Thursday, 20 May 2010

why the physical bowing ?

there are those

especially in the west

who have problems

with the physical bowing posture

kind of expected when they don't have

rolemodels like hanuman

they are only ready to

do a mental bow

they want to disconnect

body, mind & soul

in other words

they want to create

multiple schizophrenia

they don't realize that

if the body is in an unhumble posture

the mind cannot stay humble for long

its not possible

mental discipline is directly

connected to physical discipline and

vice versa

and both together affect the soul direction


adisun108 said...

your words keep ringing true to me all the time. these are pearls of wisdom! the real treasure trove!

sarah said...

The Cartesian mind/body disconnection is a bullshit philosophy: byproduct/contributor to the mass scale schizophrenia of the west. It is so generous to provide the diagnoses/cure. I bow.

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad P! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! with mind and body! this is such a brilliant exPlanaTion of why it is essential for one to bow Physically! You helP one clearly recognize that mental bowing without the physical bowing results in mind, body, soul disconnect (multiple schizophrenia) and how an un humble PosTure results in an un humble mind. You share such Profound words which anyone can PuT into action!
'mental discipline is directly
connected to physical discipline and
vice versa
and both together affect the soul direction'
dhanyavad for Your simPle and Powerful wisdom P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

great Plog !

You give PracTicalities for imProvemenT

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
Kalki King PT riding white horse

a pari said...

i bow ! it makes so much sense that the body would have to be involved, no one just thinks abt food only, or thinks abt sex or just thinks abt breathing and drinking water or anything else that one needs nourishment for. one is always doing things to nourish one's body but never doing what is good and nourishing for one's spirit to soul ... and from personal experience one can say that nothing else matters !!!

if one is not bowing to Divine nothing else one does will make any difference !! its just so logickal. and the last thing one wants to do is be unhumble to Divine ! the PunishmenT from You, the Phorce, would be quite severe and capital for anyone doing that !! one can see it happening everyday in so many ways as ppl keep ignoring You are here on earth right now too !!

physically bowing is clearly the only way to escape experiencing trouble and deeper hells (since one's mind is so habitually patterned and programmed through self's ignorance to follow hell) ! one does not just think about taking one's hand out of the fire ONE ACTUALLY DOES IT physically ! this is the realm of action as You have said before, it is the physical realm not a mental one !!

there is no greater Being than You to clarify how important this triangulation of mind body and spirit is to get to a soul !! You are the MOST coherent One in all ways !! i bow to You P !!

i bow !!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow...

amaya said...

You are so full of absolute clarity
Your Plog is so Phenomenal
You are so Precise
You are so absolutely wholistic
i bow

amaya said...

You are so very, very right
one wants to do everything mentally mostly when it comes to evolution
so called spiritual notions and fake notions doing the rounds these days along with all the talk about meditation and chanting while observing silence contribute to this assumption that it's sufficient to do things mentally ..all this has such weird and unsuccessful effects

'mental discipline is directly connected to physical discipline and vice versa
and both together affect the soul direction'
wow these are awesome lines
that's such an awesome insight and You make so much sense
You are such a wonderful being
so awesome of You to show how being physically undisciplined affects the mental condition and vice versa
You make such important and awesome PoinTs
You write so awesomely
it's so great and awesome of You to highlight the imPorTance of physical and mental disciPline that affects ones soul direction
Your words are so very helpful
You are extremely awesome
Your scriPTures are great
i bow

sarah anne said...

only You show how to take control of the mind and body, and only You are an inPeccable examPle of that control.

jganesh said...

wow ! You make the best and most logical PoinTs ! i bow

Swati said...

⭐️P⭐️ it is rare most to get oPporTunity to touch Your PheeT, to bow to You, to bow Your Divinity, to bow to Your SuPremacy, to bow to Your countless Divine Virtues, to bow to Your Divine gnowledge and wisdom, to bow to Your Glory, ComPassion, Absolute Truth, Mercy, Majesty, Divine Actions, Power, one can only get bliss, Pleasure and Peace and PaTh to evolve in Your Love. Phragrance of Your Divinity is so beautiful that body bows naturally in front of You and mann starts dancing... no comPulsion, You are wHolisTic being who is helPing everyone to evolve wHolistically... body, mind and soul level with comPleTe Bliss and Painless life in the Process. noone is such suPreme like You !! You are my Prabhu, my ShivNarayan !! ! bow to You O my Lord !!