Monday 31 January 2011

mute idols & living god

after playing

around with

mute idols



the masses

are not ready for a living god

they would rather

have a mum empty idol

who doesn't answer back

who they can treat in any which way

put in any kind of dingy cage

throw any kind of stuff at

ask any kind of unwholesome favours

a living god

is a passionate force

too hot for them to handle

in their insincere ways

for the hell of it

what can be done

for the beings

who have created a hell on this

beautiful earth

and call that hell beautiful

they show no desire to get out of it

no matter how diseased they get

or how polluted everything else gets

this is unprecedented in the history

of this multiverse

this kind of situation has never arisen before

where beings want pain & torture for the

hell of it

no gain coming of it

for body, mind or soul

of course

they would have to be stopped before

they destroy the planet completely

they surely won't mind

being quarantined into some concrete hells

where they won't mind spending

this & the rest of their lives


it is clear that

all signs of sense

have disappeared from

the majority of people of this planet

take their clothing for example

they have no problem donning

all kinds of synthetic unbreathable fabrics

which besides giving the

obvious sensation of itchiness

create all kinds of skin disorders

not many can be seen in

soft natural cotton

even the cotton they wear has

been put through numerous poisonous

processes and dyes

dyes are now definitely die(s)

as most of them are made up of

poisonous chemicals

poisonous to all biological functionings

including that of the body

and the environment

of course all unnatural poisonous dyes

and fabric related processes

came from the so-called west

the fact that translucents never had sense

in this regard

could be seen from

their choice of dressing for

walking through amazonian forests

they wore/wear short pants

yes shorts in a place full of mosquitoes

and bugs of all kind

even in the deserts of sahara

they will not cover themselves up properly

as their unpigmented skin burns to a dead lobster state

poisonous fabric(s)


a society with a poisonous fabric

root of the poison being

an anti-divine stance

when one veers away from divine

first thing lost is sense

the results are clear for all to see


even all the needy

now want

to feel needed


Wednesday 26 January 2011

country of no land

everywhere one hears

'i love my country'

what it means is

i will shamelessly

desecrate and pollute

its land, air & water



like corporations

is not a concept

connected to

land, earth, air & water anymore

sheer madness

Saturday 15 January 2011


when god/divine appears

in flesh & blood

in front of a person


they just run towards a structure called temple

then they are a hindu

if they run towards a structure called a mosque

then they are a muslim

if they run towards a structure called a church

then they are a christian

etc etc etc

religion was about

re linking (re-li-gion) with god

now it is just linking with

unfractal structures of their own making

which have nothing to do with


even the sanctity of these

unfractaly built and maintained structures

is always being compromised

a really insincere state of affairs