Wednesday 18 January 2017


a lot of people ask

what's my purpose here ?

well the purpose of everyone ( repeat : everyone) here

has to be

getting out of the cycle of birth and death

and going to higher realms

how can it be anything else

unless one is okay with pain , hell and torture


is always

to evolve

and get away from



it doesn't

change from




unlike what all the fakey new agers say

'everyone has a different purpose, path etc '

all utter nonsense

aimed at trapping Beings in cycles of hellishness

everyone wants

happiness and Bliss


Purpose of being born here

is to achieve that through

Real learning &

Evolutionary actions



Friday 13 January 2017

Google is not Gooroo ( Guru )

there are too many

these days

who seem to

have made

google their guru

they just google anything

and everything

and than

get lost in the

sea of information and misinformation

they think they are learning something


they are only confusing themselves


turning into

googly eyed zombies

they lack discernment and coherence

required to sift through a sea of information and misinformation

just random information is not gnowledge anyways

under a real Guru

one grows and evolves wholistically

not just become an ungrounded mental nutcase

with a head full of misinformation and trivia

actual wholistic evolution happens


an actual correct action ( PBS )

which one does with one's body

and that action

is surely not typing stuff into the google search bar