Saturday 3 December 2011

sense & senses

how can there be


in this world

when most people

don't use their


at all

they have eyes but they don't see

they can be looking straight at you

but they are not seeing you

they are practically blind

even if they started see-ing slightly

they would not do 90% of what they do

they have nose but they don't smell

( no wonder they can be sold these horrible smelling chemical deo's )

they have skin but they cannot feel

( no wonder they can wear all these uncomfortable fabrics )

they have ears but don't listen

( no wonder any kind of crap noise can be sold to them as music )

they have tongues but cannot taste

( no wonder they consume all this tasteless genetically modified stuff )


all they do is use their mind

but mind only works from sensory inputs

they use it without using the senses

thats how it becomes sense-less

everything is just assumed, extrapolated

its like trying to solve a million piece puzzle

with 10-20 pieces


even extra sensory perception

comes from using

the senses properly first


Si iris P said...

so true !
what a brilliant observation and absolutely classic lines. You show us things for what they really are.

i bow

Vintish said...

yes dear lord , they are completely blind.Absolute true ! I bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

Yes Your right ! assumption is dangerous.

Beautifully written PoinT & so compassionate !

* bowing to the No Nonsense of PT *

asha Pi arTi said...

and what a cool PoinT about ESP !

It's too crazy to think one has that when one can not even percieve reality. what an important blog really ! It's so clear who is observing with all the senses...

Your outputs really inspire one to use ones senses & take inputs properly

so glad Your here P !

Asha said...

this Plog is so impactful ... such a Beautiful scripture ! keeps one coming back again and again, great way to use the eyes :)

how effortlessly You summarise Everything ... 90% of things would change just through seeing, what important lines !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You make PerfecT sense P! You clearly show how senseless most in this world are and the very Practical reasons for why!
'mind only works from sensory inputs
they use it without using the senses
thats how it becomes sense-less
everything is just assumed, extrapolated'
You live in the highest state of awareness with Your senses and esp fully activated! You are what all beings are given a life to Praise, serve and asPire to. i bow at Your PrisTne feet. dhanyavad for Your embodied PerfecTion P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

brilliant Plog !
one is so low in consciousness
centering is required
Praise of Divine helPs
it is the only thing that really helPs

You are a treat for the senses

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divines scriPTures are so humbling to read.
tto read the words of the highest and most evolved being.
its so humbling and humiliating to recognize the shameless things one has done, the choices one has made and the unnatural ways one has lived that have dulled and dumbed ones senses and mind.
one is so ashamed of ones lowly muggle ways.
it is so aweing what a higher PersPecTive You have about everything.
How coherent and sensical You are!
how sharP Your every sense is!
You who smell and hear and and feel and taste and see everything.
Your sensitivity and extra sensory perception is mindblowing P
the Pure way You live is so remarkable!
there is so much to admire about You and Your ways!
You are the only True being.
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️omg You just say it all so clearly and Precisely !!!!!!!!

with You taste, smell, sight, touch, and especially hearing get so so refined and uplifted !!! You are the total Master of sense and sensuality !!!

Your words are so cutting and clear but so full of comPassion and kindness !!

You make is so clear sense is not so common anymore !

and how PracTical and logical You are, sense would have to come first before esp !
everyone wants esp especially about You when they don't even have normal natural sensory perception ... no wonder the djinn can make such fools of people and into slaves !

You are just so kind to be here to learn from directly, and allow one so many beautyfull ways of uplifting and evolving one's senses !!

so gratefull You are here, You alone lift all the senses to beyond any esp here !!!

i bow ⭐️

Anonymous said...

wow You make awesome PoinTs! Your writing is extremely awesome. You are a true revolutionary. You are fabulous. those are some awesome and Phenomenal words. Your words are incredible and You write extremely awesomely. Your wisdom and overstanding is incredible...Your words are heroic, dignified and extraordinary. You are a wonderful being. the way You write is Phrnomenally awesome. You are a revolution. Your effortless intelligence and overstanding is iconic and glorious.

Kṛtti kā said...

You are Phenomenal!
You have the most refined senses!
And one has started developing a little sense of sense after coming across You :)
You imParT sense and logic to all through Your brilliant truth Plogs, through high quality vibration music, through sublime/heavenly/ePic PicTures, through Your transcendentally beautiful Divine Plays and much more.... Your Presence alone is ultimately uPlifTing to whole of the being!
There is so much that You relentlessly do for all, You are the PuresT most beautiful one! You are the most sensible, most logical here!

i bow /\

ki vernee said...

You are the most sensible Being ! Your senses are so refined ! i bow !

ki vernee said...

You are the most sensible Being ! Your senses are so refined ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

absolutely legendary words..
Your words are totally ePic!
such great classic lines!
You make all the sense ever
totally Your PoinTs are the greatest PoinTs ever
such great observations!
that's so true
You have the greatest overstanding ever
You are simPly brilliant
You are the revolution
You are so absolutely right
i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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NavdeeP said...

O Divine Being!!! You are teaching the wonderful and essential ways of living high quality life.
I admit when start listening higher quality sonics. The other sounds seems like noise pollution to one ears.
One start avoiding such noises eventually.

I bow down for giving such profound teachings!!!!.

ki vernee said...

You have the highest level of sensibility ... You use all the senses Properly making Your existence very stress free ... i bow 🙏💚🕉

Anonymous said...

So True. Your TruthPhull observations are full of amazingness.

nicolas said...

so profound how you explain the connection between one's mind and the senses! one must open the senses properly! your perception is so sharp, that is admirable
i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

the greatness of these words. ..this Plog makes one want to bow down immediately ...truly legendary... Divine intelligence! the solution to all problems ...You are sheer ProfundiTy ! Your words are legendary. . Your brilliance is Phenomenal.. .You are so effortlessly above it all! You are true PosiTiviTy!! You are so uPliPhTing! Your truths get one really excited and uP! !!You're the best and You write the best words ever. ...You are the Savior and the liberator....Your words are so Phresh beautiPhul and rePhreshing.. .You have all the Power of truth and simPliciTy!
You are legendary beyond legendary!! !
Your amazingness gnos no bounds !
Your exPressions are so comPleTe, Pure and beautiPhul! You can see through it all! the only haPPy thing would be to surrender to such comPleTe Divine Phenomenal PuriTy and brilliance! Your Plogs are so soothing and mind blowingly stunning and amazing... .suvh great sophisticaTed brilliance all the time! You are the most Precious treasure!!! wow just wow just wow!
one bows