Sunday 20 July 2008

greater than *god*

its funny how most people expect *the source*, *the most high*

to fit their own parameters

so if *the source* manifests itself into this world

& its parameters fall outside of their assigned parameters

than it surely cannot be *god*

most people despite not being absolute experts

in any field are absolute experts when it comes to

one subject - *god*

everyone seems to gno what *god* would be/should be like

if it were to manifest

especially how it will treat them i.e

accept them as they are

while they judge & ridicule it

those who conclude *god* doesn't exist at all

also have to be geniuses

considering the all-gnoing nature of this conclusion

so its settled

'all the people' are greater than *god*

because they have parameters outside of *god*

while *god* only has parameters assigned by them

makes one roll on the ground with laughter