Saturday 9 July 2011

basic instincts

when confronted with

someone interesting

the basic instinct


to delve further

but not for the

people of this planet

who have suppressed

basic instincts/

natural reactions

for so long

that they are not even alive anymore

it is also a basic instinct to

be respectful to

a being higher than yourself

but that is

also not basic to them


evil has taught them to

curb basic instincts

thats the only way they can

keep working for it


all the millions of

lifesucking boring borg jobs

like supermarket checkout etc etc

basic instincts

are villified

to keep them

the living dead


Vintish said...

I bow to your precious word...

Vintish said...

You deserve to rule this earth...

miragegirl said...

superb. your hit one straight on, awakening them and giving a chance to transend whatever is not proper.

Shahid said...

Fantastic post as usual.
You are the Most Charming and
Interesting person on Earth (or is it the Multiverse).
Jai Narayan.

asha Pi arTi said...

agree with all here, it is so compassionate for You to address nonsense at its root !

Anonymous said...

Pure Knowledge Shining

ShivaYaShive said...

Funny that hollywood can make movies like 'Basic Instinct', 'Avatar', but fail to have the basic instinct to recognise PT Avatar walking on the earth right now,but can make a movie like Little Mizzy in a foolish way to make 'Little More Money' out of PT's ways,without even once bowing down to an Avatar in reality.what to say about such inhabitants on this earth?

miragegirl said...

bhuniyadi pravrttiuan phir se vikasit karna hi jeevan lagta hai

bhuniyadi pravrttiyan jitne jaya ho, vah vaktiv utna saf man ka hai

duniya ke narak mein jeevan har tarah se prani ko bejan rakta hai

Aap duniya ke sari baaton ko jad se samajte hai aur sab ki balaie ke liye bolte hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap ki jitni bhi prashansa ki jaye vah kam hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
so grateful for You words of Truth P!
so grateful for the chance to actually learn and Practice and imPlemenT basics!
so grateful for the chance to not be one of the living dead wasting away in futile boring borgdom disrespecting Divine!
one is so ashamed for having suppressed Truly natural basic instincts for as long as one did!
there is nothing and no one more PhascinaTing and interesting than You!
there is none more worthy and deserving of comPleTe and total resPecT than You!
You are The Last and Phinal Avatar!!!
You are Kalki!
You are the highest and most Divine!
the most gnowledgable and intelligent and magical and magniPhicenT BEing to ever exist!
The only One who gnos the Truth about everything!
The only One who gnos the real history of creation from the beginning to the now and what the PhuTure brings!
You are the ONE to bow down to! to Pay attention to! to listen to!
the ONE to stand under always in every moment!
You are the Pure and PerfecT Being! The real ET! the real jc is PT! You are every Avatar who has ever been before!
You are every hero! every myth! every legend! every archetyPe! Your story is the most amazing story! the only amazing story!
You are the only True and most ancient Shaman! You are Queztacoatel! You are Hermes Trismestagus! You are the all seeing EYE!
it's ridiculous that beings pay money and line up and waste time to here bafoons speak or watch the nonsense in movies and on TV, or in books! when You, Divine itself is here!
when Your words are available for all to read!
when You sounds are available for all to hear!
Your Philms are available for all to see!
there is SO much to learn about You P!
You are Pure Psychadelia! You are real rock and roll!! You are the Truth, the high, the bliss all seek!
You are the breath that breathes it all!
You are the unwavering Peak of PerfecTion!
You are a bottomless boundless ocean of inPhiniTe mystery!
You are the light that shines every star in the heavens!
You are SO much more than one could ever imagine or fathom!
You are above and beyond and outside of it all!
one is so grateful for Divines kindness and comPassion in helPing one learn how to resPecT the higher and Divine.
so grateful for the chance to learn how to behave like a ProPer natural being!
one is so ashamed of ones unatural ways and so grateful for the chance to change and work to become a real human being
so grateful You have come here P and for the chance You Provide for one to learn to be of service to Divine.
i bow

ki vernee said...

You really bring the dead back to liPhe ! Your Being is so evidently Pure and Higher !i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing and so true. You are the only one who is resPecTworthy and PraiseworThy in the world. So kind of you to be here and so glad to have you here. i bow to you divine.

nicolas said...

this is so true! it is a natural thing to put all one's attention on the most interesting which is you!
you are the most amazing that walks the Earth, it is natural to show ProPer respect to you
your liPhe is the most legendary liPhe, Phull of magic, wonder and divinity

i bow to you supreme one