Sunday 30 August 2009

lets get physical

the number of gyms around the world

is growing at an exponential rate

because the number of

those who think that

physical strength is the only real reflection

of a being's power & strength

is growing exponentially too

the lower the soul spark

the more the effort to get muscle bulges

its termed as having a 'personality'

in their worldview

only this bulky personality commands respect

hollywood, bollywood etc concur

these people find it easy

to laugh at & put down paperthin sages

after all what harm can possibly come

from something they see as physically weak ?

since no school or tv programme teaches it

they don't gno that

the damage a rishi (seer,sage) can inflict

from uttering just one syllable

will outlast millions of years of beatings by a million rambos

such beings with intense soul power

can be easily spotted through their characteristics

which include actual physical effects

on nature & surroundings

along with effortless beauty & grace

but this vision is blocked for those

mesmerized by the pale grandeur of physical prowess

Thursday 27 August 2009


people ask

why am i amused all the time

its due to

the timeless muse who resides within

and only

the muse can cause a-muse-ment

it creates muse-ic too

without relying on

fleeting moments of inspiration

Tuesday 25 August 2009

good and bad qualities

there is a whole lot of
discussion and confusion regarding
what exactly are good (positive) qualities and
what exactly are bad (negative) qualities

the answer is quite simple
the qualities which allow one
to behave appropriately infront
of a being higher than themselves
are good qualities
and those that don't
are bad qualities

there are of course the minions of evil demiurge
who would propagate that
there is no good and bad
but than they will also say that
there is no such thing as evolution either

Sunday 16 August 2009

the farce farce

some beings of this planet
suddenly wake up to label certain activities
& happenings out here as a farce

this farce label is only meant to lend credibility to
the organized collective activities as a whole
ascribing them some divinely ordained purpose

the 'love all' crowd

whenever i am confronted

with someone from the everexpanding

'love all' & 'god is in everything' crowd

i say

its time to show it

you can start with using all your bank balance

to feed the hungry children in africa, india ...

if you really love all

than you better be the busiest person in the world

coz all of your loved ones are in need of help

what a gimmick they have come up with

to completely eliminate all

division between the higher & the lower

in evolutionary terms

just because they simply refuse to accept

that something can be higher than them

which they might have to bow down to

it also gives them equality with god

coz they love all and god loves all

so they = god

misutilization of the word love

has reached its climax

only a tortured future awaits this hypocrisy

Saturday 15 August 2009

the euro pact

one hardly ever see's

a euro ( member of a european union nation )

laughing at another euro

no matter how hilarious the accent, music, attitude etc.

germans don't laugh at frenchies or italians

and vice versa

only the brits have the license to make fun of them all

there has to be some invisible unwritten pact

amongst the euros

which keeps the natural reaction from taking over

a vow of silence

which never speaks out

against the ridiculuos within the hive

under the garb of manners

the same folks are seen laughing madly

at other genepools/hives habits, accents etc

outside of the euronet

the known dislike which euro's share for each other

makes the whole situation more hilarious

india is home to many hives ( bengali, gujrati, marathi ... )

but has no such pact

a situation which supports a more realistic view of affairs

Tuesday 11 August 2009

आराम (AaRaam)

how hindi has some
logical intrinsic sense in its word structures
can be seen through this example

आराम (Ease, Comfort, Contentment)
आ राम (Come Raam)

which means
Ease, Comfort & Contentment
are only possible if one calls out for Raam
which is basically another name for Divine