Tuesday, 2 November 2010

praise is a song

there are

those telling me

that silence

is praise

not true

praise always

bursts out in a


Valmiki sang the poem

called 'Ramayan'

as a praise to Ram

in one go

Vedvyas sung out the


the biggest poem todate

as a praise of Krishna

in one go as well

praise is always an outpouring

not an internal dialogue

thats why there are

millions of songs by beings in praise

of what they seek

silence just means

space for calculations

a time for

the unwholesome processes of

one's limited malfunctioning machine

the very antithesis

of praise

a simple natural

divinely provided instinct


Anonymous said...

then why dont you let the girls around you sing?

why are they always kept silent?

PT - The Axis said...

they are not silent.
they speak/sing a lot of praises.

they don't speak when they don't need to speak.they have sense, manners etc.
unlike the maker of this comment who is hiding behind anonymous.

no-one who is not a lotusocean member has any idea as to the inside functionings of lotusocean let alone an anonymous.

PT - The Axis said...

also here is them singing -


TwoHearts said...

Love it... it gives one hope of a day when ...... :)

asha said...

♫♪ Bliss and Joy shining bright
nothing stops the wit and might

of Your actions straight as a ray
allowing ignorance to be cast away

Your teachings make our jaws unwind
and silence is not on our minds

a shadow or frown one doesn't wear
bc Your Light radiates everywhere

dark or light now all might
only choose to follow the Light

all the chaos will only subside
when the ones here choose the side

of bowing and Praising and see~king
the Truth of the real Lord of the Ring

so many thoughts hold ppl back
so glad Your here to put us on track

no temple or church can give to us
the gnowledge of how it is and was

to live in world with a life
so in harmony and without strife

so many come like cowards to fight
i pray that they will get this sight

and see what is so true and plain...
You repair the songlines of this plane

Divine is right here now already
in the form of Prashant Trivedi

and in real time You've healed the split
and made the dark crystal real and lit

LotusOcean is a real display of might
created through the ease of Your Light ~
the ease of Your Light ! ♫♪

Your the best P, at everything ... love what You do and You xox

Amanda V said...

:D! i sing. i dance. i giggle with glee. i bow at Your Divine lotus feet. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

what a title P !

Divine defines benevolence

no one else has the absolute caPaciTy to it

in Praise of You ~

ek mahan rishi mein ne dekha
sach bolne likne vale sakriya
satark dusthon ka nash karte
ati uttam ghun aur roop ke
atal divya dyan mein sada leen
kamalnayan, kamal komal pad ke
swayam adinath mein ne dekha

i have seen a great rishi
the One who is active in sPeaking & writing Truth
the One who is ever alert in destroying the evil
the One with absolute qualities & form
the One who is ever deeP in heavenly thought
the One with lotus eyes, the One with lotus soft feet
such first of gods himself i have seen
(One who was always a god)

P3AZ21 said...

on Path to Divine, i sing
mind , full of Praises
mindfull of everything

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

You are the most beautiful and intelligent being in the whole word. You exPlain everything so beautifully and You are so Precise and clear. Your words are like lifeline. You are an amazing being. i bow

jganesh said...

wow ! so beautiful ! i bow

Swati said...

O Higher and Divine !
O Supreme Soul !
You are so Kind and Compassionate to allow me to Praise and bow to You. You accepted my Praise.You are Such a Beautiful Divine Soul on earTh.

Though There is noone on earth worth Praise other than You still if Praised they don't have ability to Conserve.

You are the Only One Who is True Conserver of all Virtues, Pure Intentions, Honesty and Praise…
Only a True Divine Soul Who is so GreaT to educate the World and away from all the Vices, Can Preserve, Absorb and Conserve Praise.

You are a Big Ocean to Conserve all small Drops~
Thirsty for just a glimpse of Higher and Divine !!

Bowing to You makes my Life Complete as if my Heart knows no boundaries of Happiness and Pleasure.

O True Lover of HonesTy and SimPliciTy !
! bow myself in Your LoTus Pheet !!