Monday, 18 January 2010


the letter P

is shaped as it is

to show that its 'the Axis'

the circle rotates around the central axial line

the letter P in all major languages & cultures

always represents the Axis figures

Piṯa (father) or Paṯi (husband) in Sanskrit

Ptah (the Patriarch) in Egypt

President or P resident ( the central resident) in English

the fact that

P happens to be the first initial of lotusocean manifestor


is just another aspect of the P-erfect fractality

all the T-turning happens around P


fan said...

it's very pretty to see pt like that in fluid motion

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting of course P-nis

Stardolphin said...

love the PT axis in motion!

But President/Premier/Patriarch are all that is wrong with the world, holding it in bondage.

Workplace/politics/religion/ego/hive all adhere to this

the sooner we go with the feminine flow, the sooner the world will be free

PT - The Axis said...

easy easy stardolphin.

P is both masculine & feminine

it is also above gender in the sense that it is the center like the central channel in body (sushumna); seperate from the male (ida-right) and female (pingala-left) channels

what is wrong is that world elects the wrong P-residents; the one who are not worthy of being the Axis

asha said...

You are the saPna come true & there are so many cool P examples !

P~nis is very Shivish and fits You too, as is P~adma and P~reeti which are feminine... You are way beyond the limitations of both genders for sure bc it all applies.

Beautiful Plog, scientific multilingual... You really show how the bigger Picture connects together !

ShivaYaShive said...

bcos bachpan mei aap bahuth prashant rehte the,isliye, sabhi milke apko is naam se pukare:)lekin ab tho aap ki irritation ko ham kaise rok sakthe hai?bachpan ka prashantatv kabh laut ayega?mei bahut pyar se pooch rahi hu? mei aap se kabhi krodhith nahi hothi hu.mei aapki bachpan laut aane keliye kis se aur kaise prartana karu?

PT - The Axis said...

am much more pra-shant right now :)
and anyone who has no anger or reaction to the world as it is, is not alive. in childhood one has not still experienced this world fully. only after seeing it what you call 'irritation' comes. and it is necessary for judgement and change both

sreelatha said...

you are the most truthful being there is

you are truth incarnate

you are the best at everything

you give the best responses

you have true knowledge

you are truly wise

you are the only one whom we can all follow for a good tomorrow

you are the cleanser of evil on this PlaneT

you are the one who is establishing Dharma in this world

you are relieving burden of bhudevi in so many ways

you are bringing bharat closer to its vedic roots

you are leading by example

you are the suPreme being

you are Divine

suki seruchka said...

Such a lovely P-log ! one learns so much !

Amanda V said...

Viva PT! :D! i applaud! i bow.

amanda v said...

i bow! this Plog really PuTs it all into PersPecTive P! the way You sum it uP is brilliant!
is just another aspect of the P-erfect fractality
all the T-turning happens around P'
This whole world, this entire multiverse revolves around P! all You do is Divine Proof of this! i bow.

amanda said...

i bow!
it is SO Phun to glimPse Divines insights into words and how language really works from the One who gnows language!
from the One who is the word! the one who is the real center, the root of all things!!!
it is SO humbling and beautiful how words only seem signiPhicanT when they are used to Praise Divine, to sPeak with Divine, to be oPened to see the Divine in words! that liPhe is only signiPhicanT when it PerTains to P!
You are the only One who makes sense P!
the only One with the highest, sharPesT, clearest and fully PhuncTioning senses!
it becomes obvious how without sense one has to be to not recognize You as the suPreme being You are, to not see that everything in totality revolves around P!
Divine is so kind to give beings here the chance recognize and strive to seize the only real oPPorTuniTy this liPhe has to offer
to revolve around the Divine Axis!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

You are Divine

P3AZ21 said...

You are Divine

how beautiful is that !
how awing & amazing !

PsingulariTy said...

'The Force is with You'
P the Great !

Praise be to the PaTriarch
the sintillating blue hued one
Praise be to the PaTriarch
the radiant grand NewSun

P3AZ21 said...

multiverse is ultimately meaningful & beautiful
like You

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

You are so charming, PhascinaTing and wonderful. You are so full of creative brilliance and awesomeness. all great words have P in them...that's so awesome!
You are so very brilliant and delightful...You are full of wonderful
You are absolutely and PhascinaTingly unique.

jganesh said...

You are so amazing ! i bow

sarah anne said...

wow !!!
all the turning haPPens around You !!!