Thursday 29 October 2009

the american experiment

when asked about my views on

the experiment gnown as america

i have just one simple observation -

'no concept of moderation'

whether it be the

size/weight of people & their bellies

size of their burgers

size of supermarkets

size of vehicles ...

of course there is so much else wrong there

from the very root

but this part just sticks out

above all else

relative to rest of the earthly settlements

of course the extremism

is not divinecentric

how can it be when

they don't even

have any proper conception of it

lack of seeking/striving ?!

yes it is

and the reason brings us back full circle -

an environment

lacking moderation

when a bunch of thugs are given a large piece of land

to rape and plunder

moderation is the first quality to disappear

Wednesday 28 October 2009

emergency of emergence

souls/beings here seem to have

no sense of emergency

when it comes to

breaking out of this collapsing matrix

rather than take action immediately

they need to actually think about it

long and hard

when searching for the reason behind this

one comes to realize that

they have other urgent matters to attend to

like paying bills in time

meeting office deadlines

changing oil in the car

sense of emergency is already reserved


catching flights & trains

getting to appointments on time

problems with the mobile

emergency = emerging from a contingency

they do act like they have no idea

what the contingency is

so there is no question of emergence


despite all their heavy handed splashing efforts

most beings here

are drowning quickly in the

ocean of this samsar (world)

amongst the gasps

as they look up to see that

which is effortlessly standing above it all

they only choose to hurl abuses at it

and scream

'we are in this only by choice

and can get out any time we want

we don't need you or your help'

quite a spectacle

a show of supreme confidence

in the most calamitous of situations

Tuesday 27 October 2009


gratitude is just

short form of 'great attitude' (gr-attitude)


what is a great attitude ?

it is simply

not getting

upset or grievous

when something higher than oneself

says something

which offends the ego

or which the self cannot fathom

it is a perenially joyful state of being

borne out of real thankfullness

which flows out of true humility & reverance

for the high & divine

Tuesday 20 October 2009

the prime arguement of devil's advocates

"goodness sucks

coz it is so goddamn boring "

quite a statement

considering that the ones

who proclaim the above

are so bored themselves

after taking every

twisted ungoodly/godly turn


which can only arise from

goodness ( praising divine )

is the absolute opposite of boring &

is only labelled so

only by those who have not experienced it

ps. yes we gno that argument
is the spelling which oxfraud dictionary provides
but to us arguement just makes more sense

Tuesday 13 October 2009


in a world turning robotic fast

any emotion

no matter how negative (devoluting) it is

is seen as a sign of heart

depression is the major emotion

which sells in today's music

people are often found raving on

about how they can feel this or that song

which makes both the song and singwriter great

great always is something on the same level as them

bubble bursting time -

most of the emotions which

grip the mass consciousness

are generated from 3 lower chakras

root, sacral, solar plexus &

don't involve the heart at all

thats why most cannot relate to

lotusocean music

which deals with emotions

way beyond hurt, disaffection, jealousy,

self-loathing, fake self-aggrandizement etc

they are quick to point out

that it doesn't move them &

thus must lack proper emotion

the fact that they are apathetic &

don't really have a heart

is inconcievable

Monday 12 October 2009


there are widespread notions that

one owns their body, thoughts, emotions,

cars, houses etc etc

but the truth is that

one's attention is all one owns

and it should be used

to focus on divine & its activities

this makes the attention pure, free and undivided

the result of which is a permanent bliss state

the most fatal mistake

in soul evolution

a spiritual aspirant can do

is to put one's precious attention

on one's own self

i.e body, thoughts & feelings

mirrors have to be discarded

both external and internal

this is completely opposite to

what all the faulty systems

have been deluding people with

telling them to self-reflect

focus/analyse their own

physical responses, thoughts, feelings

basically getting them more and more entangled

in the unfractal spider web of pain & unhappiness

Wednesday 7 October 2009


in dealing with a higher being or divine itself

one needs proper res-pect

to trigger a

proper res-ponse in one's own being

which includes the

neuroelectrics in the brain/spine

& the consciousness as a whole

more res-P-ect

= more response tingles

= more resolution in attention terms

= more restraint on devoluting impulses

= more respite from tension

= more rest from restlessness

= more results in evolution

= soul ressurection ( res-sur-action )

res = rotating energy spirals
P = Pole/ the axis
ect = electric charge turnings

Saturday 3 October 2009

is awful really awefull

when there is some 'awe'

its all good

its awesome

but if one is full of awe

its deemed not good

in fact awful,

which is just a coded way of spelling


whats so bad about being full of awe

for the divine

nothing really

except that certain words & languages

are deliberately designed

to create certain impressions

Friday 2 October 2009

getting out of it

smoking pot, drinking alchohol, taking hallucinogenics etc

are all covered in the blanket phrase

'getting out of it'

yes this matrix requires

getting out of it

and that realization is good

but one must also realize that

these activities

just get one into it deeper

one can lose consciousness for a while

but after the trip its back to normal reality

and everything is harder than before

one might even die of overdose or choking

but that is no escape

as one will just have to come back

and be born again

in worse circumstances

and the same predicament

desperate but ...

there is no shortage of

desperate beings in this world

which makes sense

considering the hell it is

the nonsensical part is

their response to this desperation

which is to immediately seek something lower

be it a pebble or a pet or a pal

very few seek the higher

after their breakdowns

an obvious logical path

but deserted at the moment