Friday 1 July 2011

tie's and watches

the 2 main emblems of evil's slavery

a tie


a watch

why wear a machine

right next to your skin

something which measures time

in a way very

different from

the heartbeat or breath

unless one wants to become a machine oneself

or join the borg army like darth vader

it is bad for one's physical/spiritual health

in no uncertain terms

can't be for reasons of comfort

can't be comfortable

to wear

a tie (noose) around the neck either

even animals like dogs

try to take off

the ties people

put around their neck

so even animals are

more sensitive and sensical

than so-called creatures

who pass off as human beings

people on this planet

are beyond

practicality & comfort

wearing the slave insignias

of the evil system

is more important

than anything else


Yashanvitha said...

so sweet observation of this world of slaves n busy men:)

Vintish said...

so true, so vivid... I bow on such beautiful blog...

asha said...

what wit and humour You reveal the mindlessness with :)

it is but natural to want to remove the ties that bind us to slave state and conformity to evil... only You free us from all of these !

* bowing to Your liberating words and viewpoints *

Prakash said...

I've wondered why I lose watches or the band breaks whenever someone gives me one-until now.

mrig said...

controlled by watches..that's gotta be the biggest mass delusion.. you always know what to say, when to say, how to say it.. perfect description..

miragegirl said...

you show us how people have moved away from natural ways and walked head-on into a ugly hellish world paying their own soul as the price...a tie and watch show so much of the comedy

its appalling to see the state of the world

JacLee said...

Every wristwatch i have attempted to wear always, without exception, has quit working with the hands pointing to "9:11" - emergency lol, so i gave them up. PT you are always so observant and give us the unity that we need and want. You rock! :)

ShivaYaShive said...

It is so irresistable not to praise u after reading such witty plogs on ties n brings one here to read n re-read it to realise how u are watching the watches n ties.really very sweet observation. wish all the 'busy'(i)ness world running behind money,leaving the real knowledge honey of the divine.only one who is not slave of watches n ties is the Lord Of Time-Creator of Time molecules.

miragegirl said...

kitna adbut P log hai !

tie aur ghadi, evil ke das hone ke pratik hai

bahut adbut bola hai aapne

duniya mein log bahut tej se borg bante ja rahe hai

bahut bayankar baat hai !

prakruti ke lay aur taal ko aap bahut sahi samajte hai

Aap yeh poora jante hai ki kis samay kya karna uchit hai

Aap gyanvan hai

Aap jeevan jeene ka sahi dang poora jante hai

Aap joh bhi karte hai, khana , betna, sona, bolna, likna ... sabhi vishesh ati uttam shaili mein hai

Aap adbut vaktiv hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

uncomfortable, unatural and unfashionable to boot! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your observations are SO Profound P!!!!
threre is always so much to learn from Your Plogs!
from everything You say and Do!

'something which measures time
in a way very
different from
the heartbeat or breath'

You have the most eloquent way of PoinTing out how comPleTely unatural the 'so-called creatures who pass off as humans' here are!
how against nature and Divine their entire way of being in this world is!
that there is nothing normal about it!
really cool the way You show how animals are much more sensical!
it's really terrible the way 'humans' enslave them too!
but so beautiful to see the way animals recognize and resPecT and Pay attention to You P!!!
Divine Cow! birds! elePhanTs! deer! kangaroos! giraffes! butterflys! buffalo! cats! tigers! it's so Phun to look at Your many PicTures and see so many real beings in so many different forms that recognize and bow down to You!
You are SO kind to document Your Time here P!
to log Your observations! state the real Truth! and set the record straight once and for all!!
everything You do is the biggest deal!!
You are MahaKal! The Lord of Time! The One who is older than time itself! The One who has Transcended Time!
the One who Truly gnos how Time functions, how it is measured and calculated!

one is so ashamed for how much time one has wasted here P!
so grateful for the chance to use ones Time here, Your Time, ones breath, Your breath, to Praise You!
To Pay attention to You! to learn to do and DO that which is Truly natural!
to have the chance to turn away from evil and become a real human in Service To Divine!
You are SO comPassionaTe and kind to have come here P!
to give beings here a chance to face the Truth of this Place! and to choose to serve You!
one hoPes and Praise to be able to fully break free and serve You P!
i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...


ki vernee said...

You are so observant ! You are so right ! even dogs hate their collars and try to yank them off ! You really teach beings how to be more natural and sensible ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing Truth. i bow to you divine.

nicolas said...

such a beauTiPhull PoinT! ties and watches are emblems of evil! your observations are really impressive! you never fail to enlighten
i bow to you supreme one