Tuesday, 28 April 2009

the meaning of life

contrary to what it might seem
the game
is not being controlled
by the beings here on earth

it is a battle of essences
'divine' and 'evil'
operating from other realms

'beings' here have to make a choice
one way or the other

with differing consequences of course

thats the one and only
'meaning of life'

this game like any other game
has its time limit
the sand is quickly running out

only the stakes are different
its either
blissful freedom or a painful trapped existence

this blog is dedicated to those
who have sincerely tried
to solve
the ageold query
'whats it all about?'


stardolphin said...

Brilliant as ever

For all of the millions of words thru time, tortured, confused or inspired, written on "the meaning of life", you have explained it simply in a few lines.

We are currently witnessing an explosion of new age gurus, so-called mystics, so-called healers, people using maths and star cycles to work out crop circles, bogus communicators from "other realms", eco-evangelists, nostradamus experts, historians, television personalities and celebrities, creepy cult religions, religious preachers, politicians trying to be cool etc...everyone trying to tell us "the meaning of life". Not one comes close. Because none of them grasp the real concept of "praising the divine"

love your music and writing, hopefully one day you'll transmit yourself speaking your words...there's nothing as inspiring and enlightening as actually hearing and seeing you in person. :)

tulsi said...

thank you for that, for setting the record straight...it's so simple when you put it that way yet we make things so complicated.. we take so much for granted not realising the true preciousness or meaning of human life or how to steer ourselves in the right direction...

Anonymous said...

so earth is the battle ground for the divine and the evil.

sreelatha said...

in your compassion you have answered the quesiton of what's it all about here on your p log

your attributes are unfathomable for they are so many of them

sarah said...

philosophy classes just made me more and more confused, this is awesome clarity. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow again and again. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine makes it clear what the meaning and PurPose of this existence is and that there is no time to waste!
aligning with Divine is the only PaTh which can lead one to blissful freedom!
it is inexPlicably amazing that Divine is here guiding the way out of the Painful trapped existence of this PlaneT and away from the evil essence which attempts to keep beings stuck here!
it is most comPassionaTe that Divine oPens the door to all to Praise Divine! That Divine so clearly states what is and is not Divine to help keeP one from falling in the never ending traPs of this world! the severity and seriousness of this life can not be exPressed enough and Divine is most kind to state, show and exPlain it in so many ways!
PT is the ultimate Phorce in all realms! it is the most amazing giPhT that Divine has maniPhesTed here! the only One who can helP beings break out of this Prision!
i bow at the refuge of Divines feet. the only safe Place to focus!

P3AZ21 said...

You show meaning of life

its choosing to Praise Divine or listening & acting according to evil in one

the meaning to a life that you provide through lotusocean is divinely

living a Vedic way of life
in nature
as surrounded by nature
with natural construction, food regulated to be Real food, flowing river water (for once filled with energy & clean & hosting its own treasures), land where cows roam freely, birds & bees & peacocks & trees ...

You show what Divine ways are
How Pure & enriching they are

You helP the sPiriT rejoice in all you do

You give meaning to life

therein though lies a choice, either Praise Divine or Highway to Hell

PsingulariTy said...

You are comPassionaTe
The Benefactor !

Anonymous said...

'that's the one and only meaning of life'
i bow!
there can only be ONE!
surrender to Divine mind, body sPiriT is the only choice!
i choose Divine!
fully and comPleTely!
i bow

Science Spirituality said...

Beautifully written as always, your golden words are enlightening to us-
"thats the one and only
'meaning of life'
this game like any other game
has its time limit
the sand is quickly running out
only the stakes are different
its either
blissful freedom or a painful trapped existence"

Thank you for sharing everything, thank you for your PT logs, thank you!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the meaningful.
i bow to the problem solver.
i bow to the Bliss giver.
i bow to the fractal.
i bow to life.
i bow to evil destroyer.
i bow to the savour.

sarah anne said...

You are the only source of meaning

amaya said...

Yours is the most awesome writing on this PlaneT
there is nothing in the world like Plogs
Your writing is so wonderful.
You write with such style. You are such awesomeness
so kind of You to share Your knowledge.

jganesh said...

beautiful ! You give meaning to life ! i bow !!

amaya said...

Your Plogs are so PhascinaTing
the real meaning of life at last !
Your words are so wonderful and Phun to read!
a battle of essences..Divine and evil
one just has to make a choice within a certain time limit
You have all the real gnowledge
You truly gno what's going on
You gno what's it all about
You are the wisest
You are the most intelligent
You gno the way out
You are the smartest
You are the real brahm gyani
You are the real gnower of multiversal gnowledge
You and only You gno the meaning of life!
i bow

amaya said...

You and only You gno the meaning of life
You have all the answers
You have all the answers to any question ever
You are so imPressive
You write so beautifully
You sum it all up so wonderfully
You reveal the truth about the game that's being played!
You reveal the most PhascinaTing and exciting truths and PhacTs
You totally gno what's going on
reading Your Plogs is so relaxing and soothing
Your writings are so PhascinaTing and enjoyable
You reveal the most PhascinaTing PhacTs ever
You gno everything worth gnoing!
Your words are ultimate eye oPening words
You reveal it all!
You give the real answers at last!
You and only You gno what it's all about
You have all the answers anyone can ever want and more!
Your words are so legendary
Your words are beautiful and shining truths
You oPen uP a whole new world to one
only You tell what's going on
You reveal the truth!
You are so truthful
You are amazing
i bow

Swati said...

O Most beautiful essence of Multiverse ! O Shivatva ! O Narayansh !O Brahma !! You
are one ParamSwarooP of Trinity.

'SamPurn' 'Purnavatar'

Your Presence is 'Shubhkari' on earth...for the true blissful freedom ~ existence !!
Your side is the side of samPurn Universe inside You !!

You are the the real essence of 'Panchbhoota'~
You are the only warmth of blue and violet Phire ~ Shakti ~ agani !!

You are the true coolest, sweetest ~Sheetalta of life giving water ~ gangaJal !!

You are the most beautiful essence of air ~ Prana Vayu !!

You are the divine essence of 'Param-dhwani'~ 🕉️ ~ Akash !!

You are Paramdharya, sweetest fragrance of bhoomi ~ earth ~ Dharti !!

You are the seed of Shrishti ~Creation !!

You are the most beautiful essence of Sun~Suryadev and Chandni of Moon-Chardradev.

SamPurn Jagat ka Saar hai Samaya ~ AaPme !!

You are in the ‘Bhajan’ of Narad muni, Meera ke chand~छंद, Radha ki Pukar ~longing, Veer Hanuman ki Ramayan ~ jaikar ~ 'Raam'.

You are Paramtatva of SamPurna Prem !! Prem - 'Prem of Navdha Bhakti'.

O P~Parmeshwar, Paramatma, ParamPujniye !
! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !!
Mera Pranaam Sweekar kariye Prabhu !!

Swati said...

rest all is evil essence to run the greed,cheat,ego, ignorance of man made laws... ! bow to You !!

Vaishali Thaker said...

Wow!! its amazing to gnow that the battle between evil & divine beings somewhere in other realms is affecting life of beings on earth plane!! what an eye opening surprising phact!! no one has ever revealed this phact in such simple straightforward way, you are the saviour, you share all the real gnowledge, you are the divine incarnation of paramatman, you have come over here to show us the true path, to free us from this prison, release us from worldly bondage, you spread so much of gnowledge & awareness, you are so calm, intelligent, peaceful.. you see everything with your 3rd eye, you are the best inspiration, you are the best example of how to be a human, you are the rishi, the only real guru.. i bow 🙏

veena iyengar said...

So true..
I choose blissful freedom..
thank you..

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow!, I was amazed to find out that the battle of essences'divine' and 'evil' are
operating from other realms which is affecting life here on earth. Thank you for sharing such real gnowledge. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

undecided said...

I bow. so many profound verses in only one short Plog post. Always straight to the PoinT with PT.

Always searching for the meaning of life, wondering what it truly means to be HuMan...

Whenever you ask this question to muggles, they shun you for even questioning and go about their hell days again.

PT is the only true gnoledge. aeioum