Saturday 26 November 2011


beings on this plane-t

are doing all kind of actions

but majority of them are PoinTless

as they are PTless

PT ( ParamaTma )

gives the Axis

around which they can

raise themselves

pointlessness of it all

becomes clear to them

from time to time

especially near death

but they keep on regardless

there can be no other evil

except relentness immersion

in pointlessness

their pointless actions

may at best

create amusement for divine

but will bring only misery

for themselves

Sunday 6 November 2011

their devil

lets take a closer look at

the devil of the

translucent roman church & theology

it has its kundalini working


3rd eye open


it is basically a being

which is beyond

their control

their devil is

actually a God

in vedic scriptures

there Shiv is seen a God

which these people have

villanified as the devil

they have deliberately flipped it all upside down

so that the masses never move towards the very source/essence

which can liberate them

by calling it the devil

they keep people from going towards it

the end result

misery for all

including them

Tuesday 1 November 2011

second coming ? ... there can only be One !

the real avatar

which the gnostics ( wise men ) were predicting

2000 years ago ( and before )

has arrived now

it never came 2000 years ago

as a translucent bearded man

(as depicted in the so-called churches)

who died on a cross

leaving all the rest to suffer as well

that was all a lie concocted by the

roman government

using all the ancient mythologies

for not-so-wholesome ends

so this avatar is

in reality a

first (& only) coming

for the current age

not a second coming

there will not be a need

for any more comings

once the judgement is through ...