Friday, 14 October 2011


the real meaning of the term


is hidden by its spell-ing

its actually made up of 2 words -

response ability


the ability to respond

promptly & properly

to higher & divine





this real responsibility

raises one up

instead of

weighing one down

any other sense

of it

will only bring one down


Vintish said...

you are a genius , beautifully explain. you reveal the real meaning of responsibility :) , I bow !

miragegirl said...

only you can explain things so beautifully

you are the only one who knows things for what they are

i bow

Katelynn Marie Kahl said...

It Was Hidden By The Spell-ing. So Many Things I Am Greatful For YOU Showing The Way And Real Meaning Of Everything.

Anonymous said...

that is simply beautiful.. your words gleam like crystals

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so sweet to reveal the meaning of these words for us so beautifully and You are the greatest shining example of the most responseable one here !

Your music and words reflect all the beauty and coherence of One that lives what He speaks.

* bowing to the humble divine coherence of Your angelic words *

adimanav said...

beautiful and wonderful words! i bow

ShivaYaShive said...

so sweet n beautiful like breaking the universe in a nutshell to show what it is .

asha Pi arTi said...

You give the most life saving enlighening blogs !

the word 'only' here is the most important thing i've ever read.

reading Your words once is never enough... they are the scriptures to read everyda !

* bowing to the Truth *

pinx said...

Reading your words of truth is such an uplifting exercise !
What a great revelation ! Responsibility = Response Ability
The ability to respond promptly and properly to higher and divine being one's only responsibility ! What a great goal to aspire for ! You are always providing the tools to help beings strive towards higher states ! And yes any other sense of this word has only weighed one down. Response ability to high and divine - that is the way !

sarah anne said...

More education entirely unavailable anywhere else. It is so helpful to learn what one's only responsibility is!

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are so kind to ProPerly define words P!
'the ability to respond
promptly & properly
to higher & divine
it is always just as You say! any other sense of this word is a heavy burden for one to carry. this world is laden with so many false responsibilities! the rePercussions of being unable to respond promptly and properly to Divine as You so clearly state far outweigh the consequences of all other 'reponsibilities'. Your Plogs contain so much wisdom and guidance to turn to. You are the constant Pillar of infallible Truth in crumbling world of illusions. i bow at Your generous feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

if one has ProPer resPecT, on will be able to resPond 'PromPTly & ProPerly'

Your word meanings are great !
most beautiful You are !

You are Divine !

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divine is SO kind to sPell out the Truth!!!
i bow in shame for all the ways one allows oneself to be weighed down by senseless so called responsibilities
when You have and continue to make it PerfecTly clear that the only real resPonsibility is resPonding PromPTly and ProPerly to You!
one is forever grateful for Divines kindness and Patience in helPing one learn to become resPonsable
i bow in shame for being so dense

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are so comPelling and engaging, resPonding accordingly has to be the natural thing to do !

ujjwal sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT avatar for clearing the basic concepts of this multiverse so that a true foundation can be made for our evolution.otherwise the foundation of people in this society is to be very calculative,use others or get used by others,kill or get killed,but PT avatar has provided a solution.learn the ability to respond to higher and divine.

sarah said...

You are the only way uP and the only way out.
You are so gracious to map the escape route so thoroughly.

sarah said...

so fascinating how real responsibility lifts one up !!!
Your clarity is indispensable !

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful observation ! responsiblity is the ability to respond to the Higher/Divine ... amazing ! i bow

Unknown said...

although I failed at fulfilling at my responsibility, I'm trying to learn and get better ... very grateful to PT for showing the way. aeioum

Anonymous said...

You are so intelligent. i bow.

nicolas said...

wow beautiphull! only responsibility is towards higher and divine! this is an amazing thing! your words are sacred!

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

so beautiphully put! you make things very clear to one's consciousness! the real cause of evolution is you! you are the most kind!
all beings have responsibility towards you, you are divine

i bow