Sunday, 1 May 2011

what is as is

when beings

are under a spell


can't see

what is as is

thats what majority

on this planet is

under the spell

of their evil overlords

they are programmed machine zombies

serving the evil system

losing their soul

in their process

this spell

is cast through

fake education, media, societal rules

& relies

on people's own negative qualities

like conceit, fear, jealousy ...

only praise of divine will

break this spell

those not willing so

will face the music

of their own choice


asha said...

You always state things as is, so straight precise and compassionate !

You give the reason why things are the way they are and give an alternative to all the confusion out there. LotusOcean music is so much cooler to face, it is honest truth ... no fraud ever !

sreelatha said...

ParamaTma ki Prashansa hi jeevan ka sahi marg hai

vah anth safar tak suraksit le janevala hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! You so clearly state the most pressing issue one faces in this world, its cause,how to overcome it and the consequences. You Provide constant guidance for foundational change and restructuring. You are the ultimate sPell breaker P. the ONLY One who can lead one to freedom. i bow at Your comPassionaTe feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

J Ganesh said...

P always exPlains things so well ! P is a masTer sPellcasTer ! i bow !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

only You can bring clarity.
You are so gracious.

jganesh said...

what an amazing PoinT ! only praise of the Higher will break the spell ! we are all so fortunate You are here ! otherwise we would be in la la land forever ! what a hellish thought ... i bow