Sunday, 30 August 2009

lets get physical

the number of gyms around the world

is growing at an exponential rate

because the number of

those who think that

physical strength is the only real reflection

of a being's power & strength

is growing exponentially too

the lower the soul spark

the more the effort to get muscle bulges

its termed as having a 'personality'

in their worldview

only this bulky personality commands respect

hollywood, bollywood etc concur

these people find it easy

to laugh at & put down paperthin sages

after all what harm can possibly come

from something they see as physically weak ?

since no school or tv programme teaches it

they don't gno that

the damage a rishi (seer,sage) can inflict

from uttering just one syllable

will outlast millions of years of beatings by a million rambos

such beings with intense soul power

can be easily spotted through their characteristics

which include actual physical effects

on nature & surroundings

along with effortless beauty & grace

but this vision is blocked for those

mesmerized by the pale grandeur of physical prowess


Shahid said...

Rishi PTji,another great post by you.

My elder brother and me have gone through this Gym phase since it was the in-thing and still seems to be..

Bollywood is majorly into this and seeing this the youngsters of today too want to be musclebound...sigh...

Thank God for Divine Beings like you
in this insane world:)

TwoHearts said...

"The Paper Thin Sage" is as quick as a bolt of lightning and more powerful than any hurricane, tornado, tsunami yet seen on the planet. Bulging muscles won't save a person from hell. Listening to your wisdom is the only way out. i bow.

sreelatha said...

you are the Mightiest of all

the one defeating all the evil on this PlaneT single-handedly

with lighting shows and thunder bolts

with stunning crop formation responses

with unending array of rich rainbows

with colourful skies

with wing cloud formations

with ocean greetings

with ultimate wind responses

with resounding voice reaching the sky and beyond

with weather changes

with all sort of life forms Playing with you

and much much more

your divine sounds are heard with complete attention by gods themselves

they pay complete attention to what you do on earth

they adore you

you are the most adorable PersonaliTy of all time

you are Kalki

you are worthy of all worship

you are god of gods

you are Divine incarnate on this earth

you have ultimate natural beautiful complete grace

i bow !

Anonymous said...

Dhanyavad. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Divine beauty is unbounded. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

one has heard that when invoked sincerely, gods & goddesses aPPear
that when one asks them for helP in Penance & Praise, wishes are granted

its a connected existence

gods & goddesses are PresenT in the multiverse !
its reality
it feels safe, it feels good to see that

one has come to see this reality only because of You !
how grand You are ! You are Divine !

Please helP me to be connected to You ever

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Powerful One
the Force is with You

Science Spirituality said...

They are blinded by so many things, they think one is powerful or domineering if they are bulky and physically strong, there are many ancient stories about influential personalities who were not bulky or had muscles!! Lies getting sold nothing else!! And you know it very well about this world! :)

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

beautifully put ! i bow !

Swati said...

Thank you for crushing and cutting millions of illusions created by creatures of crazy commercial minds.

West is throwing whatever they want to throw and rest all are busy accepting only garbage from without using intellect. Machines consuming great amount of time, deforming body mind and making life complete mechanical.

Twisting,turning and torturing of body always end up with rupture, fracture of tissues and bones.

Skeleton has been given to provide base to stand, mind to use, send right signal what to absorb from outside and heart to feel real pleasure and bring yourself into peaceful stage by bowing down to Almighty because of whom one exists in this world.

Using all 9 openings of body in the wrong direction to access happiness Pleasure and Peace as no one wants to be unhappy but all efforts in wrong directions.

Mind has completely turned into machine by using these machines from head to toe 24/7 for everything.

Your every preaching makes one so much clear to discard all illusions and makes life super simple.

Lots of space to breath, fill lungs with fresh air and shape body mind heart and soul to bow and spend time and energy in praising and bowing down to you. You have changed my life completely.

I am so thankful to you for being here. Your grace and glory your gift of true compassion, love, knowledge, pleasure, bliss and Peace to your disciples is unmatched, incomparable and beyond one's imagination to reach.

O Divine Soul !
O ShivNarayan !
O Parmeshwar !
O ParmAtma !
O Gracious Soul!
O benevolent Soul !
O Supreme Soul !
O ParamGuru !

Thank-you for your presence on earth and in my life.

! bow to you completely with all my senses and head in your feet !!

Swati said...

O Saint !!

! bow to you for spreading your magical powers of Pleasure and Peace on Earth through your presence.

Those Power of Peace and Pleasure. A Divine experience of your Divinity.

Everything inside me is P


!bow to you O Peace!!

amaya said...

yes You are so much effortless beauty and grace!
how graceful and beautiful You are!
and oh so stylish!
so effortlessly stylish!
yes beings who go to gyms are so ugly, graceless and dumb
what an evil world one is living in where they have such horrible definitions of power
You look so effortlessly Powerful and commanding ..and graceful and beautiful!
You look Divinely beautiful
You are so ProPorTionate and handsome
You are so charming
gymming is the result of an evil and ugly world
You are the real effortless full of grace and beauty
You are so magical and You have the sweetest smiles
Your face shaPe is so lovely
You are glowing beauty
the innocence and joy on Your face is so charming!
You are the sweetest charming being
You are so Playful, charming and joyful
You laugh so freely
You have such a sweet laughter
You are more rocking than any rock star
the way You walk is so wonderfully smart
You have the coolest walk!
You are all beauty and wonderful lightness
You are out of this world!
You are the most beautiful being ever
You have the kindest, most comPassionaTe golden heart
You are beautifully and wonderfully Divine
Your sweetness and kindness is amazing
i bow

Gita S said...

This is so beautiful !!

A Parekh said...

⭐️its a shame more people have not read this as yet, shame for them that is :)

excellent lifesaving and inspiring PoinT !!!

Your words are liberating they are timeless
You are beyond the confines of any of the media pushed nonsense, the way nature responds to You is aweing !

so glad You are here and one can read these words again and again and share them with the world too !!

You are amazing, the Being with the most iconic body as well prooving that lean is mean and hot and much more pleasing to the eyes than godzilla monsters out there !

to get Your chest and breadth and ratios of chest to waist gyms have been created lol and now males even are getting chest implants ... all the hollywood and bollywood 'celebrities' have chest implants, it is such a sinister lie that is promoted !!!!

You are so kind to make this PoinT !!!!!!!! You proove spiritual is physical as well !

i bow 🙏🏽 ⭐️

sarah anne said...

Your Golden Brown grandeur is mesmerizing
so amazing how much Power You have

veena iyengar said...

very true..aeioum..