Friday 26 November 2010


those who

cannot respect the cow

whose milk they drink

cannot respect

earth which is akin to a cow

in fulfilling our needs

no question of

them respecting

god/divine either

people hoping to


love, peace, happiness

contentment & evolution

while killing & eating cows

are under

serious delusion

in the end

they would

meet a cruel fate

at the hands


forces of divine


which drug are you on ?

in a world

becoming increasingly

dependant on drugs

drugs for sleeping

drugs for staying awake

drugs for having fun

drugs for relaxing

drugs for staying alive

the beings here have lost the plot


anyone having

direct access to bliss

using their own kundalini

& connection to divine

is always met with

the standard suspicious query -

what drug are you on ?

they don't think

that any


healing or


is possible

without a drug

being involved

talk about reducing everything

to ones own lowly level

grapes are sour

from all the

output which springs

forth from their

depraved consciousness

in form of text and films

it is revealed

that despite being

million miles away from


they are

pretending to gno

what ascension is like

how ascended beings behave

how the higher realm is

which they portray

as a boring american style diner

serving coffee

all this actually reveals

is that they can't take

single step

out of their limited

blissless world of horror

& haven't the faintest clue

of the higher dimensions

or the bliss there in

a simple case of

grapes are sour

just because they

can't get to it

its not worth getting to

the metro type

due to

the influence of

the translucents



action of its own ancestors

a new creature

has taken shape in

the the cities

of even ancient lands

with strong cultures

like bharat


'the metro type'

this creature has aversion to

all nature and naturality

elements are its enemy

it barely leaves its

air conditioning

concrete & metal cells

is surrounded by pepsis and sodas

while it neurotically

dabbles with its most precious possession

the mobile

it blindly follows

all media hype

celebrates all mediamade celebrities

never ponders the

real meaning of life

& blanks out

anything which is not


which is basically another word

for phoney

it considers itself


but is closed to all

that is paranormal

unless of course

CNN & BBC declare it to be legit

it is a yuppie/corpy/spoilt-brat mix

& doesn't believe in

repercussions for its actions

has the attention span of an insect

it is a blissless creature

always on the run

to support






considers anyone

anyone with a

simpler natural lifestyle


and anyone with

attention on divine



under the banner of

progress & development

its numbers are growing

all around the world

Thursday 25 November 2010

kangaroo as symbol for ?

lotusocean finds

it strange that


a strict


is used as

the symbol for


a people

who are



& took over

the land they inhabit

by force

of the gun

another aspect

of the


nonsensical nature


the functionings

on this planet

Wednesday 24 November 2010

the cat & dog people

there is a

race on this planet

which only regards

cats & dogs

as sacred animals

only they are not

to be slaughtered

the rest

cow, deer, hen, birds etc



at the first



so only

cats & dogs

raised to be carnivorous

are worthy of respect

doesn't take

a genius

to figure out

the fate

of these people

help us

help us

they say

doesn't matter

if we (ones wanting help)


rude, critical

& condescending of you

the beings on this planet

are being programmed

especially by the western media machine

to think

that it is OK

for one to be

condescending of the higher

just be the

normal americana punjabi

rudyrabbit self

while asking help

from the more

evolved ascended beings

no need for any respect

just don't be shy of

pointing their flaws

using your own

imperfect perception

a perfect recipe

for evolution



definitely pour in

from every divine source

with this nice attitude

Monday 22 November 2010

what goes in


who cannot even

take responsibility


what goes into

their mouth

cannot be expected

to take responsibility

for anything else

including their


they can't be bothered about

how the animal was killed

who killed it

how was it kept

what was it fed

what is their relation to it

all they care about

is the meat on the plate

which they can gobble up


& use that

negative tamasic cursed energy

for mindless pointless pursuits

and what to say

of those

who praise these

actions & pursuits

Sunday 21 November 2010

chain of command

there is a

chain of command

setup on this planet

where unevolved retards

are on top

sychophancy is the

only way up this

ladder of incompetency

they can make

1000's of stories, novels & films

on how this leads

to awkward ridiculous situations

& how it is

to detriment of all involved

but none ever points

to the root of the problem

even divine

has a

chain of command

system in place for this multiverse

the only difference being

that more evolved beings

are on top

rather than bottom

in the evil system

of this planet

the more evolved are not

even part of the

chain of command

they are ostricized outcasts

an upside down

ship of fools

Saturday 20 November 2010


the number of people

on this planet

who cannot think of

anything except technology

is rising fast

they are now mad enough

to have silly notions


evolution & ascension

to higher realms

can be achieved through

genetic manipulation

leading to increased brain activity

the madness extends to the point

where they proclaim it to be

the only way

the word 'advanced'

automatically means

someone with more technology

not someone

with a more advanced soul

closer to nature & divine

if this trend carries on

only devolution

coupled with pain & torture

is in store


has only been

a refuge

of fallen ones

to manipulate

& threaten

other beings

now the virus

is spreading

amongst all

only those who

value the heart

& service to divine

are/will be immune

Friday 19 November 2010

god is within ?

there has been

a very dicey lie


by those wanting

to dubiously seek equality

with god/divine

which states that

'god is within

each & everyone'

if god is within everyone

just pure goodness

should be pouring out

of everyone

instead of


& evil

the truth is that

at the deepest level


each real being

( discounting robots, androids, clones & such )




( atma - आत्मा )

this soul is

neither unlimited

nor perfect


thus the

imperfections in

the actions & manifestations

of beings


can be called

a supersoul

( paramatma - परमात्मा )


it is fractal perfection

this source of all that is

comes down to earth plane

in incarnations




the famous


only these avatars

can truthfully say

god is within

Wednesday 17 November 2010

natural that turns out to be un-natural

there are those

who find it hard

to understand

why things never work out

when all they are doing is

following their natural impulse

to relieve them of this confusion

lotusocean clarifies

the impulse which comes from within

is a genetic impulse

its an impulse dependant upon

the actions & choices of the ancestors

if the ancestors have gone against

nature & divine

which is the case almost all of the time

the impulse is


so what is termed

natural or basic

in commonspeak

is anything but natural

it is just

an expression of

rebellion from the divine

Tuesday 16 November 2010

just one piece away

its getting

too funny

to see what

the translucent hive


from the

average joe & jane of their kind

they expect them to have

all the gnowledge of this multiverse

hidden in their


the fact that the conscious functionings

are oozing mindless dorkiness

is a non-issue

they are all just a

small step away from


& ascension

without any help from

a higher source or being of course

its all

almost within reach

and better still

its all gonna happen

over a beer & meatburger


the very apparent

derangement, pain, sadness, addiction

frustration, uglyness & insanity

is just an illusion

which according to them

should be overlooked or

slipped under a carpet

its not just

limited to their

fantasy books & films

many of these creatures

i meet on the ground level



of their impending success

they are sure that

they have a full deck

nearing absolute enlightenment

just one piece away from

completing the puzzle

all they ask of me is to provide

the one final piece

& there i am

talking about

a complete


what an oversight

on my part

Monday 15 November 2010

a cure for all dis-ease



lack of ease

which will always

be the case


one is not in harmony with

nature & divine

so the cure for all disease

is establishing harmony with

nature & divine

no amount of doctors

who are all diseased themselves

can help

no amount of hospitals

concrete metal lifeless abominations

which can sap life out of anyone

can help either


a humble attitude towards

high & divine

can help

it promotes ease

natural ease

Sunday 14 November 2010

trying our best

those that (at least) admit

to the

problems within themselves &

the world they have created


we are trying our best

trying our best

not to be evil

how can one try not to be evil ?

go to a psychologist

who is barely coping with its own evil

there is no trying

which can get one out of evil

there is just straight simple doing

doing praise of higher & divine

which gets one out of evil

all is well ?!

there are

those here who profess

all is well

and label anyone

who doesn't agree

as mad


only earth is getting pillaged

animals bred & slaughtered in

cages smaller than their size

pollution is reaching

hypertoxic levels

there is no ground

remaining to be used as

a sacred space

beings are continuously

harming themselves, each other

and all the animal life

out of ignorance and evil

majority is on

a devoluting path

loosing their soul every second

in a industrial-technological nightmare

everything is becoming borg robotic soulless


all is well

no need for wholesale

drastic changes

from top to the bottom


this is a


full of


sharp edged metal


an eyesore

slicing skin

mangling the etheric

charge field lines

of earth

a symbol

of all that is

ugly & evil

the root

a turning away from divine

Saturday 13 November 2010

a cuddly programmed doll

there are many here

who think that

divine (god) is just for

whispering sweet nothings

into their ears

divine would not

have any opinion

on any matter

including them or their state

or the state of others

whom they hold in high esteem

in other words

divine would never state

the truth

or even care about truth

any being stating the truth freely

they will label undivine

divine would just be

a cuddly programmed doll

saying only

what they want to hear

as they play around with it

on their own terms

Friday 12 November 2010

guilty conscience

the race

which lotusocean refers to as


have found a

brand new way

to get over the

guilty conscience

they carry about

looting & murdering

other races and people

on this planet

in their fantasies

as revealed through their

programs like stargate

they are

saving people

across the whole galaxy

what a novel idea

somehow never

implemented on earth

to this day

as the aimless exploitation of

people & planet

continues unabated

Saturday 6 November 2010


what can be said of


where the major faction

of the population's

idea of



shopping malls

concrete structures

full of useless things

airconditioning &

bright lights

which can ruffle

any electro-biological functioning

in other a words

something really bad

for human body & soul


used to be the

name for

self-sustaining em field

which was entered through

a fractal life &

a successful death

where angels stayed

the angels

being the elements

festival of light


a festival of divine light

is now a

mad frenzy of

gunpowder blasting

( called firecrackers )

combined with

consumption of

enormous quantities of

foodstuff laced with

crazy amounts of sugar

( called sweets )

a new moon dark night

to concentrate

on light of divine

turned into

a nightmare scenario

of smoke & sugarrush madness

the worst bit


all in the name of divine

more like

festering evil upon light

the good guys ?!

in stargate atlantis

the bad guys

the wraith

are seen as bad

coz they don't care

about their prey's wishes

the prey being

homo sapien

but are

the so-called good guys


homo sapiens

of the right now

on this planet

any different

when it comes

to their devouring habits

Tuesday 2 November 2010


the same


which opens quite fine

for eating food


when it comes

to opening

it for praising higher/divine

or the elements


provide that food

after such evil wickedness

they expect

gnowledge, happiness, peace & bliss

to dawn upon them



there are those

who are suggesting

that prayer is done in silence

prayer comes from the term


which in turn comes from

the term


prayer is nothing


praise of higher/divine



praise is done


words & deeds

not silence

silence is the

mark of the insincere

all the devotees of divine

in all ages

have one thing in common

praise of divine

through word, song & deed

the more continuous

this praise is

the closer to divine they are

they are not afraid of praising divine

using their mouth and all that

the divine has given them


they can/will do it in any situation

they don't need

solitude or silence

for it

just like a lover doesn't mind

expressing its love

even in a crowded place


there are those

who put forward the view

that the silence


part of their attempt at



its quite funny that

a pond is

hoping to

absorb the ocean

the only way

one can ever actually

gain anything from one

higher than oneself

is by real sincere praise

not by silence

praise is natural

praise is a simple natural instinct

provided in all real souls

by divine itself

when one encounters something

wholistically better/higher than oneself

one automatically praises

if one doesn't

that means one is overriding

the natural instinct deliberately

for some agenda

thats where evil is born

on this twisted jealous path

one will use praise

not for what one finds truly higher than oneself

but for that through which

one can fulfill some unwholesome agenda

in the end

nothing is actually gained

except devolution

praise is a song

there are

those telling me

that silence

is praise

not true

praise always

bursts out in a


Valmiki sang the poem

called 'Ramayan'

as a praise to Ram

in one go

Vedvyas sung out the


the biggest poem todate

as a praise of Krishna

in one go as well

praise is always an outpouring

not an internal dialogue

thats why there are

millions of songs by beings in praise

of what they seek

silence just means

space for calculations

a time for

the unwholesome processes of

one's limited malfunctioning machine

the very antithesis

of praise

a simple natural

divinely provided instinct

diction & addiction





cannot get

out of


decision making

decision making

its a breeze

at least if one believes

the west

one doesn't need

to have immense discipline

or sagelike gnowledge

or connection to divine

to be in a

decision making position

any average pub going

joe and jane

can make decisions

especially any american

while munching on their burger


star trek


stargate atlantis

these so-called normal people

with multiple issues

are making decisions

which not only affect

whole of earth

but the whole galaxy

sometimes many galaxies

sometimes multiple planes of existence

no surprise that

most of the decisions are wrong

which leads to crazy frantic drama

the surprising bit -

somehow in the very last second

everything works out fine miraculously

give or take

1 or 2 solar systems being destroyed

the message is clear

they can't sort out their own lives

have turned earth into a mess

yet it doesn't stop them

from fantasizing about

making decisions

for the whole universe