Friday, 26 November 2010

which drug are you on ?

in a world

becoming increasingly

dependant on drugs

drugs for sleeping

drugs for staying awake

drugs for having fun

drugs for relaxing

drugs for staying alive

the beings here have lost the plot


anyone having

direct access to bliss

using their own kundalini

& connection to divine

is always met with

the standard suspicious query -

what drug are you on ?

they don't think

that any


healing or


is possible

without a drug

being involved

talk about reducing everything

to ones own lowly level


Shahid said...

"anyone having direct access to bliss using their own kundalini & connection to divine is always met with the standard suspicious query -
what drug are you on ?"
Lord Narayan,very well written.
Always to the point and the Truth always.
Glory to the Lord!!!

asha Pi arTi said...

So true ! It is unfathomable to unhumble types that someone can be disciplined and focused enough to do the do without drugs !

what a truely ascended example You are to us all... especially those still stuck in hell !

* bowing to Your superiority & compassion ! *

sarah anne said...

that is an excellent point, it is almost incomprehensible that satisfaction can happen without chemical enhancement. i'll just take your word for it.

Shahid said...

You are the ultimate hero everyone should be following.
It is a blessing to be on mother earth when a true avatar is living right here, right now.
Aapko meray hazaar pranam pyare Prabhu <3

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words are so PertinenT for everyone no matter the Topic you speak to. dhanyavad for always shining light on the cause of such PrevalenT issues and Providing the simplest solution. Praises to P! dhanyavad. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
one can immediately start hearing Ni Ni Nun Na Ne after reading this!
it is really shameful and nonsensical that a beings reaction to the One who is higher than any can comPrehend or even imagine is to reduce it to drugs!
You really show what a low level beings in this world are functioning on.
You are the PerfecT examPle that the inside out way is the only way!
You show what real magic and mastery is! what One who PhuncTions in a truly high caPaciTy is caPable of!
The most ePic and meaningful music and words flows from You constantly!
You are fully turned on and aware always seeing and observing things as they really are!
with constant access to the real gnowlede only You are connected to and have access to!
You are the most amazing suPreme being that has ever been!
it shows in Your effortless PerfecTion of form, Your immaculate style and grace and in everything You do and say!
You are Divine incarnate! You are so comPassionaTe and kind to Log and share Your adventures here and to broadcast Your Music and Philms for all to hear! Your Play is the most imPortanT event to ever take Place!
i bow!

bb said...

You are naturally totally alive

almost all others not alive

bb said...

You are naturally totally alive

almost all others not alive

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are the source of haPPiness and bliss !!!!!!!!! You are so PosiTive and Phenomenal !!!!!!!!!

ujjwal sharma said...

the only addiction worth having is addiction to PT avatar music.people will just forget their addictions to other harmful and ugly drugs.they just have to connect to it.
PT avatar music is just enough for us for sleeping,for staying awake
for having Phun, for relaxing ,for staying alive and for evolving.

ki vernee said...

wow ! so true ! Praising the Higher is the most blissful thing ! You are the most blissful Being ! no drugs needed when one can just focus on You ! i bow

Swati said...

! Praise Your eternal Grace as You are here to destroy ignorance of the world with Your words.

You Put things very simple, you set such simple standards for people but at the same time those makes life beautiful if applied, very easy to apply as once applied brings real Pleasure and Happiness all around. You are Supreme and knows the best for everyone,real solution for all Problem.

Your knowledge and Life STyle is exTraOrdinary.Your Majesticity is beyond this 3d Matrix for the world to fathom.

You are Only One who can rule this world,my life is so good,full of bliss, as I saw You.

O Lord ! ! bow myself in Your LoTus feeT.
O ShivNarayan !! bow myself in Your LoTus feeT.

Swati said...

Your Music,Plogs and Books are real drugs for life to be on. After taking drug of Your complete bliss, after taking drug of Your Darshan, after taking drug of Your Aura, there is no other drug is required to be taken.

You are here to shower Your True Grace on MoTher earTh. Beings are really thankful, I am so grateful to You for Your Presence here on earTh.

O Higher and Divine ! ! bow myself in Your LoTus feeT.

Kṛtti kā said...

You show what's real high and how to actually get high! You are the Highest One here, You always stay atop of all the chaos and rigmarole that muggles keep going through to get a false sense of high n happy!
Your way is what can give one bliss! You comPassionaTely teach all how PracTice of PBS can take one to PermanenT bliss! Your Pure bliss is transmitted through Your music, You naturally have it and you gnow how to take others high!
i bow to the ever blissful one - You /\

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...

You are beTTer than any drug could ever be. You are the besT High there can ever be, for You are the HighesT One here. everyThing about You is uPlifTing - with no comedown of course. i am sure that most beings here cannot fathom as to how You creaTe Your beauTiPhul music without any drugs, or how a liPhe with no pain and Only Pleasure is Possible without any drugs. You show how iT is Possible every day of Your beauTiPhul exisTence! i bow.

Unknown said...
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