Thursday 30 May 2013



a grossly misused term in these times

there are so many

guru's of this and that

in real terms

there is only one type of



that is for evolution

'g' for gene/gravity

'uru' for serpent


g-uru is

the one

who raises

the gene serpent up

there is a lot of gravity

to this term

its not to be taken lightly

as it is nowadays

otherwise suffering will be the result

Monday 27 May 2013


the term 'fun'

is brandished around hell a lot

not surprising

as there is

a major lack of it

'lets have fun'

they say

in this hellish world they have created

as if fun is even possible in hell

its like asking an animal in a slaughterhouse

to have fun

only real fun (phun)

activity possible in hell

can be getting out of hell


that happens thru

praise/service of higher/divine


Friday 17 May 2013

in and out ?

there is this

talk amongst many on this planet

propagated by ofc just a few

this is in  ( for now )

this is out


what does it mean ?

how can something for real

be just temporarily 'in'

happiness, bliss, evolution, divinity & divine qualities

are the only things which matter


they have always been 'in'

they are never out of fashion

no matter what these silly idiots sitting/posing as

gurus of masses

spew out through their magazines/advertising etc

they are just hellbound ignorant fools

& are taking as many with them as they can


Monday 13 May 2013


there are too many

on this planet

who are the vicitim of

a virus called


which is basically

a mirage-creation-tool

to make useless stuff

look appealing

bad skin / toxic bodies

look flawless

with excessive lighting on glossy paper

unnecessary waste of trees

toxic waste created is another story

inedible is shown as edible

there is no pollution or trash in their world

everything is turned pristine

through photoshop and such

whole armies are involved in

creation of this illusion

they want to artificially make

ugly appear beautiful

a fruitless exercise

more the reality of the world people live in becomes trashy

the more the need for an alternative reality

and that is the perfect breeding ground for this virus

a virus which distracts from

the real goal of human birth

through the propagation of the pointless

to those with money

it gives the impression

they have a plethora of stuff to buy

and they havent completely wasted a life

just making money

and to those who dont have it

it gives the urgent impression

that they should get busy making it

this nonsense has now become

the scripture for many

just because it is put everywhere

in front of people's eyes

people who fall for it

are no different from flies

falling into any light source


Wednesday 1 May 2013


they are so many

in this world

who are doing everything

for just one thing

respect from other people

some extend this to


when one cannot die successfully

ie create a soul

& guide one's soul thru death bardo

into dimensions of one's choice

in other words

if one's destiny is not in one's hand

how can one have respect for oneself


how would respect from the ignorant many help

masses/public have no idea who/what to respect

as they have been

programmed to worship sheer nonsense

which leads one to hells

a scientific fact

not religious mumbo jumbo

in real terms


divine is resPecTworthy

and those that strive towards divine

are too