Friday 30 March 2012

शक्ति और शक्ती


the word


is now used to

describe a gathering of people

trying desperately to move their body

in graceless ways

to some machine-made annoying digi sounds

on drugs

a pathetic attempt

which transcends nothing

in fact it drives one more into the

realm of pain & torture

the word 'trance'


from sanskrit


going past the

three gunas (aspects of nature)

is transcendence

which only happens through

praise & serving of divine

only real devotees of divine can

experience a real 'trance'

not devotees of

money-organized madness

Monday 26 March 2012

who(se) rule(s) - fools or divine ?

people are always

paying a lot of attention

to the silly rules & regulations

made by society

& fools who govern it

they say

they do this

so that

they don't get into trouble


they seem to be not able to pay

any attention at all

to divine & its rules

seems like they have no idea

what real trouble is



a highly used term these days

in the sense of taking a break from it all

pretty much in the dictionary sense of

taking a step back from battle

many people go on retreats


as they have never treated themselves well

so how can they re-treat themselves


how does one treat oneself well ?

one treats oneself well

only when

one praises and serves high & divine

Tuesday 13 March 2012

a treat

people always go on


how others treat them

when the


always simply is

how they treat themselves