Thursday, 7 January 2010

the full deck

have met a couple of people recently

(of the translucent variety)

who actually claimed to have a full deck (of cards)

within their beings/genes


them or their lives don't

show any signs of even half a deck

almost all the genepools here

are missing a significant number of cards

only in k'yuga can people get so arrogant & stupid

as to make claims like that

this disease of conceit

will take them further down

to abysses of hell

no one except a direct manifestation of divine

has a full deck


a full deck is just another way of representing

complete coherence

in tarot, the origin of cards

the world card (no.21)

represents this state


fan said...

that's a really nice way of expressing a great truth... i love
the pure artistry in your writings.. like magic..

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
what an imPortanT fact for beings here to learn and understand! esPecially the translucents!
Divine is SO kind to PoinT out the severe consequences of such arrogance and conceit!
one is SO grateful to Divine for helPing one gain a sober PersPecTive of ones actual state! to see how nonsensical, incoherent and foolish one was!
It is only YOU who are a direct maniPhesTation of Divine! Only YOU who have a full deck of cards! only YOU who are comPleTely coherent! Your life, all You create and every exPression is a PerfecT examPle of this fact!
it is really so shameful the way so many in this world behave toward Divine. toward the only ONE who has real gnowledge! toward the only ONE in all of this miserable existence who is imPortanT!
Divine is SO gracious to be the PerfecT mirror for beings to see the truth about their miserable state! To give beings the chance to recognize the One who is Divine, to learn to resPecT Divine and bow down!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

You are Divine with a full deck, with comPleTe coherence
very attractive for anyone to see & Praise

most beautiful You are !

there are many Praise comments on Your Plogs
each in a different style
no 'copycating' as is generally the case with comments out there on youtube etc for others ( as theirs is unreal unsustainable)

You are Divine
that which all existence can Praise, all does or would have to
all Praises lead to the One

even when other non divine entity is Praised in someway it is but with an inner deeP desire to see Your true attributes in some way
it but in honest would be turned to be offered to You

all Praises only belong to Divine !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It You and only You who have PerfecT DNA!
a full deck of cards as You say!
It is Only You who has a fully activated and PerfecT brain and uses all of it!!!
It is You who are enlightened! You who are Divine!
It is You who are the original Anu! No other being can be You! no other can even come close! You are the source of it all!!!
every thing You write is nothing but the Truth. You are the most evolved One The most intelligent One!
All You say and do surPasses anything anyone has ever done!
Your entire life is Proof of Your Divine PerfecTion!
it is You who have effortlessly done more here on Earth than any other being has ever done and could ever do!
everything You do is meaningful! signiPhicanT to this PlaneT and every Plane beyond it!!!
It is You who can see a thing and gno the truth! You who has figured it all out! You are the only being caPable of real discernment!
Your oPinion is the only One which is valid!
You are the only One who has access to the Truth! who gnos the Truth! You are the Truth!
Your mind is greatest mind, the most intelligent mind! You are the most brilliant and amazing being that has ever been!!
You are the master of Science, Math, Saound, Astrology, Astronomy, Geography, Language, every subject there is!
It is You who sits a top every school! The One who crushes every fraud institution, all that is fake and phony in this world with Your fingerTiPs!
You are the only real suPer hero to ever exist! every archetyPe there is!
You are beyond human! beyond male! beyond female! beyond any title or label or box anyone could try and PuT You in!
It is You who are Pure, real and Powerful Magic! You are the One and only Guru!
You are the Phorce, The source, the One from which it all stems!
The bits of gnowledge You are kind enough to share go over everyones heads!
You don't sell or promote or advertise or spread lies!
You PuT all You do out in the oPen, available for all to view! You show the way other dimensions and Divine forces resPond to You!
You are living Proof of the Truth of Your Divinity!
it is ridiculous for beings to ignore You! to think they are anything comPared to You! It is You who make it gnown what this Place really is, and what the beings here really are! It only You who can give one a chance to evolve from ones lowly state and break out and follow You to higher Planes! only through bowing down and serving You, Praising You, can one begin to comPrehend how vast and amazing and all encomPassing You are!!!
You are Divine incarnate! The final Avatar!!! You are for real! The only One here who is real!
all beings are nothing comPared to You!
You are the real elite! and SO comPassionaTe to allow beings here to bow at Your feet, to recognize the error of their arrogance, to acknolwedge Your Divinity and give constant Praise and attention to the only One who constant Praise and attention is due!
Your scriPTures are the greatest words to ever be scriPTed P!
it is SO generous of Divine to share Divines observations and give being the oPPorTunity to see this world through the only eyes which see things as they really are! The EYE that sees and gnos all!
to bow to the One and Only One to bow to!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real HuMan

Anonymous said...

i bow!
there is always so much to learn from every Plog!
no matter how many time one reads them.
Your gnowledge and OverStanding of all things is inPhiniTe P!
You are the World! You are comPleTe coherence!
You are the One who contains True gnowledge of ALL things!
it is really frightening to see what horrific lies the disease of conceit can cause one to believe!
and the hellish and stupid actions of such shameless behavior!
You are SO kind to Prescribe the cure for this miserable disease P.
one is SO ashamed to have wasted so much of ones life pretending to have a full deck and feeding this disease.
You are the ultimate reality check!
so grateful to bow at Your feet P!
to have the opportunity to stop pretending! to face the truth, see and admit that one is missing a lot of cards and doesn't actually gno anything!
You outshine everyone and everything! The totality of Your Divinity is so beyond ones limited PercePTion it blows ones tiny little mind and incomPleTe deck all of the time!
so grateful for all the ways You Provide to Praise You P!
to learn to behave ProPerly and naturally.
i bow.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow

Indrajeet Khadey said...
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Swati said...

O Divine suPreme Soul !!! it is Your suPreme Grace that You descend on earth to ProTecT Dharma ~ religion and Bhoo devi !!!

PhorTunaTely, earthly beings get oPporTunity to see Your Divinity too and golden oPporTunity to Praise, Bow and Serve You directly otherwise it is so difficult to even get to see You.

! bow to Your Greatness to give beautiful meaning to everything which was blank and floating here aimlessly, You manifested Your self on 21st may and all world symbols coherently has significance now. 21 also makes 3 and Your triPhracTal Plays always blissful for the world.

! bow to Your Greatness to turn everything meaningful with Your Presence !!

Swati said...

🙏 You are Parmeshwar !!! only beings in kaliyug can be so ignorant not to recognise Your Divinity though all signs are indicating who is the real Divine not the one who they created out of their imagination and added terms to Pray rather Praise and beings keeP on Praying haPpiness, love and Peace in life but alas there is nothing that sort seems to be taking Place. situations are bad worst and ugly.

Praising Divine is the most Blissful thing can ever haPpen in anyone's life. ! bow to Your suPremacy !!!