Friday 25 February 2011

just the recent ...

yours truly

left christchurch, newzealand

on 19th feb

and a couple of days later

the earth shook

the floods
came rolling into

brisbane, australia

a day after

yours truly flew out of there

the judgement is already happening

and they don't even gno it

maybe they would rather

not gno

& carry on with their polluting & reproducing

thinking that it will all last forever

no matter what they do on this planet

Thursday 17 February 2011

2 Cow-Ways

there are 2 kinds of

ways of keeping cows

in one

you let them

graze freely

they always come back to you

because they have a proper bond with you

you only take as much milk as

they freely want to give you

after feeding their calves

you milk them by hand

you keep them till their dying day

in the other

you keep them within fences

as they would never come back

if you let them go

put crazy stuff in their food

to make them give more milk

squeeze as much milk as you can

through machines

kill them when they stop giving milk

the second way

was invented by translucents

no point pointing out

which way is better

the difference between these 2 ways

is difference between

human & barbarian/demonic

Wednesday 16 February 2011





is to get

real eyes

another spell-ing

which hides the

true meaning

of a word

real eyes

one can get only with a

proper humble

attitude towards high & divine

all these people thinking

they are realizing this or that

in their own heads

are still very far from any

real eyes

which can tell

that they don't really gno anything

Tuesday 15 February 2011

bravado or insanity

the reaction of australian primeminister

after recent floods

' we will rebuild

no matter what

nature throws at us '

rebuild what ?

the same old ugly structures

they for some unexplained reason

cannot conceive or believe

that its

possible for nature to

wipe them out to an extent

that there are not any of them

left to rebuild

even though it has happened before

many a times

they just continuously

put their heads in the sand

a curious case of assertion

over stuff beyond ones control

scared of payback

many of

the translucents

( ones with any kind of sense of reality )

are scared that

the payback time maybe soon

after all the nonsense

they have done to nature & earth

already floods & strange weather patterns

are signaling a warning

they don't realize the divine payback

has already happened

they just need to take a honest clear look

at their current decrepit state

the only reason they would be wiped out

is to prevent further damage to this

planet and other planets

Monday 14 February 2011

if this ain't love ...

a very popular rant

'if this ain't love

than why does it feel so good ? '

nothing very complex or mysterious going on here

as they would like to make it sound

it feels good ( temporarily )

simply coz

one gets attention & praise

if one is averse to

giving attention to
and praising high & divine

one will try & feed off any little

attention & praise they can get

why does eating a toffee feel good ?

well it just gives a temporary sugary taste & rush

after that it leaves bitterness in mouth

& an ache in the tummy

a kid can't tell

whats wrong with a toffee

simply because it is ignorant of

the nature & constituents of a toffee

& of course its effects

its the same with this so-called


which has nothing to with

evolution ( evol-love )

it is just a way of

falling into deeper hell

based on manipulated momentary trigger impulses

steeped in ignorance

of function & outcomes

falling in love

the people of this planet

have an expression

'falling in love'

which is quite apt


they all

fall in love


rise in love

which is again not a surprise

considering the fact that

they are only willing to deal

with beings on a lower or same level as themselves

the net result can only be


or status quo

only when one loves someone higher than oneself

does one evolve


otherwise there is no love

just a false fake notion of it

plastic fate

the translucents

came up with a material called plastic

they fell in love with it

they surround themselves with it

as much as they can

a billion useless items made from it

sell at every store

from barbie dolls it starts

leading to plastic valves for

keeping their heart beating

now this material is everywhere

all over earth

it is unbreathable

it is non-biodegradable

its manufacturing process is polluting

but no problem

coz they won't mind turning

into plastic themselves

they hate their skin anyways

which has gone rough, spotty & pigmentless

through centuries of unwholesome activities

plastic is lifeless

more lifeless than stone

a fate richly deserved

evil was always only just

opposite of live

whale - the cow of the sea

even a harmless mammal

which is not getting in anyones way

is still being

hunted & slaughtered by crazed creatures

on this planet

it is not surprising

in a world

where even harmless cows are

being slaughtered

the west

steeped in its double standards

doesn't see any correlation

between the 2

despite the similarities being blindingly obvious

they can't derive any joy from

the existence of these beings

they can only think of killing & consuming

what they don't realize is that

they are only losing their own soul

in the process


since cameras

are clicking everywhere

at a rate of million per second

lets see what

Pic reduces to

it is

P - i - c


P - i - see


P fractality

Monday 7 February 2011

born naked or maybe not

a lot of the parents of


would be happy to see their child

born with suit & tie on

holding money in one hand

and financial times in the other

why wait for 20 years

to convert it

into that creature ?



the most important buzzword in this world

millions of jobs

are being created out of thin air everyday

to keep the dream of

millions alive

dreams of a mobile phone

etc etc

no one has any clue as to what

all these jobs accomplish

at the end of the day

besides being

destructive to earth

& its environment

directly or indirectly

creation of a machine borg world


where is this progress

they talk about ?

all there is just

ugliness (powerlines, concrete hells)

and pollution

more people are starving than ever before

more diseases

more discontent

more unhappiness


more meaningless souldestroying



there is general misconception

amongst earth people

of this time

that all work

leads to some

net positive result

thus people toil in this world

thinking it will all lead

to something positive

for them and the future generations

only in the end

close to their death

they find

they have nothing



that they cannot take their

soul to a better place

they will actually go to

a lower place


their net is actually in negative

they are also not leaving a better earth

for the future generations

they are leaving a ravaged polluted planet


work by definition

is not good by itself

as some would have you believe

workethic workculture

& other such corporate buzzwords

are continuously thrown about without

ever revealing

what exactly one is actually working for ?

only the work done

as per divine will


in harmony

with nature



for the self and the others

Sunday 6 February 2011

people are strange

the strange bit about

the people of this planet

is not

how little they actually gno

it is

how little they actually want to learn

material science

out of sheer ignorance

as to what

certain metals/alloys,

concrete and other

synthetic materials do to

ones body & aura

people of this planet

keep on building

edgy ugly structures

with these unfractal unembeddable materials


its not just ugly

to the eye

to behold a

tinroofed concrete structure in

middle of a pristine nature spot

it actually disrupts the

electromagnetics of the whole area

stuff which eyes cannot see

but can actually be measured

it is poisonous

in the same way

artificial chemicals in food

are poisonous

only in this case

the results are seen/felt over time

and the cause remains unknown

next time you have a migraine in

your cramped concrete metro flat

please don't look around for reasons

where they don't exist

or listen to your doctor

just try fresh air in a forest area

science has now reached the point

where it can

scientifically prove that this is the case

but this information is not made

available to the public

for the sake of protecting the

interests of the construction companies

& all the associated businesses

in much the same way as truth about

pills/drugs they sell at your local pharmacist

is not revealed

in order to keep pharmaceutical companies in play

there is still some awareness about pills etc

amongst masses

but material science

is completely out of the awareness-zone of

average person on the street

the net result is the same

the population of this planet poisons itself

and its environment

the rulers of this psychosystem

do not care

the blissless depraved beings they are

just coz they know they are going down

in their rebellion with divine

they just want to take as many down with them

network of shared madness

its clear

majority of people on this planet are mad

they are destroying themselves

body, mind & soul

and their environment as well

all at breakneck speed too

there is however a funny system in place

called society


all the mad people

agree upon a common definition of sanity

which is simply

being part of the mad system

without questioning

they all think that

they are not mad

as long as a billion other people

think and do as they do

so in this

network of shared madness

no one is allowed to reflect on their own madness

or of the network as a whole

instead the madness passes off as sanity

& anyone pointing out the madness

is in turn labeled mad

Friday 4 February 2011


its a much more

convinient world now

as compared to 100 years ago

they say

its hard to see this


shine through

in people's

tired stressed lives though

how convinient is it

to do a 9 to 5

which one hates

pay taxes , bills

not to mention all

the paper filling


the unending fine print of

bank accounts

insurance policies

Convenience by their own definition

is anything that is intended

to save resources (time, energy) or frustration

than traffic jams which every city dweller

faces these days

must be one of the prime examples

of Con-vinience

Someone is definitely getting Con-ned here

you have to get a job

pay taxes

get a car

pay roadtax

pay insurance

fill petrol

drive through red lights & traffic

all this to just get to

a place to buy food

is buying food in supermarket

convinient compared to a

small village shop of old ?

when you are

going around for an hour

in bright blinding lights

in arctic temperatures

( same refrigerator like temp

in all supermarkets all over the world )

to find your one little item

you definitely remember little shops

finally you get to the

crazily plastic-packed item

which will take half an hour to open

it would be

not fresh, full of unwanted chemicals

called preservatives

its as if all life has been

sucked out of it already

pasteurized decreamated ostricized

decalcisized ...

what one gets for all one's effort

these days

is just plain simple trash

100 years ago

one got fresh milk

from a trusted source in the village

without much hassle

all basics like air, water & food

were much easily accessible

not polluted

& much more full of life

earlier if one felt hot

one just went and sat under a tree

now you buy a fan

get the wiring done

pay electricity bill

get repairs done

all to get a blizzard in your face

nothing gentle about fans air

the amount of free time

for actually living

in todays world is close to zero

how convinient

Thursday 3 February 2011

a modern eventline

they wear suits & ties

in warm/hot climates

then they scream for an AC

the AC air & the hot/cold variation

makes them sick

then they go to a doctor

who gives them some pills

the pills have side effects

which make them even sicker

then they take more pills

& so on and so forth

its called being

modern & civilized

after all in this world

nothing is considered more

civilized than a suit

something to cover

their gross skin fully

& a tie

dog tie

whole lotta rubbish

no matter where you go

on this planet

you will encounter rubbish

in the so-called developed countries

it is sort of hidden in stockpiles

called landfills

some of which are size of small countries

in the so-called developing countries

it is strewn all over everywhere

you cannot miss it no matter

how hard you try

all sacred places have it

all lovely nature places have it

there is some local variation

beer bottles in west

gutka packets in east

development ='s rubbish generation

more develpoment means more rubbish

most of it non-biodegradable

all this waste for nothing

are people happier ?


wasteful actions

of a wasteful people

only rubbish spewing from their

mouth, thoughts & actions

they talk about

whole lotta love

but the fact is just

whole lotta rubbish

it seems their love just

produces rubbish

its definition definitely

needs looking into