Wednesday 31 March 2010

basic necessities

many think/believe

that they serve

the evil system

only for their basic necessities

by this logic

all those who have millions in their bank accounts

have their basic necessities

taken care of for life

& thus

would be all serving higher/divine

not the case

so no use pretending one would serve divine

if only one had this or that

one always has one's own time & energy

one has to serve divine first

& gets out of the evil matrix as a result

not vice versa


there are those

who are telling me

that a 'thankyou'

not followed by

any corresponding actual actions

can be sincere

i however find

people lining up outside night clubs

in freezing cold

some in miniminiskirts


for what one really wants to do

one dedicates time & energy

& goes to any length

real sincerity only exists


relation to that

which makes people act without restraint


Tuesday 30 March 2010


a ceremony

which doesn't have

divine as its



will not lead to any

bliss or happiness

daksha already tried it


this world as of now

is following suit

concrete, chlorine & colognes

most of this planet's creatures

seem content


concrete & chlorine

alchohol, colognes (bad smells) & bad sounds


as accessories

it is their world

the peak of civilization

nothing else exists

the magic world is fraud

there is no divine

there are no nature spirits

or elementals

just their tiny little legoworld

which will

keep going indefinitely

seemingly endless festivities

the people of this

planet put all their energies

into indulging in

endless unnatural (without divine participation)

festivities to

keep the


end of the tetherness

at bay

in the west they take form of


parties, concerts & festivals

in more ancient cultures like india

they have already made-up

continuos one after the other


now twisted into western-style celebrations

which allow no one

a moment to dwell

on their goal-less misery

the final result

an escape from reality

leading into

deeper pits of hell & despair

Sunday 28 March 2010

thank you, really ?

having received many

thank you's


it is but natural to wonder

what it means

is it a Praise

or is it an uneager cop out

out of having to do anything

more substantial

is it a form of gratitude

and if so it seems

quite hollow

just 2 words

& thats it

the word itself means

than-k you or

than cut(k) you

it is more of a rude

bye bye term

than any intent of reciprocity

another western/english phrase

for concealing rudeness

in garb of politeness

thank you is just another way saying

buzz off now

even when beings say thank you to god/divine

they just want to get rid of it

thanks for your help etc.

now can you just disappear

so that we can get on with it

thank you to higher/divine

is a cheap way

to get out of bowing

those considering 'just thankyou'
to be a first step
should gno that there is no
possibilty of any more steps
in that path
one will actually have to retract to
move forward

disciples without discipline or sanction

there is a

new kind of creature

springing up

which refers to me as their teacher, Guru ...

& gives itself the title of

'my disciple'


at the end of the day

does whatever it likes

it can't face me

for any period of time


live a single day by lotusocean precepts

disciples without discipline

doesn't make sense

once again the snakes

think they can outsmart

the divine

by pretending to be on its side

while they are busy serving the evil system

through self's evil programming

Saturday 27 March 2010

blackmailing divine

there are many here

who want to put even divine

on a guilt trip

if you don't come to me

as i want you to

i will go with evil instead

they gesture

like brats that they are

spoilt by their unwise parents

it seems to them

that it is divine's responsibility

to rescue them

from a hellish fate

they try to blackmail divine

as they have no idea

it is they who

need to do the running

to get out of the hell they are in

not the other way round

whatever the outcome

divine stays blissful anyways

Tuesday 23 March 2010

हृदयम् (hRithayam) - the Root of Rhythm

there is a widespread notion

that AfriKa

is somehow the

Root of Rhythm

the Real Root of Rhythm

literally & figuratively


the Sanskrit word for Heart



a fractal heart


Proper Rhyth(u)m


Sunday 21 March 2010

illuminati or ...

the term ' illuminati '

has now become famous

for describing

the few people who control

the governing institutions of this planet

while it's true that

a handful of people

control the overall functionings

of the evil structure in place here

the accurate term for them would be

' desperati '

they are all as/more

suicidal & blissless & fearful

as your average person on the street

hardly a sign of ' illumination '

the common nature of the beast

the nature of the beast is the same


it doesn't depend on


it is not just some gruesome beings

behind closed doors

it is all the people

on the street

all the average folks who make

up the numbers called masses

their faces, (programmed) wants, dreams & aspirations

its all 'the beast'

it is basically a

stance against divine

& divine laws

through enormous conceit

regarding the abilities of the self

2012 - the hollywood version


after all the hype surrounding this date/year

hollywood could not resist the temptation

to tell the ignorant masses what its all about

lets quickly get to

the keypoint

who survives -

the translucents ( main hero as always )

their slaves turned playmates

the africanamericans ( heroes in their own right )

& the new factory worker slaves - the chinese ( the workforce )

who is completely annihilated -

no points for guessing

the indians & the rest

they have enough genetic material

from their perspective

on the ark

to start a lovely new world

Friday 19 March 2010

incompetence to comPeTence

the fires of praise

to the divine

are sustained

by the twigs of

realizations of one's incompetence

a feeling most people

try to run away from

as they just can't see

any positives in it

society ridicules them for it

their ego doesn't like it

of their own devices

they aren't able to fathom

the simple fact

that this feeling

is the root of praise


of course most are not even aware of

the importance of praise of the higher/divine

its quite easy to understand that

real praise will only flow

when one finds oneself incapable/incompetent

in comparison to what is praiseworthy ( divine )

only real competence one can ever have

is in praising divine

goes without saying

all other competences stem from that competence

Thursday 18 March 2010

Pleasure Seeking?

many here consider themselves

pleasure seeking


lotusocean discovers that they are not


Pleasure ( real spelling - Pleisure )



P @ Leisure

which they

don't have any-much interest in

Saturday 13 March 2010

divine's avatar intent

do you think

GoD/divine manifests

on earth in flesh & blood to

listen to your sins

cries for forgiveness

demands for this & that

no the divine

comes down

simply to


& see who is willing to Play

within its divine parameters of course

thats the one & only judgement

attempts at Play

most beings here

try to play with each other

thinking that they would get satisfaction

from this exercise

all they get is stupid drama

followed by pain

but natural

when they have no clue of even the

P in Play

others who become aware that this

people-people interaction doesn't work

try to become loners

thinking that they would get satisfaction from their selves

but that doesn't work either

only way

a soul

truly gets satisfaction

is when it Plays with GoD

in GoD's divine tune

the age old question

what are beings created for ?

a question that boggles many many minds & hearts

the answer as always is quite simple

beings are created for Playing with

the Original Creator

the Divine

on divine's terms of course

evil was nothing but

a refusal to Play

with the divine

on divine's terms

hells, pain, torture & infinite boredom

was/is the outcome

of that refusal

GoD's (mis)image

in the so-called west

if it (GoD) is not a

sullen looking being with a

crown of thorns

it is a dreary looking old uncle

with santa-like white beard

spewing boring dialogues

basically anything which

females can not feel attraction towards

if females get disassociated with god

society automatically will

a very fine way of reducing

interest in god

make it seem boring

as compared to evil

a god that is




interesting beyond imagination





would completely

upturn the whole edifice

their hellish world stands on

vedic conception of god

was always embodied by the 'krishn' archetype

the alluring enchanter

the lover

the P-layer

because thats what God (divine) is

a role which evil has been trying to

play ...



people who have money

(usually) think of it as their main asset

females (usually) think of their


as their main


a more as per the word conception

all these beings appear to be very protective

of their ass-ets

they expect them to bring happiness to them

a shame than

that they are always spent

uselessly &

bring nothing but ill-health and pain

lotusocean declares

any asset

including time

when not surrendered to higher & divine

will not bring happiness

the genepools here

are taking a long time

to face this simple fact

despite repeated failures

over eons