Thursday 25 August 2011

the vedic unity

this whole planet

used to be


at one point

( pre 3000 BC )

the one-book sects

posing as religions

have modified history

in order to

keep the people



under their fold

the word 'vatican' comes

from sanskrit 'vatika' ( meaning 'abode' )

vatican sits on top of what

was once a shiv temple

so does mecca

with its black stone

all magical symbols

used in this world

find their source

in vedic gnowledge

so do all the sciences

the land now called 'india'

was/is the last stronghold

of vedic gnowledge

they have tried their best to

uproot it from its very roots

but it is impossible to

take out something

which is so pervasive

real unity amongst

all the varied people

on this planet

can only come from

a coming back to

the vedic way

( सनातन धर्म
- everlasting decrees )

which by virtue of being complete

in its understanding

of this multiverse

is alone deserving of the term


in uni i tie


in one i tie

Saturday 20 August 2011

doing the do

people always seem

to be able to

do the do

when it comes to

brushing their teeth etc

but when it comes to

taking care of their soul & evolution

most cannot

do the simple do


using their mouths

to praise higher/divine


using their bodies

to serve higher/divine

it is the only way one evolves

not by thinking or internalizing

moving the mouth to praise the higher/divine

is the 'do'

only those who

do this do

with continuity

get out of the mess


Monday 15 August 2011

think think (wink wink)

there are so many

in this world

who love to think

using their faulty little brains

powered by their unfractal genes

many have pushed thought to the limit

have encountered

confusion, frustration, insanity & suicidalness

the net result has been

a big zero

all the past wisdom and tales

make it very clear that

any evolution or rise in this multiverse

depends on praising/serving the higher/divine

not thinking

Valmiki wrote the immortal epic 'Ramayan'

by praising Raam - an incarnation of divine

not by thinking

even asuras like ravan gained power & influence

by praising/serving Shiv - a divine being

still they believe

that they will figure it all out

if they just keep reading & thinking

kundalini doesn't rise

by reading/thinking

nor does 3rd eye open by reading/thinking

all evolution happens

through actual practise

of praising/serving higher/divine

this simple fact remains

elusive despite all of their thinking


all of the evidence pointing towards it

want to gno ... really !

there are many

who come to lotusocean

saying they want to gno

some even say that they want to

gno it all

yes most of them

are not even willing to

leave their

useless little lives behind

guess they don't want to


badly enough

maybe not gno at all

Wednesday 10 August 2011

random word generators

there are millions of blogs

propping up everyday

and most of their output


output of a


they don't mean/say anything

just lots of words

for no rhyme or reason

whenever people write anything

these days

it is all so incoherent

even a random word generator would

do better


there are many

who feel not worthy

of going towards divine

the fact that one wants to

turn towards divine

makes one worthy enough

enough worth lies in

just taking that step

there is no special qualification/worthiness

required to go towards divine


a wanting to get out of

the hell created by evil

Tuesday 9 August 2011


there are many who

say/think they are not brave enough

to move towards divine

out of the current structures of evil

lotusocean says that

it requires more bravery

to continue in hell

only brave can handle

unending confusion, pain, torture, boredom

people who think they are safe & secure

within hell's structures

are brave indeed

as all the evidence points otherwise

no special bravery is required to

move towards divine

those going towards divine

are not-so-brave

as it is just going towards

real safety, nourishment & pleasantness

Monday 8 August 2011

no room for divine ...

evil has tried its best

to create a world

which has no room for divine


divine has no entry point


divine will never reduce itself

to being an actor in the various silly-woods

( divine be's not act like what it is not -
job of actors is
to promote unrealism, fantasy & devoluting attitudes)

or a circus-like entertainer like pop/rock idols

( to reduce vibrations & dumb people down further )

or a gladitorial sports idol

( to suffer pain & glorify torture for some money/fame )

or a religious head

( to promote falsehoods & practise hypocrisy )

or a fake guru

( to fool oneself & masses alike )

or a corporate ceo

( to sell people/nature/earth for a chair & some money )

or a puppet government head

( to be a rubberstamp of the evil overlords )

so masses have no

access to divine

except for one loophole



Crop Circle illustrates the Shiv-Shakti activities of PT

Sunday 7 August 2011

the reason why

the reason why

majority of people on this planet

live their life like they do


because they assume/presume

that it will all last forever

their parents, friends, pets

and of course them

in this foreverness

one can while away time


one silly frivolosity/triviality

after another

whats the harm they say

we have all the time in the world

an eternity for nonsense

looking at them

one gets the feeling

they have infinite lifespans

beings here show no


of their lifespan

reality of death

does not ever really

enter their


when it actually happens

in their forever-little-world

it is seen as a trauma

which they usually cannot recover from

death opens up too many questions

like what after etc

so best to just behave

as if it doesn't exist

& carry on with mindless

nonsense in


a being who gno's

that they have limited time here

is bound to behave differently

especially if they also gno

what is at stake

if they don't

Saturday 6 August 2011

असतोमासदगमय् तमसोमाज्योतिर्गमय् मृत्योर्माअमृतमगमय्

Lets move towards

Truth from untruth
Light from darkness
Immortality from death

असत has been pronounced अस्त
as अस्त means 'setting' &
this was done when sun was 'setting' ...

असत & अस्त are phonetically connected
as 'untruth' and 'sun-setting' are
metaphorically connected