpful and so wise
You know what's going on in this world
Your words are so wonderful
You show one the ProPer way to be

You help one handle ones dizzy attention
You help one get closer to understanding that a goal is reached by uni single mindedness and not bifurcation
You make such great PoinTs
You make so much sense
You save one from falling prey to laziness and madness
Your words are the most imPorTant words in the world
You are the saviour
You are the only refuge
only You can guide one towards real well being that can get one out of the hells here
You are so comPassionaTe
i bow

Swati said...

Thank-you so much my Lord for your divine inspiration.

You are the one who is not only motivating People for divine am-uni-ation- Union.

But you are yourself that source who is the Ocean of Love, Knowledge and Peace.

You are that source who is Creator,Nurturer and Destroyer of other entities in this Multiverse.

Your divinity is beyond any imagination and Parameter, just looking for that one name which can describe your beauty and grace.

Sun,Moon,Ocean,Forest,Earth, all are shining bright with your presence here.

You are the restorer of those Positive and Serene energies in this Universe through your divine sonic play.

One would be so foolish and completely mad if not longing to Unite with you.

I have been wondering on this earth like Mrigashira in all directions, crossed Oceans also in your search, you were there very close to me in my own city and I finally found you here. Obviously, to find 'Athasagar' of knowledge, One has to struggle to cross Oceans of Penance.

Now I see you my life is complete,Just to see you, is the perfect Union for me.

Now, if 'Yam dev' comes to take me, I would go happily.

Rest I want to spend every second of my life Praying and bowing in front of you.

O my Lord !! Please shower your Grace on me so that pain of my heart can sustain till death.

O Saint !! I am here at your disposal.

! bow myself into your lotus feet !!

sarah anne said...

i bow to Your military mindset !!!
You Persevere over everything and anything !!!

07 08 said...

You are absolutely right! One is full of all petty ambi's... A goal can be reached only by uni-single mindedness and not by any bi-furcation! Your words are invaluably precious jewels... You are so right , You are always right!
No longer one want to be stuck into ones laziness and madness, it is awful...
You are the only way out! You word it so PerfecTly, proper am-uni-tion is what is required to get to the goal, a goal that leads one out of this matrix to You!

Your coherent words are always insPiring and encouraging for one to stick to what is imPorTant and not sway away into petty futile ambis!

i bow at Your beautiful LotusPheeT /\

Gita S said...

There's no other unity I can think off except for the UNITY WITH THE DIVINE...

And why would anybody have any other alternative unity when all they want is with the divine..

Waiting for the DAY ! <3


The Dasher said...

right, amb-uni-tion is the real ambition ... aeioum

undecided said...

I bow. Selfish ego must be shed before any am-uni-tion can be gathered. aeioum