Friday 9 January 2009


its the name of a magazine

a concept

but its more than that

its an empire

based upon an aspiration

of a whole genepool

coz they have no boy

all are born old

neither can they play

only capable of running mechanical programs

contrary to what they like to portray

play is not the domain of the dumb or the twisted

play requires divine intelligence & gnowledge

which allows for lack of tension

amongst other small things like inspiration

Thursday 8 January 2009


the modern scientific realm functions

through classification

atoms, elements, substances, stars

are all classified

even the plants & animals

are all neatly classified

when one 'see's' any animal

for example a dog

one immediately see's it as

belonging to a certain breed

which makes it have certain characteristics

'classifying' is inherent in 'seeing'

it translates into functionality -

not just any breed of dog can be

used as a sniffer dog

but the notsoprimitivemodern way doesn't allow

for classification amongst 'homo sapiens'

intrinsic classifying parameters like caste, race & genepool

are a complete no no

one is likely to be labelled racist

for even mentioning race/genepool characteristics

the whole topic is to be avoided like plague

as its considered rude to even try to gno & understand

extrinsic & useless classifying parameters like rich/poor,

clothed this way or that way, punk/corpy, young/old

bachelor/married, businessman/public office bearer

are much more acceptable

scientific way uses class-ification to ascertain

& understand what one is dealing with

the 'rishis' or 'sages' could/can

tell the complete history of a person's

whole ancestral line just by looking at them

through that they could even foretell

what was to come

a lot of classifying gnowledge

is required for this

level of 'seeing'

even astrology is nothing but a classifying tool

but in the 'now'

one should never know

what one is actually dealing with

the inca's/aztecs didn't gno

what they were really dealing with

when they dealt with spanish conquistadors

the outcome of that misjudgement is no secret

who could possibly benefit

from this system of blindness & confusion

based on zero or improper classification ?

can be only those who have something to hide

or something to gain through ignorance-powered-acceptance of others

the social worker

those who can't help themselves

are always found distracting themselves

trying or pretending to help others

whenever they confront something

better than oneself

the social worker inside gets edgy

service by their definition

can only be done for the inferior

not the superior

no chance of ever serving divine on this path

coz divine will always be superior

service of the higher

is the path of evolution & bliss

service of the highest

is perfection

quality control

people are always looking for

quality in whatever they buy

whatever they use

quality control depts abound in

the manufacturing world

folks can be real sticklers when

it comes to 'things'

they have to be 'perfect'

but surprisingly the same

doesn't apply in regards to


who one allows close to them

physically, mentally & emotionally

quality is no longer the key

in fact sometimes it is just seen as a hindrance

the better the quality

the more the ego is under pressure ...

Wednesday 7 January 2009


'corporate' has rightly

become a kind of swear word in the west

but in uninformed places like india

it still sadly remains a good word

in fact the only hope of a bright future

good to see the bubble burst recently

when a big IT company in India announced that it

had been fraudly showing huge profits when

it was actually functioning in loss

being so used to making-profits-from-their-little-shops mentality

they haven't quite gotten what corporatism is about

in a world where 'money' is the only 'god'

& the primary reason for doing anything

people get very startled when i say

'corporatism is not about making money at all'

its more about the pretension &

sticking people up in confined oxygenless coups called offices

making them do unnecessary things

they would rather not do

that's why they hire 10 times more people than they require

to make them do ratrace under meaningful work titles like

'assistant marketing assistant'

most major corporations in the world are in 'red'

most of the time

huge bank loans is what keeps them afloat

its all just a B-ark exercise

if anyone remembers 'hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy'

if not, its suggested that they watch the series

just to gno what 'B-ark' means

don't be shy of fastforwarding

in a nutshell its about wasting time in the most

ridiculuos manner(s) possible

while inflicting maximum damage to the surroundings

the word corporate = corpo-rate = heart rate

yes heart rate

each beat wasted in orchestrated nonsense

= one less beat available for multiversal remembrance

Tuesday 6 January 2009

boring & interesting

fact - many are bored, really bored

so bored that the safety mindlessly associated with boring

has gotten boring too

mindlessly i say coz boring = safe means dumb = safe

dumbness leads to accidents/disasters not safety

so why do they cling to the dumb & boring

& not make a movement

towards the more intelligent & interesting ?

interesting not in the sense of

'bungee jumping' coz that gets boring too

after one or 2 tries

interesting in terms of the

'real gnowledge of all aspects of multiversal existence'

i.e really interesting

in this hyper-connected world

where more interesting can always be found

there are no excuses

but still very few actually are able to do it

maybe this scenario will help explain

people on buses, trains, airports hide their faces

in books that lead nowhere

& pretend that they never saw you

they would 'be' the same even if 'god' walked by

a difficult to pull-off-act considering the

huge gulf between interesting & boring

at play in the situation

but they achieve the impossible

by robotically repeating this holy chant loudly in their head -

book is more important

book is more important

i have chosen the book

my choice is no.1 priority

i am in control of the book

through the book i am in control of the situation

replace book with pet, partner, mobile & so forth

& you get the picture

killing time

are people killing time

or is time killing them ?

most would like to believe former is the case

while all the evidence points towards the latter

they all want to appear busy

coz busy = important

& for appearing busy you gotta spend

time somehow

give lectures, hold seminars, read/write books without meaning

occupy the mind in one triviality or the other

& while you do it make sure

you act like its the most important thing

in the world

save the tigers, save the rainforest, save tibet

save everything but your soul

how about people saving 'themselves' from 'themselves'

coz things didn't really need saving til people came along ...

Sunday 4 January 2009

the 'Indigo' Farce

new-age charlatans have thrown

another concoction of a term -

'indigo kids'

into the already inedible witches brew

according to this theory

the new kids on the block i.e

those born after 1990 are

supposed to have special abilities

never ever seen before on this planet

so step back buddha & all the enlightened

ones of the past

here come the homo-superior indigo kids

they spring from perfectly normal average


a chimp never gave birth to a human

a hyena never gave birth to a cow

but its happening now

through a sourceless miracle

the indigo's happen to be way-way

smarter than their parents

definition of smart -

talk like 40 year old adults

at the age of 3

start having midlife crisis

by the age of 10

very quick to acclamatize

themselves with any technology

are masters of the xbox

anikin of star wars fame comes to mind

all highly impressive spiritual stuff

through them

all the thousands of years of wrongs

will be wiped out in one masterstroke

like the instacure cold tablets

all this without any change in attitude which

caused the mess in the first place

to us it seems that most kids

are falling quite quickly into

the hellish nightmare of a scenario

that is being created by the barbaric

rulers of this planet

shouting & cheering away at the beastshow called WWF

kids are pretty much behaving

as per the programming that their

genepool, environment & television

is thursting upon them

but if one labels them 'indigo kids'

all problems are immediately solved

just like adding the 'actress' or 'goddess' title transforms

whores into saints

we are not saying that a child

cannot alter a genepools course

it can do it through aligning with the divine

but that has always been the case

there is nothing 'new' about that

'prahlad' did it despite being born in a demonlineage

the indigo traits are not the traits

of a child ready to surrender itself to the divine

recall - how easily anikin falls prey to the dark side

but why 'indigo'? simple answer -

indigo is the newage colour of enlightenment

we put forth an alternative meaning -

may be 'indigo' means 'go to india'

at least once

coz the colour of real illumination is

surely beyond the visible light spectrum

so please procreate & have indigo kids

which of course requires no special training

& take a relaxing nap

a foolproof way of shirking

responsibility for one's actions

& its reactions

escapism at its very best

if the old 'rabbit out of the hat'

is a cheap trick

than what would one call this

Saturday 3 January 2009

MiraBai ~ A Real Goddess

mira says ~

The people of the world
Would die of shame
To be caught taking the Name of God
They will tramp round the whole village,
But feel too fatigued
To visit the temple of Hari
If a quarrel arises
They run to it at once,
Leaving what they are doing in the house
To hear a buffoon crack jests,
Or to watch a courtesan dance,
They will sit twelve hours at a stretch
Mira's Lord is the courtly Giridhara
She has taken refuge at His lotus feet

I do not care about social norms
Nor do I keep my family's honour.
I cannot forget, even for a moment,
The beauty of my lover...
O my companion,
Without Shyam I suffer greatly. Without Him,
Who can give me strength to endure?
The world is a hissing cauldron of error
It takes no joy
In cultivating the society of the good
They abuse the holy men
While themselves earning demerit
By their wicked deeds
All sixty-eight places of pilgrimage
Reside at the feet of a holy man
Whoso abuses a holy man will go blind,
Be crippled and end in hell
Without the Name of God
One does not gain liberation,
One merely circulates
In the eighty-four lakhs of wombs
The fools waste their precious lives,
Not seeking the society of the good
Even in a dream
Mira says: My Lord, I take refuge in Thee
Thus will I attain
The highest state open to man

Friday 2 January 2009

the new goddesses

the misuse of terms continues unabated

as some desperate deflated egos

try to pump themselves up

through words like 'goddess'

newage propaganda has made sacred terms

as commonplace as potatoes


every other woman in the west is proclaiming

herself to be a 'goddess' over a bottle of wine

the character traits of real goddesses

can be found in vedic literature

but why take the time to read & imbibe that

when newage texts are offering much

more flexible definitions

these 'goddesses' need psychiatrists

have breakdowns every other day

are slaves to every floating whim & fancy of the mind

try & put down anything really spiritual as egotistical

are always on the prowl for their next she-male fix

their patheticness can even put city rats to shame

they also feel intense enmity with

Real Male embodiements of divinity

casually labelling them as

'the peacock feather illusionists who boast at every turn'

this when they are the ones busy

madly photoshoping their illusory camerashots

reliant on makeup & artificial lighting

the reason for the 'why' is quite simple

they have nothing to back up their claims

those who can actually create real magic

make them feel small

their immediate response -

lets put it down

as best as we can

through words we don't even really believe


well they haven't got the time to think about that

being the brave warriors they are

pain, torture & hell are all much better than feeling small

and anyways who/what can do anything to a 'goddess' :)