Wednesday 28 August 2013


it seems that

despite the continuous use of the word


which is just basically

'high' with g & h removed ( they are silent anyways )

the word 'higher'

has not seeped into

mass consciousness on this planet

people say they just do not think in that way

but they

surely can/do think in terms of 'more'

so the concept that

someone is


spiritually evolved

than them

should be enough

something most should be able to tell

in their own way

they can use 'more' instead of 'higher'

if it floats their boat


what needs to be done after that

remains the same

Monday 26 August 2013

the chase & chaste

females on this planet

have become so used to

being chased

rather than chase themselves

to the extent that

most have completely forgotten

how to chase

in all vedic tales

even the goddesses

like parvati

concentrated on chasing

rather than being chased

parvati chased shiv

which is the more sensible thing to do

no matter how one looks at it -

one wants to evolve

or have a better time

or have a more interesting existence

or have bliss

females who settle for those who chase them

cannot/donot ever end up on the bliss-side

it is no coincidence

that the word 'chaste' is connected to 'chase'

only a female chasing the higher/divine

can truly be chaste

here chase doesn't mean 

being a stalker

or bothering the being

it means 'tapasya' 

a term which represents self-discipline

and self work

more on that work here -

whether one is a male or female

one will have to chase the higher/divine

as higher/divine is

it is the only gateway

for one to evolve