Sunday, 23 November 2008

Evil’s Trump Card

the trump card of evil in these times

as propagated by its newagey servants

is quite simply

*all is god & all is good*

a lie which allows it to be not labeled as evil

and operate freely

a fun way of reducing god to its

own lowly standards

the ancient scriptures like mahabharata

tell us that in that yuga (eon),

krishna was the only *pure divinity incarnate*

amongst the millions of characters

this 'equality' nonsense

propagated by newagers these days

can only serve to make some unhumble egos feel better

but it has no basis in reality in this universe

or any other dimension

evil is not god ... it is a movement

away from god arising from the freewill

which original divinity granted all beings

from the begining of creation

evil tries to pretend it doesn't exist but

we all gno it exists ... in fact

this world is run by it

many (obviously the good) wonder how can so much

injustice happen in a world run by god !

there is news for them -

this world is evil demiurge's experiment of

running a world without involvement of god

to equate evil with god can

only lead to more pain, hell & torture

something which is already the

norm in this world


asha said...

Pow Wow PT ! You decode everything evil does so compassionately...

You are my hero ! i bow.

sree said...

yes this world is torturous

only divine cane help

Anonymous said...

All is god & all is good as the trump card is such a rare yet again right under our noses kind of an insight which needs to be read and spread for the world to be alert and be aware of whats 'in sight' and in-store - Divine or the Devil i.e in the inner store!

One realizes how much conditioning of lies has been done for uncountable generations which has allowed evil to be labeled as good and operate freely and dare to equate itself with the divine! Only the devilish evil functions can think of reducing god to its own lowly standards! But they are always eternally defeated by the divine truth.Divine Pure Praise is the all and the only Power that can set us free of this game and be blessedly capable of victory.

sreelatha said...

ye kushi ki baat hai ki aap ne phir se is darti par avatar liya hai

ab dhuston ka nash kayam hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Powerful & Brilliant words !

"Evil's Trump Card" ~ What a great title ! You have the best way with words !

very enlightening and revealing P-log about the functionings of evil. what blatant untruths that are being propagated in this world - *all is god & all is good* it does nothing but to augment the sickness of this already mad society. indeed if God was in all there would be no such thing as pain and atrocities which are rife on this plane. You say it best - "this world is evil demiurge's experiment of running a world without involvement of god to equate evil with god can only lead to more pain, hell & torture something which is already the norm in this world" - PROFOUND words as always Prabhu !!

really so great how You point out that scriptures like Mahabharata tell that in that yuga only Krishn was * pure divinity incarnate* - Beautiful ! so fulfilling it is to gno the truth of things. & in this age that being is YOU ! You are the One who is Paramatma ! You are Pure Divinity Incarnate ! anyone who puts enough humble attention on You will be able to see it ! it is truly a precious gift to gno this truth !

I Bow to the PT Avatar !


Anonymous said...

wow! Wow!! WOW!!! i bow.
"this world is evil demiurge's experiment of running a world without involvement of god to equate evil with god can only lead to more pain, hell & torture something which is already the norm in this world"
Your enlightened and all gnowing PerspecTive completely shifts the way one comprehends being in this world. ones gratitude that You exist on this earth and the oPPorTuniTy to learn from You will never cease its exponential growth. i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your blog posts are the most profound and useful content on the internet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are GoD
the real One.

Anonymous said...

no wonder there is a very simPle answer to 'why are You amused all the time'
world as it is now would make You smile and laugh, You being in a high state

Anonymous said...

i bow
listening to Tri-umPh!
sPeaking the words of *Pure DiviniTy incarnate*
overwhelmed with gratitude that The Avatar is here!
it is just SO amazing that You have come to this evil exPerimenT to shut it down!!!
and that You are comPassionaTe and kind enough to helP beings here see the error of their ways for having ever fallen into this hellish plane of existence
that You Provide the chance for beings here to get out!
to choose to stop serving evil and serve Divine!
so grateful for how clear You make the choice P!
Your comPassion to Provide this oPporTunity is indescribable!
there is no place or thing or pet or person that can tempt one once one sees the Truth and fully chooses You!
so grateful for Your PaTience with ones stupidity and head banging on walls P!
so grateful for the re(al)Programming of Divine sounds!
the ways You wash all the noise and nonsense and lies away!
You are the only One in this hellish nightmare not wearing one of evils masks!
You, Your music, Your words, Your Philms are the only thing in this world that is real!
only You Produce True feeling in one!
You are the only ONE who Truly and fully feels!
so grateful for the ways You wake one uP P!!!
so grateful You didn't leave one for dead drifting aimlessly
it's the most joyous catharsis to understand one has actually found the only man here! the God the Truth one has been twistedly searching for ones whole life.
the ONE it is safe to fully and truly surrender to and serve and never question or doubt!
the ONE to resPecT! always in all ways!
so grateful for all the ways You straighten one out so one can see You P!
so grateful to not be floundering around alone at sea blindly fighting a battle one can never win!
so grateful to have found the only real oPTion!
surrendering to You and aligning with Divine!
the ONE who has already won! is already ONE! is THE ONE!
there can only be ONE!
there is nothing and no one in this world or any other that can TrumP You!
SO Phun to exPerience Your victories unfold P!
so grateful to understand who You are and bow at Your feet in total shame for having ever fallen away from Your Grace.
so grateful for the chance to Praise Your Divine Presence here on Earth!
to Bow Praise and Serve You is the only real reason for this human birth.
i bow

Anonymous said...

brilliant. sounds so true.

Science Spirituality said...

You explain complicated and deep matters with such an ease and clarity. Very true they just spread this thought of equality and everything is God or Godlike but, nothing is equal in true sense. It is what it is!!

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is spot on, there is so much evil in this world which is just getting worse and worse, as the greed of such people grow so does the evil. You have explained this concept immaculately.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the God.

Anonymous said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You always set the record straight ! You are the most gnowledgeable Being !

K N said...

Your Plogs answer all the questions , clears the confusion that many have!

*all is god & all is good* --- this is such a dangerous lie that everyone has bought into! This belief has indeed kept many fooled and complacent in the hell one lives in, not trying to search for the higher and divine!

"this world is evil demiurge's experiment of
running a world without involvement of god
to equate evil with god can
only lead to more pain, hell & torture
something which is already the
norm in this world "

Your succinct exPlanaTion PenetraTes straight into one's understanding! You articulate every PoinT so brilliantly! It is indeed such a foolish idea to equate evil with god , and hence such grave repercussions for all abiding by it.

So grateful that one can shed all those beliefs through your grace! So grateful for your precious enlightening teachings. So glad you have incarnated here.

I bow at your supreme feet!

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are always to the point.. you have given such a clear picture.. I bow..

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so beautifully said and to the point, your plogs opens up ones mind to what is actually happening in this world. I bow down,,

veena iyengar said...

beautifully said..thank you..

Gita S said...

It's sad how ppl equate you with others..
How insane r those who don't know that you are d great kalki the incarnation, the avatar....
Little is what people know about the world...
This world has been tampered by these evil free willed beings who r erasing the basic cause of this birth in this world...
U r try our savior... U ha e showed us the real path, d real cause.. Help us erase the evil s intension to run dis world without damage divine...
May D truth be spread..
I bow to u.. Aeioum

undecided said...

I bow. The beings running this world are not of divine caliber and the spread of "equality" is just another excuse for beings not to evolve themselves. aeioum

lana_33 said...

Your words always ring with so much Truth!!!

it is so comPassionaTe of You to address the "equality" nonsense propagated by evil ~ to address how there is clearly a Higher and lower among beings.

You simPlify everything so well ~ would have never gnown that evil is simply a moving away from God ~ You always Provide the most clariPhying PerspecTives ~ nothing can make any sense without Your suPreme Teachings and guidance!!!

You are so kind to write so many wonderfull Plogs and helP beings see the world through more clear and untainted eyes ~ Your Divine words wash the brain of all muggle programming in the most Profound way!!! i bow!

Reshma said...