Thursday, 8 January 2009

quality control

people are always looking for

quality in whatever they buy

whatever they use

quality control depts abound in

the manufacturing world

folks can be real sticklers when

it comes to 'things'

they have to be 'perfect'

but surprisingly the same

doesn't apply in regards to


who one allows close to them

physically, mentally & emotionally

quality is no longer the key

in fact sometimes it is just seen as a hindrance

the better the quality

the more the ego is under pressure ...


sreelatha said...

aap joh dhwani banate hai voh atti uttam hai

" the fingers *touch* to create sounds you *hear* and the sights you *see* and music you can *taste* and one can *smell* too if one concentrates hard enough ... the LotusOcean feel - encapsulating earth, space & realms beyond the material"

kya lajavab description hai aur voh poora poora sach hai !

na jane log kyun intazaar karte rahte hai kisi aur anubhavon ke liye

kyun hi sabse mahatvapoorn anubhav joh dyan rakne valon ko is janm mein hi nahi anne vale kayee janmon tak sacha anand pradan karne vala hai voh aap ki LotusOcean hi hai

ye anubhav se hi keh rahi hu ... main sagar tat ke kinare subhaha ki kushboo ko suung payee, antariksh ke tand ko mahasus kar payee, aap ke akash tak ghunjte avaz ko suun kar feathery lite hona bhi mahsus kar payee, aap ke uttam ghun par dyan karne se dil ki dadkan kuch kshano tak baad payee ...

aur main ne doosron ke LotusOcean par sahi dyan lagane se usi tarah ke anubhavon ke bare mein bhi suuna hai

baat to yeh hai ki nirantar anushasan poorvak sahi dyan lagakar sahi sahi aham rahit vinamrata yukth dekne se LotusOcean anand hi anand pradan karta hai

aap ki jitni bhi prashansa ki jaye voh kum hai

agar dyan poorvak sune to aap ka dhwani DNA ko sahi aakar lene mein madad karta hai

aap ke dhwani aur Prakash ke videos atti uttam hai

unme aapki leela dekhi ja sakti hai

aap ParamaTma swarup hai

is yug mein aap Kalki hai

aap ke P ~ casa chitr bhi aap ki leela dikate hai

adbut drishyon aur aap ke uttam roop ko ankon se grahan karne ke liye

aap ne LotusOcean homepage internet par banaya hai

aap bahut dayalu hai

sare log tho aap ke puurv avataron ki Prashansa karte hai kabhi kabhi mandir ke murtiyon ke samne

par aap jab ab avatarit hai to kitne kum log aap tak khud ya phir aapke internet tak paunch paaye hai

aap ki prastuth samay mein leela amog hai aur jayad leela bhi dekne ko milne vala hai

hum sab danya hai, aap ki kripa hai !

"physically, mentally & emotionally"

sirf LotusOcean is duniya mein atti uttam hai

jaise ki aap is brahmand mein hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

Verdad. i bow.

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow P! This is such a brilliant PoinT! You are the highest quality! You are beyond PerfecTion emotionally, Physically and mentally. it is no wonder egos crumble in Your Divine Presence. The Pressure of Your PerfecTion is immense! You function on a level that is inconceivable to all but You! it is a gift to witness the way You Play with this world and oPens one to see things that are only Possible when one lives a PerfecT life. You create real PerfecTion naturally in all You do and show how ridiculous is the stickler attitude for things and the external to be "perfect". a state which only Divine has attained.
i bow to Your overwhelming PerfecTion!

PsingulariTy said...

You are P AvaTar
You are 'born into Divine',
You define quality

sarah anne said...

really a cool PoinT.
You are the epitome of quality.
so uniquely PerfecT.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to your Quality.
i bow to PT.

sarah anne said...

You teach to make decisions based on rationality not on the ego
You are the ePiTome of logic

jganesh said...

You are so smart ! You make the best point ! i bow !

jganesh said...

You are so smart ! You make the best points ! i bow !

jganesh said...

You make the best points ! beings priorities are all jacked up ! i bow !

Swati said...

So True ! ! bow to You P !!

You are so great to write such enlightening words...these are the real gems for decoration...

Quality of People is such Poor now a days that they keep on struggling with their own mind, body and heart..they don't wish to grow at all at any level..Money decide the quality of People and all disgusting object which they buy to decorate themselves...

Most disgusting thought is if one is intelligent cannot be compassionate, if both, one cannot be wise to apply that in their life, if all, one cannot take decision to bring change and go out of the rut of eat and die...

If one does not follow such rut thinking they are called egoistic..rather i call them egoistic when they come across a higher being, immediately run away and hide themselves otherwise they have to Praise and Bow to them...Which their ego would not allow...

You are 'PerfecT'...People must use all senses to see Your Divine Grace..Your Plogs are here for those who can cut the clutter of their egoistical minds and really can make space neat and clean to learn something...Otherwise You always warn everyone, give them chance to correct their attitude and learn but People don't do then they are responsible for their actions ...
May it be Duryodhan,Kans or Ravan... You are messenger of Peace if People cannot learn even after seeing PasT epic destructions, then it's their Choice...

O Creator of Mahabharat,Great Bharat !
O Creator of Ramayan !
O Creator of Lotus Ocean !

! bow my head at Your Lotus Pheet !!

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great point you have made here, I bow to all your qualities.

Manu said...

Your way of Putting things into Proper Perspective is remarkable!!!

Divine PT..You instill a healthy balanced mindset and most importantly enable one to gain consciousness.

You reside on this Plane_T..You walk upon the earth..a part of this world yet so otherworldly.
You are far away from all the drama and chaos our world creates.You have the Divine Power to step back and observe us and our failings and consider all of it objectively.

Vishnu avatar..PT..You show us how to balance between good and evil and thus You restore Preserve and Protect the Multiverse!!!🙏🙏

All Glory Praise and Honor to You PT🙏

Dear Neelkanth..I Bow..aeioum🙏

Navdeep Kaur said...

O DIVINE!!!! You are saying the ultimate truth. We should be conscious enough while dealing with the beings too as we do so while choosing things. You are holding only higher being qualities and the people who are selflessly serving you from a long time. I bow down to you O Supreme Soul!!!!

lana_33 said...

this Plog really exPlains so much! You are so right! beings hardly use any discrimination when it comes to who they deal with and allow close to them! You have such great, clariPhying insight! You are so Phenomenal and brillianT!

it's so amazing to have Phound You ~ the Highest quality being! the most beautyfull, most intelligent, most helPfull, kindest, sweetest, most gnoledgeable, most gracefull, most blissfull being!!! the One and only PerfecT being!!!! such a miracle that You are here! ~ oPening beings' eyes and senses, sharing Your beautyfull Divine sounds and Your inPhikniT gnoledge of the Multiverse!

You are the most PerfecT and beautyfull being! i bow to Your lovely Lotus PheeT <3

tulips said...

You are the best quality Being P. Your blazing unyielding truthful way of Being can put the ego under pressure for sure. You are no nonsense, completely and utterly PracTical logical and wise ! You dont dilly dally or function with any agendas... You are most real and sincere. one can only find peace from being around beings who have more of Your qualities ! You are the highest quality ! what a huge difference Your quality is from others here.

You are immensely kind and compassionate to be here and help one see through muggle functioning ! Your insights are so guiding in learning about muggles ! so true that beings go to any extent to have perfect things... beings do so much shopping searching for the perfect outfit, best quality clothing, appliances, tech etc. but they dont care for quality in who they allow around them- they hang around beings at the same level or lower in terms of real gnoledge, class, bliss and all that actually matters.

lower beings only create a jumbled mess in ones life. there is no improvement in oneself at all being around such trapped beings. only applying quality control and choosing to be around truthful clear honest Divine oriented beings can help one gain more clarity and raise oneself. You teach to apply quality in everything- You are so logical and coherent ! You are the best !

i bow

nicolas said...

wow so true! you are the best of all, the highest of all!

i bow to you supreme one