Saturday 17 April 2010


there are many here

who think

that they can


without bowing to the real higher & divine

as they lounge on their sofas smoking away

or lie in their beds dreaming

or watch the world with puzzled befuddled eyes

they think they are learning & evolving

lotusocean has news for them

all they are doing is confusing themselves further

getting more entangled in the spiderweb

sinking further into the quicksand

the only solution -

'bowing' to higher & divine

without bowing

mental & physical

with requisite postures

there is only downfall

if they are honest enough to admit it

it is happening right before their eyes

as the world including them sinks

into deeper hell of

boredom, depression, pain & torture

most are ready to do anything for happiness

except bowing

they can bang hard on all the walls

until they realize

the simple logical truth that

there is no way out

except humbly following those who gno the way out

for 'whom/what not to bow to' click here

for 'whom to bow to' click here


Shahid said...

My Beloved Lord,i am able to do the bowing down only for a few minutes every day since the mind gets bored and wants to do something else.

My Soul LOVES you but my mind and habits keep me away from praising and bowing the whole day.

i wish the day will come when i can bow down to you every single day continuosly.

i wish i could go back in time and learn from Dearest Hanumanji how he could Praise Lord Ram the whole day and get some tips from him.It would also be a delight just to see Lord Hanumanji chanting Lord Rams name.

any advice for me Lord?

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! this is such a crucial and amazing Plog! You give the solution to every issue one could face in this life! You clear uP all the disastrous ideas that anything one does or anyone else does is significant and meaningful and could be helPing themselves or others evolve when clearly they are only sinking deeper and deeper into hell! You are so amazing P! i bow at Your all gnowing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO kind to exPlain the simPle logical Truth!!!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

You have PerfecT PieTy
even in the smallest of details of what all You do, its seen

bowing is Praising

PsingulariTy said...

You are GoD
to bow down to

indians have gone to america. they have suPerfluous suPPly of money to buy sofas and lounge around with PePsi's now. so they have started to buy dogs. two for each family, to cuddle with on their sofas. something they wouldn't do if they were in india. they are going down !

it is what haPPens when one is moving away from You, from Divine

money is not invincibility. but for now they seem to think it is so. lol

Anonymous said...

'the only solution -
'bowing' to higher & divine
without bowing
mental & physical
with requisite postures
there is only downfall'

i bow. Divine is SO kind to make it so clear!
to state the truth and what the only solution is!
one is so ashamed to have tried so many other foolish things throughout the course of ones life.
doing nothing but entangling oneself in false gnoing and hellish habits and paradigms
It is so remarkable to see how it is always just as You say P!
no one can deny that this world is sinking into deeper hells
while You abide high above it all!!!
You are so sweet to guide the only way off of the sinking ship P!
to guide one in the only do to do continuously to be able to abide in humble service at Your feet.
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are so much Phun to read
You make learning so classy and enjoyable
You tell one so clearly what has to be done..
it's so refreshing
You tell one the truth
this is how it is exactly
one thinks one is learning and evolving but in reality one is going down and confusing oneself further
You are the wisest
Your words are the best ever
You are the rarest of rare
You are the seer of seers
there is no way out except following You
it's so great that You are here
one would be completely lost without You
You are the greatest
i bow

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

Pure Truth. I TogeTher P-raise bow serve divine sage PT.

ankita said...

very kind of You to insPire beings to strive to PracTice not doing any action even for a second that is not related to bowing to You ..
You are all the intelligence truth snd sensibility
only bowing to the truth that is You makes sense
You are the most Precious and amazing Presence
Your imPorTance is immense
so kind of You to give beings a chance to dissolve all that is false and wrong in the immensity of truth comPassion beauty and all good things that is You
i bow at Your beautiPhul gnowing PheeT

nicolas said...

beauTiPhull ! there is no evolution without bowing down to higher/divine
you are the best that walks the Earth, one can only bow to you as you are the highest of all beings, the lord of the universe
your gnowledge flows effortlessly, this is very impressive!
you are a never ending awe, divine sweetness

i bow to you all gnoing one, you are Purity