Wednesday 23 May 2012


society on this planet

looks down upon desperation


desperation is key

for any evolution



since people here hardly

gno anything about the multiverse

they live in

desperation to gno

is but natural

add to that

natural desperation one should have

for getting out of the current

hellish conditions of the 3-d matrix

and we have a

multiplicity of desperation

no idea what

those not desperately seeking

are doing (exactly) ?

desperation is different from


which many seem to have

depression leads to inaction or

wrong actions

while desperation leads to

a sense of urgency


quick purposeful actions

towards improving one's state

Monday 7 May 2012

definitions of madness

there are too many

complicated definitions for madness

these days

guess made-up by

mad people themselves


simply is



in an activity

which is essentially

PoinTless *

being completely sure

of the PoinT

in PoinTlessness *

is complete madness

* definition of
pointless being
that which doesn't
lead to evolution & bliss