Thursday 21 March 2013


spellings mask the

true import of words

in english


is another example


becomes follow

in order to follow

one has to fall low

i.e bow down

in front of the higher

in order to follow the higher & divine

there is no other way to follow

Sunday 17 March 2013

the new flute - herding souls back home

some ask

what is the point of

PT's music

many among those have

read/heard Krishn's tales of playing flute

to herd the गौ  (cows) back home

these cows are busy munching

immersed in

the various herbs/grasses/leaves

of the jungle

and have lost all sense of anything

else beyond that

people don't question the point in

this exercise in the story

'cows have to be brought back home'

it all sounds obvious and natural to them

but they miss the real point of

which this story is only the metaphor

sanskrit गौ 'gau' has two meanings

cow & the senses

it is 'the senses' meaning which is crucial

the senses are always wanting to

feed upon the various things

in the jungle of this world

it takes divine sound to

grab their attention

which inturn allows

them to come back to the

real home

home of divine

thats what PT's lotusocean sounds

are for -


souls back to the source

guitar is the new flute

of this time

only the sounds matter -

flute is just a metaphor

for an instrument

and electric guitar

is the instrument of choice for now

only the avatar music

can enchant them out of this worlds offerings

if cows have to come home

don't the souls ?