Sunday 30 November 2014

history & herstory


his-story & her-story


people & earth

taught at schools/colleges/universities

around the world

is just a hogwash

all lies

the reasons for 'why' are many

but the result is singular

it means

people have no real



the future

the truth lies only in



in the end


His & Her story


P & Shakti story

the pyramid structures

there are many

pyramids drawn by so-called experts

showing the folks

who are at the top



who are at the bottom



in between

the haves & the havenots

and so forth

from lotusocean eyes

it all seems like one big bottom

all stuck in 3-d

and various kinds of hell

no one really has anything

but an illusion

Saturday 29 November 2014

society based on only 2 guiding principles


on this planet

is based upon

only 2 principles

avoidance of the concePT/reality of death


actions shouldnot/cannot have repercussions


death of any made-up celebrity

causes a huge stir

like it is a totally uncalled for event

it should never ever happen

no matter how dangerous/audacious the activities

of those involved

people ski-ing at 100 kmph

people facing hard balls travelling even faster

but nothing should ever happen

any death of anyone in public arena

is too much perspective

for all kindergarten folks
not facing the fact that actions have reactions


not facing their own physical mortality

Friday 28 November 2014

the 2 approaches or just 1

there are 2 apparent approaches

to life in this matrix

first ( original one )

best to figure it all out properly

before one starts doing anything in the world

second ( made-up one )

just go out there into the world

and start doing

even brahma ( the creator )

chose the first




most right now choose the second

results are obvious

so in truth

there is only one approach

if one even remotely cares about what happens to/with one

Wednesday 26 November 2014

meaningful interaction


meaningful inter-action

can only happen between

one who gno's


one who doesn't


one who doesn't gno

wants to gno


is humble as a result

of that wanting to

get out of the hells created by not-gnoing

boredom - interaction - more boredom

majority of the


in this world

go like this -

i dont gno anything really

you also dont gno anything

lets interact anyways

even if it leads us nowhere

as if

0+0 wont be 0

what is the point

of all these so-called inter-actions

where no real action happens

no one evolves

people try very hard

to derive illusory momentary comfort

from these meaningless interactions

but the end result is always

just boredom, tension & fight

very strange ability

people have to

keep on having these interactions

for quelling their boredom

when boredom just actually keeps on

increasing with each inter-action

Tuesday 25 November 2014

replaced by ...

people of this planet

have replaced

higher & divine



buildings, institutions, societies,

companies, corporations ...

they are their god/goddess now

people who are at top of these fictional pyramids

the high priests

money & pretension - the only required quantities

more than idiocracy

Friday 14 November 2014

the 3 Kaals & MahaKaal

land is nothing but folded PasT

air is simply an opportunity that is the PresenT

sky is the big expansive limitless PhuTure

the common denominator is




phire and water purify

google illustrates PT fractality once more

yours truly

is PresenTly in


mingling with rhino's and assamese

in jungles of

assam ( MahaBharairavPur )


what is the

google india image for today

this whole world spins around

PT the Axis

it is going to become

more & more & more clearer




into the singularity

that is


Sunday 9 November 2014

walking on a thread

a lot are

walking on a tightrope

but there are many here

who are

walking on a thread

lives hanging by a thread

they call it

still they dont

try to escape the hell


turning to divine


dumb charade


so-called human society

on this planet


two words


' dumb charade '

lets all play dumb

like a silly children's birthday party

cut off from all reality

so that the charade keeps on

what they dont realize


that the charade goes to hell

& more hell ...

& that's painful business

not much room for playacting in that

walking a tightrope

its not just gymnasts

in a circus

who walk tightropes

all people here

on this planet

are walking one

they have to maintain

a high degree of concentration


look in many directions

but not see anything

be in the middle of a ruccus

but not hear anything

be in all kinds of surroundings

but not smell anything


in order to keep up their

pretentious pointless existences

in this world