Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the first step

when people ask me

what is the first step

for betterment of this world

i say that the world has to

stop misusing these 3 words

' Love ' , ' Free ' & ' God '

the rest will all fall into place


sarah said...

I agree! Its terrible that these profound concepts are raped of meaning, and generally the violator doesn't even have the shabby excuse of financial incentive. I bow to this exercise of restoration of meaning.

Anonymous said...

Your solutions are most simple, PracTical and Powerful. one often wonders how much more beautiful this world might be if more muggles followed Your sound advice rather than continuing to be mislead by the masses they are enslaved to. one is so grateful for the opportunity to Praise you. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
reading Divines words! Speaking Divines words one see more and more how Powerful words are and how destructive it is for one and this world to misuse words!
Divine utilizes words PerfecTly!
Divine gnos the REAL meaning of words and is SO kind to guide us in how to understand the true meaning of words and how to stop misusing them.
how to allow everything to fall into Place!

it makes one cringe every time one hears another use these 3 words!
one is ashamed for having foolishly misused these words throughout ones life and grateful for the chance to PracTice sPeaking Truth!
to learn how imPorTanT sPeaking Truth is
and how detrimental it is to sPeak lies and misuse words weather one is aware or unaware!

i bow at the feet of the One who gnos how to sTeP PerfecTly in this world!
i bow to the REAL God! the One who is Truly free! The only One who can be Loved!

P3AZ21 said...

‘love’ is related to evolution, You show one that, a vey imPorTant understanding

one is not free until one breaks out of 3D Prison of birth & death cycle

Your teachings oPen the PaTh to evolution

You are a great benefactor to one & all

PsingulariTy said...

You are evol-love
You are The Freeman
You are GoD

a pari said...

i bow ! one is very ashamed to have misused these words P, so grateful You are here and redefining these words for one all the time. Your actions words and Pure Heart of Gold are the only Place one has found all 3 to exist !!

i bow !

Science Spirituality said...

One of the phenomenal post it is! A big message revealed in just few golden words sprinkled here!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

this is beyond phunny !!!!

jganesh said...

that is so true ! You make the best points ! i bow !

Swati said...

Thank you O Lord for being so Kind !!

These three words in fact don't have any place here in this world.

God is just into worship centers and 'Pandit' and Priest has access to those idols and there is particular time to reach also. People do offer gold and money in these worship centers.all has turned into commercial places on the name of devotion and worship and God. Another pious name to enjoy all big rituals and 'KarmKaand' on the name of 'Teerthyatra' Pilgrimage.if one do really believe in God then why they don't follow the path of righteousness and recognise true virtues in beings or in Higher. Why dont they just follow the path shri Krishna showed and as you are showing everyone.

Love, so much cherished relationship called Mother- Child relationship. even a mother does not love their children now a days, post delivery they leave their child either with baby sitter or in day care centers.Do not breast feed their child or use Breast pumps for storing milk.Can this act replace the importance of touch and feel.A Robotic Act.

And most cultured 'Sansakari' country called India. Parents teach all lesson of 'Brahamchar' and 'Grahyast' Asharam to their children,if they are so much into teaching morals why not they apply 'Baanprashth' and 'Sanyas' Ashram as time comes.All selfish and give and take love.

Free - There is no free will even. To exercise free will they need to be free from all muggles happening around. They don't try to understand what is God's will and can act towards that.To make their life free from all evil.

There are very few in real who are still following what is Sanatan Dharma or Vedic time culture.

Please accept my immense pleasure for being here on earth and giving me an opportunity to Praise and bow in front of you.

Teaching me all Multiverse laws and being that Lord for me to worship.

I am so fortunate as I am able to see you. Praise your divine beauty.

Your Darshan is highest Love in itself.

! am completely taken away by your selfless efforts towards Greater Good of humanity and 'Dharti Maa'.Fortunate to bow in front of my Lord!!

You are Krishna,You are Ram,You are Rishi,you are Buddha. You are One.

O ShivNarayan ! bow to you O my Lord !!

veena iyengar said...