Sunday 30 November 2008


people on earth have replaced real smiles

with continous fake pretentious teeth shows

which convey pain & beastiality

rather than a genuine sense of happiness

in fact most have even forgotten

what a real smile is like

lack of happiness is

not surprising considering the

major disconnection from the divine

why do they do it ?

its the only way to trap other beings

along into their descents to deeper hells

show them that your way

is a reservoir of happiness

Languages & Speech

'Lets confuse the tongues of

men so they cannot understand each other'

- this surely has been the policy of

those behind the screens if one looks

at the current world situation

for example if one looks at Europe,

one finds that people/countries are usually

divided mainly by language

French are french coz they speak French &

Germans are german coz they speak German etc.

the script however remains the

same for most European languages

most words are just variations on a common root

if you add a 'K' to everything you

get German and so forth

the difference in languages mainly boils down to

local contortional idiosyncracies

much in the same way as dialects

through extensive colonization

English (Anglish) came along as a

common language which everyone

would understand but alas ~

even in England, home of English,

the Yorkshire folks can't understand

the Cockneys and vice versa

just when you think things can't

get any worse colonies like America & Australia

add their own annoying

sidey twang to it

if one pays attention

to the way people speak these days one will find

that most of the speech is one sided

i.e it comes from one side of the mouth.

it reaches an extreme in folks like Sylvester Stallone &

(of course) the aussies

even BBC news presenters have the same problem

the reason why the speech of kids in hollywood movies

sounds so obnoxious, demented & creepy

is twistedness &

unnecessary continuous contortion of the mouth

which comes about through lack of centering

its like a dark & hellish horror movie scenario

where the genepool has completely forgotten

how to be straight in mind & spirit

this lack of straightforwardness shows up in

speech. the speech in turn programs the mind &

this devoluting loop continues until

a conscious decision is made to break away from it

French speak like they

have cheese & wine in their mouth, Germans

like they have beer in theirs

hardly anyone is using their mouth/tongue/jaw properly

& speaking from the center of the mouth.

thats why most of the world has trouble

pronouncing Sanskrit - one of the main root languages

words properly ...

many are left wondering

why their Mantra chanting is not having

the desired effect !

Universal Language ~

there is no such thing as Yoga

breaking news -

there is no such thing as Yoga

this term Yoga has now

become synonymous with

contorting of the body into various shapes

but the truth is that

there is no such word

the real word in Sanskrit is 'Yog'

just like Shiva is actually 'Shiv'

Krishna is actually 'Krishn'

Veda is actually 'Ved'

& so forth

'Yog' simply means 'Union'

'Union with the Divine'

to be precise

this Union takes place through

devotion, surrender, praise & service

to the high & divine

it has nothing to do with the asan's

commonly gnown as asanas

being taught in the west

Yoga Classes which are now

hard to tell apart from Aerobics Oz Style

act mainly as respectable health & dating centers

males flock to see females in postures

they won't see them in otherwise

no wonder Yoga has caught on

like it has

to turn into a

global corporate entity with

Yoga drinks, gear, clothing etc etc

so its either Yoga or Yog

another 21st century choice ...

Sunday 23 November 2008

Evil’s Trump Card

the trump card of evil in these times

as propagated by its newagey servants

is quite simply

*all is god & all is good*

a lie which allows it to be not labeled as evil

and operate freely

a fun way of reducing god to its

own lowly standards

the ancient scriptures like mahabharata

tell us that in that yuga (eon),

krishna was the only *pure divinity incarnate*

amongst the millions of characters

this 'equality' nonsense

propagated by newagers these days

can only serve to make some unhumble egos feel better

but it has no basis in reality in this universe

or any other dimension

evil is not god ... it is a movement

away from god arising from the freewill

which original divinity granted all beings

from the begining of creation

evil tries to pretend it doesn't exist but

we all gno it exists ... in fact

this world is run by it

many (obviously the good) wonder how can so much

injustice happen in a world run by god !

there is news for them -

this world is evil demiurge's experiment of

running a world without involvement of god

to equate evil with god can

only lead to more pain, hell & torture

something which is already the

norm in this world

Saturday 22 November 2008

the beast's attempt at beauty

there is no movement possible

towards the divine without

a sincere admittance of the uglyness & sickness

which pervades this world

*pretension*, not oil

is the only fuel

which is keeping this world

going as it is coz all is beautiful

& all is lovely & all is great

its a *mutual admiration society*

which is very keen to

prove to 'the divine'

that they are doing quite fine

without it

only the original divinity has

real beauty & any deliberate

movement against it causes uglyness

there is no way out of it

plastic surgery just makes matters worse ;)

after eons of unhumbleness

the beastliness can no longer be hidden

it is bursting out at the seams

but the pretension of today

has rewritten the already twisted fairytale

'a beast is now officially a beauty'

don't want to drop more names because

the count will run into millions

so its quite simple -

either one pursues beauty

or one ends up pursuing the beast

If one tries to pursue both one ends up

breaking like an outstretched rubberband

Public Memory

just a while ago the american public

was terrified of


& now they are cheering

OBAMA of the BARRACK variety

B can always be borrowed from BinLaden

public seems to have such magical blinders on

that they can't percieve the truth

even if it stares them right in the face

Friday 21 November 2008

Spiritual Cliches ~ Music first

spiritual cliches are rife as this

mad world tries to come to grips

with its own stupidity & aimlessness

the more pretentious ones among the masses

raise their heads to define all the categories

including the spiritual

due to their efforts what is now considered spiritual music

is a poxy, valium like synthesizer based digital

drone which has only one message - sleep, sleep !

that backing is often accompanied by very breathy,

pretentious vocals that try hard to imitate the

flashbacks of the candies they ate

while they were kids

they sound creepy & dysfunctional

as opposed to enlightened & truthful

love, light, rose, bliss, vedic mantras

( pronounced as improperly as they can be ),

ascension, awareness, gaia, sweet etc

form the general lyrical content

on paper its all hyperpositive

as it's not talking about guns or murders

delusion & propagation of it somehow

is not as big a crime on this planet as

other overt activities like stealing food

from supermarkets

the other accompaniment is

usually acoustic instruments

like piano, acoustic guitar, flute etc

which add to the lulling effect

acoustic instruments are always

given the tag of spiritual because

of the anaesthesia they induce

piano, which is basically a glorified typewriter

with binary & digital functionality &

a single mood - melancholy

is considered a divine addition to this ensemble

a hammer strikes the strings

without any direct contact with the player

what a way to express touch !

flute can be hyperpiercing to the ears

while other oriental instruments like sitar

can sound very metallically jangling &

nervewracking. if any oriental acoustic

instrument is played it is surely spiritual -

why? because pretendos say so

who can forget ravishankar at woodstock!

all these numbing sounds together create a

feeling of a spiritual void rather than

spiritual light

for obvious reasons

people have not been made aware of

borg nature of the synthesizer ( the only

electric instrument used ) & synthetic

programmed beats (trance music)

these beats are the

very antithesis of organic heart rhythms

which don't function like a digital clock

synthesizer is the planet's most plasticky,

unsoulful instrument

it is intended to create cyborgs out of humans

through being a video game soundtrack producer

but it surprisingly & easily fits the newagey

agenda which also seems to be the same -

creating soulless lulled robots

electric guitar is usually villified

by the pretentious clique

it is too loud & examples are cited of

bad heavy metal bands & other such negative

users who always use digital effects & amps anyways,

which basically turn their guitars into synthesizers &

make them sound like swarms of buzzing mosquitos

the one & only technology which is nondigital

i.e. tube amplifiers are completely ignored

for the arena of spiritual music

electric guitar is the only direct-string-touch

instrument which can be plugged directly into these

amps. it is thus the only instrument

which can utilize electricity ( basis of all life )

for producing a wide variety of soundfields

to suit any spiritual aspect/expression -

people ask me - how can it be superior to

human voice. to them i would like to ask -

what came first - electrical nature of the universe

or human voice ? the sounds it can produce,

no human voice can imitate

in fact one has to have a certain kundalinical/electrical quality

to the voice & a

straightforward mantric approach to vocals

to blend with it

( it doesn't promote vocal gymnastics circus )

electric guitar connected to analog amplifiers

is a very sensitive instrument i.e. it is

very sensitive to its player's vibrations

so the spiritual level of the player comes

into play like no other instrument

every touch matters & complex harmonics

come into play with every stroke

this is an absolute no-no for those who

want to hide behind a garb of spirituality behind

their acoustic guitars which all kind of sound the same

( sonically not technically )

no matter who plays them

it is spiritual evolution

not technical prowess

which counts in playing/making music

this fact is hidden from the masses

through continuos mindprogramming

by those wanting to hide their

spiritual bankruptcy through

the serious fronts of classical, spiritual music ...

Wednesday 19 November 2008


people usually assign the word

'mysterious' to the pyramids,

aliens, ufo's, inner earth, bermuda triangle etc.

i, on the other hand find no

mystery in these

what i find

mysterious is people brushing

their teeth properly ( every nook & cranny )

for 10 minutes, dressing up for another hour

only to ingest a whole lot of booze & drugs

as a followup activity

are they or are they not really concerned about health/self ?

secrets of the pyramids are easy

to reveal ,

but this

no one will ever gno :)

Monday 17 November 2008

dog-god polarity

its not a coincidence that

dog and god

are reverse of each other

its either seeking of

the superior/divine/god

for getting out of hell


egoboosting thru the inferior/dog

& continuing to suffer in hell

it must be noted that

the term 'dog' does not

always refer to the canine animal

... dogs come in various

species/shapes/sizes/forms !

Friday 7 November 2008

Sunday 2 November 2008


there is general thinking/consensus
all over the planet
that not eating animal flesh is
so the so-called vegetarians
have no qualms about having non-veg partners
even in nature
the herbivores & carnivores don't mate
horses don't mate with lions,
elephants don't mate with cats & so forth
but homo sapiens seemingly can overide all natural law &

discomfort/awkwardness of nonsensical situations
they also freely go to discotheques, raves, trance parties, festivals
in the blessed comfort of gnoing that they
are vegetarians & thus against slaughterhouses &
animal cruelty & so forth
the simple fact that the techno music
they are enjoying is no different from
slaughterhouse machine sounds doesn't
cross their mind
also most of the
vocal music they hear is nothing
but the agonized cries of dying animals
channeled through homo sapien mouths
there is no realization that
vegetarianism is a whole way of life
not just a food choice
the whole gambit of meat, alchohol,
borgness, corpiness, non-veg company,
non-veg sounds has to be given up
together before one truly becomes a
the incomplete compartmentalized form of
vegetarianism is neither lasting
nor does it bring all the benefits associated
with vegetarianism
veg food + nonveg life = speedy disintegration