Thursday 22 September 2011

spirit & soul

the 2 words

spirit & soul have become synonymous

amongst people of this planet

they see no difference

between them

spirit however

is not the same as soul

most beings here

don't have a 'soul'

they have a spirit

the talk that every being

with a nose, 2 eyes

walking on 2 feet has 'soul'

is nonsense

thats why there is so much talk

of spirit-uality

& not much mention

of soul-ality

technically the difference between

spirit & soul

comes from level of coherence

the word 'soul'

comes from 'sol'

or 'sun'

the beings

who can generate their own light

through connection with

the divine supersoul

are the ones who have soul

(not many of them here)

the rest are just spirits

who can under certain conditions

generate a soul

depending on their efforts

to establish/re-establish

connection with

the divine supersoul

Monday 19 September 2011

older & elder

even though most people

automatically ( & erroneously ) consider

older as elder

the fact is that

there is a big difference


older & elder

older just means more age

i.e more earth years in a physical form


el-ders are those

who have



turning serpent



and all the chakras flowering

so when they say respect the elders

it doesn't mean you respect

your parents and uncles and aunties

it means

that you

respect the

awakened beings

Friday 16 September 2011


any being who requires


( which automatically means

they will get discouraged

easily as well )

can never

achieve any

real goal

real goals -

getting out of hell

getting to higher states of consciousness

getting to divine itself

the brats used to encouragement

from parents, society etc

to live their essentially goal-less lives

call even divine negative/heartless

just because it

doesn't encourage

as one needs encouragement

only to carry on living a goal-less life

one achieves real goals

by firm fixation on the goal

which arises from

actual needs

like escaping

low vibration prison-like-state of being

which is the majority's lot on this planet

Saturday 10 September 2011

selfish ?!

its funny how

so many in this world

try so hard to be selfish

its always

me before you

but somehow they

never do their self any good

by their actions

if they were truly self-ish

they would improve their self

give it more strength

through evolving it

instead they bring their self

down to hell

by their foolish actions


they are not

really selfish

just plain foolish

even though self-ish is

a bad word in this world

it would be welcome change

for them to

actually care about their


coz if they do

they will automatically care

about nature, right behaviour ...