Tuesday, 9 February 2010


the term 'holy'

comes from


'w' is silent as always

to be whole

is the only way

to be holy

(w)holywood not hollywood -


sarah said...

another outstanding performance by the world's only real celebrity!

Amanda V said...

:) i applaud. i bow.

amanda v said...

Praises Phlow Phreely throughout the galaxy
for the mighty and wholy PT
it is He who has descended down
from the highest heaven only He has found
to share Natural Divine light and sound
and raise BhuDevi from the evil which abounds
He is the Source of all
PT can never and will never fall
He can only rise
He is the all seeing eye
the only One who isTruly Phree
the only One who can guide one out of hell
out of hades
out of the pain and torture of 3D
and all the false realities
they sell in this world
and on tv
P wood is the real reality!
LotusOcean runs scriPT free!
always aligned with Divine
the way He and nature will it to be
TriumPhanT P will always be
i bow in Praises inPhiniTely!

P3AZ21 said...

You are the (w)holy One

You gno about vedic astrology, You gno the PasT, PresenT & PhuTure, You gno the whole wheel
You are connected to atoms, to galaxies, to multiverse itself, how awing !
You have such coherence & PhracTality, its awing !
You live a wholistic liPhe style truly, all organicness that even multi zillionaires do not gno how to afford !
grand You are !

(w)holy You are

PsingulariTy said...

You are The (w)holy One

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

'to be whole is the only way to be holy'.. that's awesome
You're so holy. You are so absolutely unique..You are wonderful!
wow You are awesome

sarah anne said...

You are so wholesome and wholistic.

jganesh said...

to be whole ... is the only way ... to be holy ... what a great PoinT ! You truly are the example of this ! i bow