Friday 4 August 2006

the Real Stairway to Heaven/Bliss/Enlightenment

since many have been asking

i felt it best to make this public

these are the 4 basic disciplines required to get the

MIND BODY SOUL DNA MATRIX to generate bliss from within ~


Avoiding violent foods like meat &
bliss reducing ones like white sugar & genetically modified foods

Recommended: Veggies, lentils, grains, nuts, roots, herbs, spices ...


Avoiding big cities, metal/concrete buildings, power lines, mobile towers etc

Recommended: Old properly braided landscapes, oceanside, old growth forests ( a tree is a fractal; ever wonder why Buddha got enlightenment under an old tree), phi based architecture, using biology friendly building materials like granite, bamboo, hemp etc


Maximizing thoughts which can be shared with anyone; eliminates need for secrets and storage; Zero storage = Infinite Connectivity; thoughts which relate to Pure Principles of the Universe - Like the patterns of nature functionings, sacred geometry etc


E-motions ( energy in motion) directed to gene-rate-ing Compassion ( complete passion ) ... emotions which reach beyond the normal realm of negativity, sadness and despair or momentary joy, happiness ... emotions which can connect one to say a tree, cloud and in due course a star ... galactic emotions ... emotions which are like a laser instead of a torchlight (laser travels much farther because of its Coherence) ... sorted multiversal emotions beyond everyday pettiness which engulfs majority of human lives

now the most important bit ~

there should be REAL HUMIILTY
towards the benevolent higher beings
which are closer to the state of PERFECTION than one is
this automatically allows for smooth EVOLUTION

the real journey only begins
after one has attained proper humility ...