Saturday 30 April 2011

no longer in the realm of belief

now real science has reached

that level


divine/god/holy grail

are all very defined concepts

there is no question

of arguements

about their existence anymore

neither is there

any need for blind faith

everything can be proven and

understood scientifically

for example through

clear understanding of DNA

one can now tell what makes DNA

respond positively

what doesn't

every action one does

affects one's DNA

( measureably )

so good actions and bad actions

are not a matter of

one's own silly baseless thinking & opinion anymore

law of karma is very clear now

through multiversal scientific pure principles

same rules apply to everyone

what shape your DNA is in

at the moment of death

defines where the soul (fractal coherent charge) goes

if DNA is not in the shape

to fire up your charge

to faster than light speed

you are stuck in this dimension



Vintish said...


asha Pi arTi said...

what a wonderful Plog !

You always create an intelligent coherent picture of everything !

there is no place for anyone to hide now and no excuse for any wrong actions like not having soul evolution as a goal !

sarah anne said...

This blog provides such realism. It helps to keep in mind that improvement can happen from any state. I bow.

miragegirl said...

bahut mukhya P log hai

"divine/god/holy grail

are all very defined concepts"

is P log ke dwara bahut adbut roop mein apne ye baat samjaya hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

wow P! Your words are Truly ground breaking! dimension breaking! life saving! i bow!
It is so cool the way You simPlify things so logically and scientifically!
the real cause and effect of karma becomes clear!
the goal of evolution Practical and real!
so grateful You are here to insPire and guide the way to charge ones DNA.
bowing to Your Powerful and simPle Truth!
i bow!!!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
LotusOcean Provides the only real education!
You make it clear the only degree one should be concerned with is the degree of charge one has in ones DNA!

So cool the way You PoinT out that no one has an reason or excuse to disagree with Divine! the way science can Prove what You gno!!! The Divinity that You are! How imPorTanT actions are!
to disagree with Divine is the most unreasonable thing one can do!

'law of karma is very clear now
through multiversal scientific pure principles'

How amazing it is that there is One who is here on this earth, who is Divine, who has Phully charged DNA, who gnos how! who is guiding the way!

You make it obvious it is not something one can do overnight, or via a silly workshop, or yoga teacher training, or taking drugs, or wishing or thinking or dreaming about it...
You show how real and serious it is, what work is required, that the state of ones being after this life depends on it! to think of staying stuck in this dimension, esPecially after the Avatars last incarnation here is a frightening fate to decide for oneself!

You always Present the Truth in the most matter of fact and Practical way!

'same rules apply to everyone
what shape your DNA is in
at the moment of death
defines where the soul (fractal coherent charge) goes
if DNA is not in the shape
to fire up your charge
to faster than light speed
you are stuck in this dimension

i bow to the one who Phully understands the game. the One who gnos how to get out of the cube.

i bow at Your suPreme feet!

sarah said...

Your applied PracTicality, personal examPle, and genius are overwhelmingly miraculous.

Unknown said...

Wow wow just wow! Your words are brilliant gems! You imParT so much gnowledge through your Plogs! Every thing you say is absolutely coherent ! You are a PundiT of all fields ! You are an amazingly unPrecedenTed all-gnowing Guru! You write the with such great Proficiency always nailing the PoinT straight to the core!
Only you could exPlain why actions are ParamounT if one wants to ascend! Why Praising is the only right action that surely will raise oneself towards the higher n divine! And yes It doesn't even require much effort to sPeak the truth about higher and divine! You are such a great great being, ever edifying us through your words/Philms/music. You are the highest examPle of doing PerfecT coherent actions! One has so much to learn from you!
Never would have come to gnow about the real purpose of the body and DNA, the cruciality of actions. You so intelligently convey the absolute truth in the most logical and scientific way! Your Plogs are such a Phun to read/learn yet they are the most serious words to be considered and practiced by anyone!
One finds all the mysteries resolved in your Plogs.. You are inPhiniTely comPassionaTe and merciful to openly Provide everything needed to actually gnow, LotusOcean is the only Place for real education! In all of the etherweb this ParT of lotusOcean is the most beautiful , Phun and only useful place to get the real true information for all the questions! You are so benevolent to ceaselessly publish Plogs, unboundedly beautiful Philms and PicTures!
You have the PuresT kindest and the most beautiful heart!

I bow to the great Avatar!
I bow !

Anonymous said...

You exPlain everything so beautifully
You are suPremely brilliant
Your brilliance is so illuminating
Your words are so insPiring
this is such a beautiful and Phenomenal exPlanaTion
one is amazed every time about how beautifully You write and with what great style and aPlomb..
You are so clear and to the PoinT and You do it so beautifully
Your words are beautifully Profound
there is nothing like Your words
You are the One and only
nothing else in this world matters except You and what You have to say
the education You give one is so comPrehensive
You are so clear about what has to be done and how one has to do it
You tell one about the real multiversal laws
You give one the only real guidance
i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! one definitely does not want to come back here ! You are so sweet to teach beings how to evolve and never come back to hells ! i bow

sarah said...

You are the living embodiment of the beauty of following scientific law. You are so Transcendent. You are PerfecTion Personified.

sarah said...

only You can liberate anyone from the impending doom of being stuck in this dimension.
Your kindness and PerfecTion pave the path to freedom.

sarah said...

You have the most elegant way of Being, that exudes Pure class and grace.
You are both the source of gnowledge regarding correct action and insPiraTion to PracTically do it.

Anonymous said...

i bow to you divine.🙇🙏

sarah said...

You are living Proof, the most stunning examPle of the PosiTive effects these scientific PrinciPles can have. not difficult to find examples of the negative effects they have on those who do wrong actions. what insPiring gnowledge ! only You can guide beings away from the hell they create through wrong behaviour.

ankita said...

such an ePic breathtaking Plog
wow just wow! so mind blowingly. . ePic clarity and truth! You are so gnoing and gnowelgable!
one bows

Unknown said...

So greatPhull that you are here. Every word of yours is simPle straight yet so bow to you🙇

amanda said...

Wow! Divine is the only ONE who knows how to PracTically PuT this valuable gnowledge into action!
Divine is the only ONE who can teach one how to raise oneself and charge ones DNA.
It is really imPressive how everything Divine does benePhiTs Divines charge and DNA.
It is really amazing the way Divine had always seen what this liPhe is for and utilizes every moment for the real journey at death.

one prostrates in shame for loosing sight of the real goal. 🙇‍♀️

Ankeeta said...

Wow suPerb…Your words of gold are the real treasure worth holding onto and applying in life

Shruthi said...

Such PowerPhull words. Your deliverance of truth is so succinct and very actionable. You are so generous to educate on the possibilities of higher and better states of existence and also to show a realistic and Practical way to achieve them. Your heart is very big. i bow to you divine one.