Saturday 28 February 2009


as the general speech vocabulary dwindles down

to a thin narrow strip

'cooel' is substituted

for many adjectives including 'hot'

'cool' is the new 'hot'

one can see large cutouts of depressed faces/beings

on the billboards in the so-called developed world

the depressed look is now supposed to be

the epitomy of 'cooel'

it has been pushed thus for a long while

since the black & white era of james dean & co.

however the reality of now

is that the depression is

so acute that

even pretension is not an option anymore

all those effort smiles are

wearing off quickly

even on airhostesses faces

the obvious ploy therefore is

to prelabel whatever is there as 'cool'

if that implies adoration & praise

for severe depression

than so be it

Wednesday 25 February 2009


its now commonplace

to speak of money & lakshmi

in the same breath

equating lakshmi with money is

akin to equating

the divine with evil

the modern money system

has nothing to do with laksmi

even the western 'lux-me' version

means 'bathe me in light'

lux = light

root of lux-fer etc.

to set the record straight

'lakshmi' or 'sri'

is perfect fractality


in narayan's (the multiversal overseer) heart

Tuesday 24 February 2009


qualifications are asked/required for

every activity on this planet

except for 'travel'

anyone who has enough money can travel

travel they say is meant for experiencing

but what are they really going to experience

with their limited perception/consciousness

it will all be as futile as their

travel insurance

most muggle journies end up in

headache, stomachache & confusion

most of the time is spent waiting, getting bored

the same mundane activities

which they always indulge in, in their homes

are repeated upon reaching the destination

they come back home with some

tasteless pictures with forced smiles

muggles visit places only to

spoil them with their depression & stupidity

their muddled low vibrations are not

welcome in any nature spot

thats why the term 'touristy place'

means 'stay away from it'

travel is seen as an activity

which doesn't require skill, gnowledge or wisdom

'lonely planet' guidelines will do just fine

the west started this whole travel bug

and now the whole world is on it

the western muggles through

their own brand of mindprogramming

are never aware of their shortcomings

they think that they are

fit enough to derive enjoyment

in any place/situation/circumstance

& they try real hard

only to find the tongs of

boredom enveloping them

even tighter

they only get more suicidal after realizing

that even the best nature spots on this planet

cannot overcome the endless internal turmoil

they reach places expecting to be served

through waiving plastic cards

all they get is forced fake plastic service

where everyone is doing everything

including cooking without heart

this service couldn't/doesn't satisfy

& leaves a horrible taste in the mouth

real service only springs from

the humility one feels towards

something higher than itself

money was the tool designed by the low fallen ones

to get service

they have gotten the service

but real happiness & enjoyment

eludes them completely

all they are left with is hollow pretension

Monday 23 February 2009


deep down

everyone at some point or other

feels small

but when one is actually confronted

with something higher

treating one as one ought to be treated

one's reaction is that of unease

through the peculiar functionings of the ego

one knows one is small

but in society one is always used

to being treated like one isn't

there is a whole net of mutual assurance

in place

to keep the ego afloat

thus the term

MAS : Mutual Assurance Society

no real-evolution is possible without the

ego cracking

something which is a taboo in this

'celebration of the self' world

Sunday 22 February 2009

the 3 states & the 2 ways

in the west

people are usually fluctuating

between the corpy-party state &

the hobo-dirty-hippy state

(each having its own stench)

but they never ever seem to get into the

clean-active-cooking state

commonly found in people of lands like india

this state has overt associations

with serving

& serving is the demon everyone

wants to run away from as far as possible

this is the only point upon which

corpies & hippies have complete agreement

but as the song goes

'gotta serve somebody'

the evil-demiurge in this case

there is even serving in tennis

its inescapable

divine doesn't force anyone to serve

one has free choice

but those that decide not to serve the divine

end up having to serve the beast

and the beast doesn't give any choice in that regard

goes without saying that

the perks of serving the 2

are quite different

Saturday 21 February 2009

the sun & the sky

rays of the sun - anyone?

title of one of our songs

& everyone jumps - yes yes we love the sun

sun is always so easily reduced to

the mindless practice of sunbathing

it might burst a few bubbles but

sun is a metaphor for truth

absolute truth

truth is much hotter to handle than any sun

& truthscreen lotions are not available in the marketplace

also sky is always a metaphor for higher realms

not space travel

Friday 20 February 2009

what they want

after 1000's of years of crawling

around on this matter-plane

the snakes/genepools have gotten smart

firstly they select their representative

than they want this representative to be

adored & worshipped

by other genepools

doesn't matter if it is not worthy and the

praise doesn't flow naturally

coz everything is for sale

in this unreal mock play world

tighten your laughter belts

an example showing the telugu genepool's wantings

actress (coz prostitute is a bad word) is punjabi

male is a telugu hero archetype

pressing the mute button advised

so if you have ever wondered what keeps

all the farmers & labourers at the ground level going

this is it.

they work very hard collectively

to generate enough resources

to achieve this final product

same is the case with james bond,

dalai lama, bollywood etc etc


Thursday 19 February 2009

HanuMan ~ An Apeing Look

HanuMan is one of the main

characters in Ramayana

a text which despite all

the timeline controversy is

definitely way older

than SuperMan comicbook

the flying across oceans, the immense strength

are all attributes of HanuMan

which somehow (?!) find their way into SuperMan, HeMan ...

the subcontinent has always been accused of apeing

but who exactly is apeing whom

the hanuman - human word similarity

is also pointing towards a

whole lot of, you guessed it - a p e i n g

the monkey business involved in

darwin's theory of evolution etc etc

there is one main difference though

superman relies on krypton

an external substance

while hanuman relies on internal praise of the divine

highlighting the most important difference

between east & west

laying to rest

all the futile arguements, debates & conjectures

the reliance on the external & self effort

as opposed to reliance on the divine

apeing will be much more necessary

in the former rather than latter

so those in the east that are now accused of apeing

are also doing so only by embracing the former

Tuesday 10 February 2009

awards & titles

in this theater of conceit

whereever one looks

one only finds awards & titles

muggles boosting each others ego's

through patting each others backs

here is an idea to make

everyone satisfied &

put an end to the ratrace for a's & t's

have 7 billion a's & t's

& give one to everyone

than we would have a satisfied

earth population walking around

with a smug look & heads held high

will it be a happy population?

unfortunately the data points towards the 'negative'

in that regard

doesn't matter though

coz happiness has never been the

main goal of the resident genepools

otherwise things surely won't be the way they are

Sunday 8 February 2009


the word 'human'

is very carelessly tossed around

for the 2 legged creatures

with homo sapien as the specie name

that roam & pillage this earth

the fact is that

very few humans exist

on this planet

many orcs, beasts, demons, goblins, elves, pixies etc.

are being deliberately or mistakingly

misrepresented as human

all nonsense brushed under the big carpet word 'humanity'

the word 'human' came out of the word 'hanuman'

the qualities & characteristics

originally associated with human-ness

have now been twisted beyond recognition

with phrases like 'to err is human'

the truth -

'to get out of error is human'

human is a state to aspire to

for the beasts & demons

not a label to be had from birth

some search for the homo superior

when *being human* is

actually achieving perfection

in this multiverse