Wednesday 31 December 2008


one opening in the heavy layers of clouds of programming is enough for letting in the 'LeyeT ' ... after that it is just a matter of simple conscious decision to move towards the source

the year change ceremony

once again we are at the

artificial marker for change of numbers

another chance for many earthlings to get

drunk & crazy

an auspicious start for all the good things to come

its a time when a sudden injection of expectation

is administered in the hope that it can last

365 solar days

the designated important creatures of the planet are

on TV giving rhetorical messages

masses after all have infinite tolerance for rhetoric

they say - 'its a chance for humanity to move forward'

when hardly any human can actually be seen

on the streets filled with orcs & gremlins

trillions of varied new year resolutions are made

about one futility or the other

only to be drowned in the soup

of alchohol, socializing & pretension

gunpowder is exploded into the already

murky & hazy city skies

to mimic the orgasmic sperm ejection

the closest thing to magic

they can come up with

its time to be happy

coz experience tells

all that lies ahead is tumult & frustration

happiness is a ghost which

visits earthlings for a few hours

the last night of the year &

they are well prepared for receiving it

in tons of synthetic perfumes, gels & hairsprays

the ceremony bears all the marks of

the sacred & the auspicious

Tuesday 30 December 2008

for the writers & the readers

as we said before

the emphasis nowadays is on 'doing'

rather than 'gnoing'

& the intelligent group of creatures called writers

are no exception to this observation

the extra special breed called fiction writers

(not that they gno what the word fiction really means)

seem most afflicted by this dis-ease

their frustration stems from having

nothing coherent to say

but the pretenders make it all seem like a

passing phase through terms like 'writers block'

so many wait on their keyboards

expecting the fingers to just start moving

distracting attention from the root of the issue

through word gymastics & crazy theorizing

is the most important function of the literary world

clarity is the enemy

which has to be diffused at any cost

varied opinions & confusion are put on a pedestal

people don't realize or conviniently forget that

the folks who have written the 'classics'

from the time of 'mahabharata' to 'iliad' to 'dune'

were all 'people in the gno'

of course the standards were decreasing from

the time of 'sage vyasa' to 'homer' to 'frank herbert'

the reason for decrease in standards being

the decrease in the praise of the 'divine'

from being 'ode's to divine' the writing was

turning into 'ode to the self or the beast'

the situation has hit rock bottom now

every average joe & jenny, sumit & sumitra is a writer

after reading a few novels

& watching a few soap operas - the very epitome of meaningfulness -

everyone feels equipped enough to join

the bandwagon of cheap entertainment

despite the high ground they would like to inhabit

the writers these days are no different from

the talentless hollywood/bollywood actors

meaningless actions/moves/words to attract attention

once again a desperate & ridiculuos attempt from

the unpraiseworthy to garner praise

and false praise they do get from

the hordes of wannabe's &

blind worshippers of the system

the 'randomly chosen ones'

are shoved down people's throats

through the allpowerful media-machine

otherwise why would millions have to read

incoherent gibberish like

'god of small things'

it can be easily retitled

'god of pointless babble'

millions of trees have to be cut

& billions worth of resources wasted

for the express purpose of

spreading mental indigestion

the most important thing is that

nothing written should make any sense

it should leave people with

the same quesy voidy unresolved feeling

which discovery channel documentaries

on issues like 'the paranormal' generate

so in the context of 'the now'

writer = mis-dis-information agent

whatever they write

needs to be dis-miss-ed

goes without saying that

penguin, harper collins, randomhouse (random!),

newspapers, magazines etal

won't be lining up to publish this

Sunday 28 December 2008


from the vantage point of

being part of the very lonely club

of those having oodles of time

it looks like a very busy-busy world

full of watchgazing inhabitants

no-one has any time to even finish a conversation

there is always something important to be done

at first you think that only celebrities have a packed schedule

but than you look at the common people & knock knock

they are all hyperbusy as well

even idle potsmokers are busy smoking pot

with 'do not disturb' signs on their doors

what is surprising is the amount of confidence

people have in their 'doing'

they seem to gno for sure that whatever they

are doing is really important

the multiverse will surely come to a grinding halt

if they through some cruel twist of fate

happen to stop doing their ceaseless 'doing'

everyone is too busy to have any

breathing space to reflect upon

what exactly they are doing

hardly come across anyone who has

any time to spare to interact

one needs appointments for that

kind of stuff to be crammed in

somewhere within their packed itinerary

interaction for evolution

is not even considered

all interaction has to fit within

concrete societal constructs

& evolution is not one of the items on the agenda

its all about business = busy-ness

even those with nothing to do

are busy listening to all the crazy voices

in their head

one way or the other everyone is busy

working for some unknown goal

unknown to me that is

not to them

their short term/long term goals

make complete sense to them

maybe one day they will make sense to me too

till than i will leave them scrubbing their cars/goods

& taking care of their business

while yours truly keeps playing, chatting & smiling from the bed ...

A Typical Modern Age-ing Timeline




so what is one supposed to look like at 50?

no wonder than that many of the hippie generation

didn't want to live past 27

all this talk about growing old gracefully

when one has hardly any grace to begin with

the horror of looking at the mirror to see

a postdead-vampiric-mummy that stepped out of the crypt-vault ...

no need to be alarmed

if it is dead carcasses that one eats

a dead carcass is what one will look like

too many takers now for the role of cryptkeeper

in 'tales from the crypt'

* Imp: none of these images are from the
neanderthal era

Saturday 27 December 2008

sense of sanctity

there have been many cultures/races

living by the oceanside for 1000's of

years but none of them came up with concepts like

surfing, shark nets, swimming for the hell of it,

triathalon, jet skiing, lifegaurds, tanning,

snorkeling, scubadiving ...

there is one particular race to which

one can ascribe all these grand achievements

lets try and learn

what the difference is

which allows 'it' to be more inventive than others

what one finds is that

the other races are all too

cuckoo in the head

they see the ocean as a 'being'

a sacred one at that

they are always establishing/preserving

sanctity of things/places

to them it would be disrespectful to

create unnecessary disturbance in the

sacred waters of the oceangod

this race however has no such qualms

it sees things differently

it has a 'nothing is sacred'

& everything is there for pillaging,

tampering & conquering approach

'it' only grants sanctity & sacredness to

its own creations i.e

hallowed grounds of wimbledon,

golf/cricket/football arenas & trophies etc.

there are some minor setbacks like titanic,

surfing deaths, crocodile-hunter taken out

by a sting ray etc.

but one needn't worry because the

lifeguards are there to baywatch

there is a general carefree attitude which

allows its members to

run naked & plunge chestfirst

into a sea full of blue bottles & sea urchins

aha what bliss

so we have it - our conclusion -

the 'sense of sanctity' is

costing other races a whole lot of fun

what 'it' sees as fun others

see as disrespectful & uncomfortable

makes one wonder whether

the elements can be imbued with some

sacred essence beyond physics of 3-D reality

while others are clear that

such is the case

'it' is not so sure

and is making more than adequate use of the unsurity ...

Friday 26 December 2008

silence unsilenced

silence is definitely

one of the most

over-rated virtues

misrepresented as a divine attribute

through quotes like

'if speech is silver, silence is golden'

that would make krishn

speaking out bhagawadgita to arjun

a mere silvery act

silence usually just means that

some unwholesome calculation is going on within

many people can hardly ever speak

because of the incessant

& meaningless internal dialogue

such calculations may be useful in

petty manipulations

or other such useless activities

but have no use in soul-evolution

in fact these calculations are

a major obstruction on the

road to heightened awareness

thats why sages of old

recommended continous verbal repetition

of divine sounds

to rise above the selfish calculative part

which hides behind the

mask of external silence

nothing in the multiverse is really silent

to feign silence in such an existence

is a pretence

a lot is emitting out of people

by just their being/presence

without them having to actually say anything

and they cannot stop the chatter within

through any amount of external silence

no matter how much time they spend alone

how much pot they smoke

how much meditation (vipassana etc.) they do

or how much time they spend in nature

the chatter just goes on and on

the only way to curb the mind

from the unwholesome is to focus

on the wholesome

speech which praises the divine is

the only saviour from the

dark & gloomy 'sounds of silence'

Thursday 25 December 2008


its once again that time of year

where billions of twinkling light bulbs

will suffice for the lack of any real glow

millions of grateful & lucky earthlings

will go crazy over

turkey carcasses & rotten grapejuice

it will all be in the name of family

& human communion & so forth

the children of the madmob

would trade happiness for santa's gifts

and they would continue to do so

throughout their lives

mostly without even realizing it

sun goes to the underworld on 23rd (winter solstice)

& rises once again on 25th

a very pagan solstice ceremony

commissioned by a very anti-pagan organization

codewords used to try & hide the obvious

x = cross; sun on the zodiacal cross

& the masses doublecrossed

santa clause = satan's claws

need we say more

Tuesday 23 December 2008

myth of independence

the word 'independence'

stands out

amongst the many buzzwords

of the 20th century (from an arbitrary reset)

lots of violence has been unleashed

for the sake of this word

many proudly

proclaim themselves as


just because they are

able to support themselves financially

through one means or the other

so is financial independence

independence ?

what about all the prisons in

the mind?

and is there any real financial

independence? the day the banks say

this credit/account is not valid

one loses their fictional financial independence

same goes for the handdrawn lines called countries

there have been major wars of independence

in america, india & the rest

but who got independent & from whom?

to my eyes its still a

'United Kingdom'

all the so called independent countries

are all in debt to a mysterious organization called

'world bank' &

all are dependent on it for loans

to keep their pseudo-economies going

so when all the so-called countries

got their so-called independence

it was only a sham as the strings

were now going to be pulled through

a more intangible control tool - money

military control took too much effort

financial control was far easier

nobody questioned anything

because they were 'independent'

on a personal level this makes

any person feel good

the ego is satisfied by the

'myth of independence'

when the reality is that

most are just pawns in a game

the definition of independence

has never been asked for

oxford websters dictionary

is satisfactory enough for most

is a person in a prison with metal bars

not independent?

they can think what they like,

dream what they like,

put their attention where they want to.

the only real independence anyone

ever had was to put their attention

where they wanted to i.e

the devil or the divine

this independence is called 'freewill'

and cannot be taken away

by any outside entity or force

unless one misuses it to an extent

that amidst the twists & tangles

one feels

one doesn't have a choice anymore

any other 'independence'

which is sold in this world

is a soap bubble which

as we all gno is not something which lasts too long

all these independence's do is

create an unhumble attitude

coz after all even the

Jedi's are dependent on *the Force*

Monday 22 December 2008


democracy = demon-cracy all are equal = all are equally confused giving masses the illusion of control when the control lies somewhere else ... aristocracy was deliberately demonized to make way for a sneakier way of being in control without facing any direct rebellion the 'divine right to rule' suryavanshi, chandravanshi etc. ... came from a hierarchy based upon degree of evolution a real leader is one who can actually steer the course of a team/group/race/genepool/planet/galaxy in a positive evolutionary direction this requires the leader to be of higher evolutionary status but this cannot be the case when those of a lower disposition acquire the lead through deceit to serve their own not-so-wholesome agendas they however don't want to appear on TV so their dumb stooges have to fill the 'visible leader' slots thus the jokes like bush etc. masses are always looking for something which would lead them out of misery instead all they get is more misery the hoodwinking continues ... but how long can it sustain itself is another story

Friday 19 December 2008

the light attack

having covered some sound aspects

of this 'sound & light' world

its time to concentrate on the light part

the imitation of heaven/divinity

is now completely reliant on

bright studio lights

& they are getting brighter & brighter

with each passing day

just put the telly on

and your eyes will start

squinting from the barrage of

high intensity artificial-light particle bombardment

the tears found would be

physically rather than emotionally induced

the light war is here !

they want the almostdeadbadskin

creatures to glow like gods

no inner radiance ='s

need for more & more artificial light

after accepting hospitals as healing centers

most don't realize how cold,

metallic & inhumane this lighting is

it was all started by hollywood (of course!)

with portrayal of

heaven as a white tube-lit place

the lights turned ordinary everyday faces

into celebrities

still photography used the same

technique to create the

glowing godly models & celebs

so when they say

'magic of cinema'

they just mean

'magic of extreme artificial lighting'

one can only wonder

how the tv-anchors don't fall sick/get headaches

from this extreme bombardment of

body/mind/soulhurting particles

on live breakfast shows at 5 am

the glare from the TV is

enough to create headache so

can't imagine the plight of those

actually in the studio

maybe they are used to the halogen-hell

from the ultralighting of

the so-called superstores/markets

no vegetable let alone a human

can stay alive in that enviornment

the evening tv shows are even

more extreme as

intense disco-like migraine inducing

flickering enters the fray

its no different in pop/rock-concerts

the whole intention seems to be

to take attention off the reality

that nothing really is happening with

the music or the content

the rapidly changing lights/lasers

are the only source of excitement

in the perpetual boredom

excitement through

blinding, brain-fractionation,

torturing the dna & biology

funny part is that no one

talks about it -

all the so-called intellectuals

who fill up newspaper space ;

the so-called gurus

with millions of disciples

are also mum about this lightwar

they always are 'mum'

about all the issues

covered in lotusocean blogs (winkwink nudgenudge)

and how can they speak

when they usually have such blaring lighting

focused right on them during their

supposed spiritual discourses

they simply don't gno &

thus have no aversion to the lightattack

the message is -

hell is alright

as long as its

lit up brighter than heaven

it makes everyone feel

secure in the -

'all is well as long as all is glowing'


this pathetic attempt to escape reality

will only lead to

further lowering of vibrations

which in commonspeak ='s

more hell, pain & torture

barring exceptions

noone seems to really want to such things

but they don't seem to mind if it

comes in a brightly lit package ...

Tuesday 16 December 2008

it ain’t over till the ...

they say " its ain't over till the fat lady sings " well now, she has sung -

though she looks 39 she is only 19

to be expected when one is

carrying the enormously weighty

'futility experience' of a whole race

many people say that

they don't get this song

its quite simple english

maybe the thought of

actually 'giving up'

is way too alien or negative

for their little minds

for they only see it as some kind of suicide

not gnoing that 'real life' begins

only after giving up the chase

from our perspective its

good to know that

stopping the chase

is even considered coz

usually its all about

chasing a new pavement

with more gusto

will the chase actually stop?

we will just have to wait & see :)

Saturday 13 December 2008

what media-machine is for

the only job of media

(tv, newspaper, magazine, internet, all forms)

in this lunatic asylum

presently known as earth

is to praise



the fallen ones ( disguised as celebrities )

no need to count

the number of lies here

its all about selling

evil as good


beast as beauty

the beast wanted praise

without having praiseworthy qualities

and so it set up a system

where it would get it &

media was the fulcrum of this system

the point was and is to convince

each & every soul that they

should buy this fake reality

& get recruited ...

a cheap trick. more devious than

a dishonest shopkeeper selling a rotten apple

some wonder what makes the mediapeople do it

besides the fact they are paid for it

because many on the ground level

are part of this disinformation campaign

without ever getting paid for it

they all continously mouth out how cool this or that is

after they have heard it from the mediamachine

its like a 'praise investment policy' ...

praise, be it a straight lie or no-conviction dribble,

so that one day one gets it back as well

with interest hopefully

at least thats what

their invisible contract with "the dark lord" tells them

support this structure & hopefully

one day you could be a celebrity yourself !

it may take another 1000 years

& zillions of resources but

what the heck

there are many planets left to plunder ...

Maya of Doing

Relentless Do-ing =

No See-ing =

No Gno-ing =

No Bliss

Friday 12 December 2008

Thursday 11 December 2008

how to identify barbarians ?

now children

what does this tell us -

barbarians ~ barbara (name) ~

barbarella (movie) ~ barbie (doll) ~

barbed wire fence ~ barbecue ...

all this talk about being civilized ?!

Wednesday 10 December 2008

for the females

a recent phenomenon
called 'modern women's lib'
was supposedly all about empowering
females through -
1. being financially independent -
which meant they do regular jobs like
males, which as one would expect
made them more butch
& eroded their femininity
so women's lib actually turned out to
be a war against femininity
it also ended up helping the evil system -
the more bodies at work the better
2. an impression was given that
a surefire way to reach equality with males was
to encourage females to do things which men do i.e
get drunk and have as much sex as they wanted
with as many as they wanted
and the females actually went out & did it
loads of sedation & pills of all kind were
required in order to do it but it was done anyways
but was their a gain
in sleeping with very tom, dick & harry?
didn't all the one night stands turn out to be
hollow gross experiences?
was anything really gained except
demeaning of one's own body/image?
women's lib. was on the surface about women's
empowerment but it was actually
about their disempowerment
the original power of women had always been there
since seperation of the sexes
it lay in
choosing which way/direction the genepool
they chose who they would breed with
and in doing so they decided
which qualities would be carried forward.
this is how benegeserits control the geneflow in dune
this *choice*
was what males were always afraid of
it made the males work hard to
inculcate higher divine qualities which were more
appealing to their female counterparts
just like a peacock & not peahen works on the
plumage & dancing to make himself worthy
women basically willing dropped themselves from this
pedestal in the name of women's lib. &
lost all grace & diginity
the more tom, dick & harry's they slept with
the more the boundaries disappeared
& the more they were willing to do anything
including commodotize/prostitute themselves
in guises of
advertising, entertainment, fashion etc. etc.
males on the other hand were/are quite happy
with the proceedings as they didn't have
to work on themselves anymore
there were enough drunken variety
of the female specie now roaming the streets &
it was hypereasy to get lucky & get laid
only quality they now needed to work on
was 'flattery' & 'superficiality'
this was helpful in women
getting fleeting temporary ego-massages but
surely was not helpful
for the genepool's evolution as the offsprings of such unions
were always going to be low quality
when a female sleeps with a male they are
basically saying to them -
we being the receptive vehicle
(as nature desiged -
want you to embed us i.e we want something from you
i.e the male has something important to give
any normal male gets confidence from
this 'OK stamp' - he feels he has something important to give
so females actually end up raising the
confidence of low quality males;
violence, barbarianism & devoluting stupidity follow
so women's lib. actually was
a movement for the decline & devolution
of the race through losing the
perspective of educated choice
in ancient vedic tales, the women usually
chose their husbands in a ceremony
called 'swayamvar'
they basically chose
whoever they thought was the best specimen
or didn't chose any if they thought
no one was good enough
that to me was real women's lib
its only since the dark ages set in did the concept
of arranged marriages arise in the east
in the west the women lost all discrimination
an easy thing to do when you are
doing all the nonsense that men do with equal gusto
now the situation has reached
such a level that even 14-15 year schoolgirls
look weary and worn out through
behaving like professional prostitutes
i don't see any empowerment in this
its just an easy descent into the abysses
of hell ... the only way out -
restoration of dignity
through self-discipline &
pursuit of the higher ...

Tuesday 9 December 2008

the war against the sacred

it is now the in–thing to

call oneself ‘Devi‘ instead of say ‘Denise‘

‘Devi‘ is an exalted Sanskrit term

meaning Goddess.

these self-proclaimed goddesses

have very goddess like actions -

chewing gum, getting drunk at every opportunity,

sleeping with the first male

that gives slight attention & praise,

the list just goes on and on

the fact that they are all hyperdesperate

& suicidal as well just adds to the flavour

the trend is now to give

‘the self‘ titles which it

doesn't deserve -

Shakti, Angel of light, Tara,

Goddess, Premdasa, Krishna,

Mira, Bhagwan, Kali, Ma,

Isis, Sadhvi, Sage, Buddha - just a few

among the 1000's of titles on internet

can any of these people

walk the talk ?!

answer is quite simply 'No' coz

they haven't the faintest idea

of the real meaning of the word

they are using & they don't care

they can't even properly pronounce

their chosen name/term

they would rather get some fantasiacal

temporary ego-boost than

really delve into something real

they are out there to trivialize

the spiritual & the holy

& squeeze all sacredness

out of every sacred term until it

can be applied to a plastic barbie doll

the 'divine devi' barbie series is not

that far fetched a concept anymore

their speed at copying/mimicking

any word–term–symbol

is very close to if not equal to the speed of light

its all as simple as pushing a button

no need to actually work towards a state ...

just Be It through calling yourself It.

the bands in the west

have also joined the club with

all kinds of songtitles

like 'amrita', while the corresponding sounds

are the exact opposite - 'visha' equivalent of

hell‘s concentrated poison

a funny example was that after

seeing the cropformation responses

to my music

the local english folks immediately

came up with a group they called -

'Response Collective'

was there an actual response to RC ?

you guessed it - 'nope'

have came across

techno acts calling themselves 'Shiva' etc.

when they would be the first to run

if the real Shiv ( erroneously gnown as Shiva )

were to show up

the pretension has now reached levels

beyond social cheaptalk

it has now taken upon itself to take

the real meaning out of anything real

by demeaning it

nothing is sacred

in this desperate new-age nightmare scenario

there is no fear either as

there is no real belief that such forces

do actually exist in the multiverse

reverence is replaced by poor imitation & false posing

the patheticness of this whole hollow scene

grows with each passing day

listen, these people won‘t

because of the inherent lack

of sincerity

they have been brought

up on barbie dolls & plastic toyguns &

don't really gno or want to gno

the concept of sacred

everything is just a fancydress party

in the land of make-believe

through millenia of wrong attitudes

the impulse to pretend/mimick

is much stronger than the impulse to learn/evolve

the principleless breed gnown as

the advertisers & hollywood

take the lead ...

if this doesn't stop

there is no scope for real evolution

it seems now that the only way this will stop

is through divine retribution

Saturday 6 December 2008

Digitronica - Myth of Techno Trance

the fact that techno i.e

machine based,

mechanical clock like beats

*cannot* induce

real trance states

has not dawned upon europe

& techno supporters around the world.

even in all the so-called tribal people

the beats which induced

trances were all man-made i.e biological

these synthetic-beats are

against biology & thus anti-life

after all, evil is just opposite of live

there is a reason why

even spirits stay away from factories !

the shamans (even modern wannabe's like jim morrison)

who accessed the spirit realm

had human beats as their background

no wonder synthetic drugs have to be supplied in order

for people to get into the hellish techno scene

human beats have breath,

something which techno beats can-not have

they only mimic factory machine's mechanical pulse sonics.

it is understandable why many

fall for it or have no natural aversion to it

considering their recent

forefathers have all been working in

industrial revolution machinehouses called factories

these vibrationally dead beats are only good for taking

one to a borg state through which

one can join Darth Vader's borg army

thats what all the playstations,

mobiles, microchips,

are preparing people for &

techno covers the sound part

of this zone-horror 'sound & light' picture

the story of this race which

promotes/creates this kind of

machine nonsense has been

well documented in movies like

Dune & Star Wars.

luc skywalker ( luc s = lucas = lucifer )

finds that dad ( darth vader = anikin skywalker= anu )

is half-machine

( incorrect use of terms anu & lucifer -

both are positive )

thats what this hybrid race is heading for


with metal implants, artificial heart valves

& microchips... just another case of

history repeating

its funny when these kind

of sonics are refered to as Electronica

when it is all actually 'Digitronica'

Electronic sounds happen

from analog electronic valves

( with the electrical sparks flying )

not digital 0,1 synth beat producers

pretension is once again the key

as many get caught in this hellish

nightmare of a scene

masses can always be counted on to

follow trends without using any

thought, research or gnowledge

just like inside of a labyrinth

they never gno what they

are really getting into until its too late ...

Friday 5 December 2008


when one pays attention to

how people get by in

their monotonous jobs/lives

the one word which

brings itself forward is 'routine'

'routine' is the major weapon

which most use to live their warring-lives

it helps them stay healthy enough

in body & mind

to operate within the system

despite the amount of

alchohol they consume or

cigarettes they smoke

some may ask -

is routine the same as discipline ?

to that it must be said

that routine involves some

discipline to begin with, but

"routine is not discipline"

after a while it just takes care

of itself like a jet on autopilot

routine is the crutch which

helps people live long boring lives

all the meals are had at set times,

waking, sleeping hours are regulated &

most activities for the day are also regulated

some professions like 'school teacher'

absolutely require it & thus make

the whole task of maintaining a routine easy

other professions like 'rockstar'

don't allow for it and thus the early deaths

& constant rehabs

people find it very hard to function

outside the solid construct of routine

it helps them toe the line like

horses with blinkers

when that "routine security blanket" is

taken off they feel very vulnerable

because stepping out of routine

means decisions, decisions & more decisions

& decisions require clarity & individuality

something which is as foreign to the herd as

desert to penguins

so the ones who

out of sheer boredom & frustration

step outside of the routine mode

usually can't survive very long

quite simply because they have

neither the discipline nor the gnowledge

a million spontaneous decisions per day

& getting them all correct

is not what they have been taught at school

they don't even have the luxury of

a broadband line to god

which would continously

feed them the correct decisions

that requires a lot of humility &

humility is always out of the question

so they eventually give up &

settle back into a routine

of puttering about in the garden

in between breakfast & lunch

The Last Mimzy ~ Hollywood Imitates LotusOcean

Tuesday 2 December 2008


when people listen to music
they don't realize that
their attention usually
concentrates on either
the vocals, the beat or the tune
but all these 3
just act as distractions from
the real element - saaouund
thats why many get away
with poxy, plasticky, annoying digisounds
through the use of
repetitive hypnotic loops
called 'tunes' or
verbal diarrehea called 'lyrics'
its like selling a worthless
product through clever packaging
the sounds which most of
so-called musicians
use are useless for the soul
a saaouund exploration ~