Friday 27 January 2012

raising ?!

people say

they are raising their kids

but once again

its a case of

not really doing

what they are saying

the kids are surely getting biologically older

but they are surely not being 'raised'

in fact they are being brought down

by all the silly parents

who can't even raise themselves

let alone anyone else

Thursday 19 January 2012


whatever mistake


does through

the lips

can only be

corrected through

the lips


& whatever mistake

is done otherwise

can be corrected by

moving lips

as well

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Professional ?

the word


is another one of the

grossly misunderstood words

it comes from the root

'prophecy' ( prophec-ional)

once again the spelling hides this fact

breaking it down further



rotation around P - the Axis

the only thing

which allows one to

Phi See ( future & present & past )



how many


are really out there

in this world ?

Monday 2 January 2012


anyone can go to higher & divine

no qualifications are required

anyone can sing

as long as they sing

Praises of high & Divine

one doesn't have to be trained in any way

musically or vocally

all that is required is

sincere humility

complete attention on divine & doing the do

when one is humble to divine

all else falls into place

the notes, the words, the everything ...

those who are not singing sincere Praises of Divine

are not singing anything at all

that won't really Uplift them or anyone else

its useless & tuneless

even if they have trained for 20 + years


are presumably hitting all the so-called notes