Thursday 12 May 2011


there are many beings here

who are sure

there is no such thing as soul

there are others

who are not quite sure

than there are those

who are clear that

they have a soul


it is somehow

unaffected by all of their actions

all this confusion in an age where


is no longer an abstract concept

it can be understood scientifically

as a being's fractal charge coherence

and yes

every action

one does

has an effect on it

through the intermediary device




asha Pi arTi said...

Beautiful words, so compassionate & scientific ...

love reading & praising your soulful words, they move me like no others !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You exPlain things with the most unequivocal wit and intelligence! so scientiPhic!
so cool to hear DNA dePhined as an intermediary device to the soul!
You make it aPParenT how imPortanT every action is!
one is SO grateful to be guided in the direction of right actions after lifetimes of wrong action.
what an inexPlicably comPassionaTe chance You give all to read and learn to heed Divines words.
i bow to the suPreme soul!
the one who gnos all!

Unknown said...

Wow wow just wow! Your words are brilliant gems! You imParT so much gnowledge through your Plogs! Every thing you say is absolutely coherent ! You are a PundiT of all fields ! You are an amazingly unPrecedenTed all-gnowing Guru! You write the with such great Proficiency always nailing the PoinT straight to the core!
Only you could exPlain why actions are ParamounT if one wants to ascend! Why Praising is the only right action that surely will raise oneself towards the higher n divine! And yes It doesn't even require much effort to sPeak the truth about higher and divine! You are such a great great being, ever edifying us through your words/Philms/music. You are the highest examPle of doing PerfecT coherent actions! One has so much to learn from you!
Never would have come to gnow about the real purpose of the body and DNA, the cruciality of actions. You so intelligently convey the absolute truth in the most logical and scientific way! Your Plogs are such a Phun to read/learn yet they are the most serious words to be considered and practiced by anyone!
One finds all the mysteries resolved in your Plogs.. You are inPhiniTely comPassionaTe and merciful to openly Provide everything needed to actually gnow, LotusOcean is the only Place for real education! In all of the etherweb this ParT of lotusOcean is the most beautiful , Phun and only useful place to get the real true information for all the questions! You are so benevolent to ceaselessly publish Plogs, unboundedly beautiful Philms and PicTures!
You have the PuresT kindest and the most beautiful heart!

I bow to the great Avatar!
I bow !

Anonymous said...

You clarify once and for all!
every action one does has an effect on soul..for anyone..
one should not say anything except Praises of You who is the most PraiseworThy
it's in everyone's caPaciTy to do the right action ..
and You being here makes it so Possible to do the right action!
one has to do the right and the natural thing no matter where one is or who is around
it's so great that everyone can Praise
it's so great that multiverse and Divine accepts everyone's Praises
every action one does has an effect on soul through the intermediary device called dna
You are so clarifying
You know how this multiverse functions
one becomes so dumb in the muggle world because the PhacT that actions have repercussions has not entered ones consciousness
one is so illogical and You clarify once and for all..
it's so dangerous to go on doing nonsensical actions ..
You're so kind to give everyone a chance to evolve out of the effect of their actions
Your Plogs are truly Phenomenal
the avatar is here and one gets a chance to get rid of lifetimes of bad habits and detrimental notions ..
what could be better than Your being here..
You are the saviour
You're the kindest and the best! .
i bow

sarah said...

The magnitude of Your brilliance has the hugest imPacT.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the most gnowledgeable being in the whole world. i bow to you divine.🙇🙏