Friday 27 November 2009

where do we go now ?

the translucent race

after having created all the distractions

that they possibly could

and doing all the

consuming, plundering

cheating, pretending, feigning

have reached

the end of their tether

their last generation

can't seem to understand

why their new generation is suicidal

sheer boredom

arising from blissless activities

has hit

with no end in sight

'where do we go now '

is the burning question

the answer as always is simple

'towards the higher'

that however requires the small

matter of humility

majority of that snake is choosing

meaninglessness, suicide and descent into more

hellish states

bowing down
remains all too inconceivable

Tuesday 17 November 2009

heart of gold

another new habit

amongst creatures of planet earth

is the loose ascribing of

*heart of gold*

to anyone and everyone

every simpleton

or country bumpkin

or construction worker

is supposed to have one

heart of gold


a fractal heart

something which can

control time itself

along with the multiverse

let alone this physical universe

hollow pretension amongst

the desperate snakes(genepools) here

has reached another level

Friday 13 November 2009

who'll teach who

there are lots of symptoms

given for

kaliyuga - the dark age

in vedic scriptures

but one main attitudinal point which is often

missing from all sources

is this -

when the lower boldly & shamelessly

try to teach & preach to the higher

instead of humbly learning

kaliyuga has reached its zenith

and like all things nondivine

with kaliyuga the end is very near the zenith

Sunday 1 November 2009


just heard someone say

they love violin

well violin is related by root to

2 english words -

violate and violence

it in an instrument which

creates screeching violence for the ears

and violates the listener

prime reason behind the horribleness of

western orchestra sound

replicated religiously by bollywood

in their own band/brand of annoyance

so-called carnatic music died

the day they started using the violin

what they are actually saying is that they love violence


they won't be able to

say the same so freely

current parameters of evolutionary status

as flags of equality amongst

all homosapiens on this planet

are being waved in every direction

to completely finish off all real distinguishing marks

between those more evolved and those less evolved

new marks are being constantly installed to distinguish

between the higher and the lower

what degree do you have ?

what is your job title ?

what is your annual income ?

are you published ?

how many tournaments have you won ?

are you on TV ?

how famous are you ?

how many awards have you got ?

the ones who have more of the above are

the new higher beings

i.e more evolved souls

the rest bow to them


the more your level of involvement in the evil matrix

the higher you are

bharat & britain

bharat - the real name of india

the goddess of bharat - bharati

bharati in time became britha

britha with incorrect pronunciation &

the regular 'an' suffix becomes brittany

brittany is the goddess of britain ( britannia )

she holds a spear in her hand

so now she is

britney spears

divide & rule ?

its taught in indian schools

that the british (more accurately those who ruled britain
along with 75% of the earth's land)

policy to conquer india was

'divide & rule'

the reality is that the policy of every invader

since time of chanakya has been to

dislodge the guidance of real brahmins

this is easily done by luring the lower castes

with visions of equality and abundance

Prithvi Raj Chauhan only lost

to Ghauri after defeating him 17 times

because of not listening to his brahmin guru

thats what the rogues who came under

the banner of britannia did

they hit out against the caste system

basically the top of it - the brahmins

and put themselves up in the position of the

guide of indian masses


to this day

the west remains the guru of majority of the indian populace


they continue to wonder why is it all going wrong

no matter how hard they try

or how much work they put in