Saturday 25 September 2010


if one looks at

all the movies from

'predator' to 'wraith'


its clear that

the western world

is in permanent fear

of something

which is going

to do to them

what they do

to animals

& have done to native tribals


bigger stronger ruthless

& more technologically

advanced than they are

is the recurring nightmare

this nightmare is

not just a fantasy

its based on reality

there is always something

more bloodthirsty

up the chain

of violence

in the 3-D universe

a vicious karmic cycle


predator = pre - dator

something which pre-dates

Friday 24 September 2010

alternative researchers

there are many

alternative researchers

on the horizon now

who are bringing out

the hidden facts

about human, earth & galactic history

and the present evil system

which is in itself

quite a good thing

in a planet full of

sleeping zombies


there is a major problem

with most of them

barring exceptions

they don't believe in a

supreme multiversal power/divinity

or that it can have a

representative on earth

in human form

their lack of study/understanding

of the vedic gnowledge

being key to this problem

they run away from the concept

of higher & lower


firmly believe in their own self's ability to

find & sort everything out

most of them despite getting to

a piece of the puzzle

remain a confused mess

their lives are no different

from that of an ordinary muggle

their lack of humility

will unfortunately

not allow for evolution

despite the initial spark of awakening

Thursday 23 September 2010


most of the pride

about appearance and body

amongst the people (genepools) here

especially the females

comes from an

almost complete ignorance

of the fact

that they are


yes most

of them are

highly acidic

& full of toxic poisons


bad diet, thoughts

& lifestyles

some might

not be able to

see the ugliness

when they look in the mirror


toxicity is not

easy to miss

in acts like sex

thats why

they always


before they


no amount of


or colognes

or external baths

which have all been

increasing rapidly

in last 100 years

can help with it

temporary detox's

will not suffice

as one would build it all back again

quite quickly

even if they are disciplined with diet

the mind would create

a complete change of path

the only way out

the longer they hold onto that hollow pride

the harder that would be

only a toxic people will be fine

toxifying the whole world

as they have done with

crops, food, seeds, ecosystems

if people of this planet just admit

to their own toxicity

& try to take it out

by the only way it can

making a change from the root

all the problems will be solved

Sunday 19 September 2010

meat & violence

in the so-called west

they have gone to great lengths

to disconnect themselves from

what they eat

so if its 'beef' one is eating

it has nothing to do with a cow

when one is eating 'pork'

its nothing to do with a pig

when one is eating 'mutton'

its nothing to do with sheep

& so on and so forth

there is not much wanting to gno

how that stuff got to their table either

its uncivilized to even mention

the violence involved

just close your senses/mind/heart

& chew

talk about head in the sand

in a wonky witches tale

funny how the very same people

talk about

love, freedom & justice ...

the meat consciousness

based on unnecessary violence towards animals

which is prevalent on this planet

makes it impossible for

there to be any real positive change

most cannot even fathom that

violence amongst people

cannot be stopped

unless violence towards fellow creatures

is stopped

as long as there are cages for

chickens & cows

there will be cages for

homo erectus too

the way they cut them down

the same way they will be cut down too

Tuesday 14 September 2010

PT's world

people ask

what kind of world

would it be

if my precepts were followed ?

the answer is

it would be

a world







it would be

a world

which would be

advanced in

the real sense

of the word

from all perspectives

an ever-evoluting


which would

be a model

for the

rest of the galaxy



Sunday 12 September 2010


people point towards


to what lotusocean points out

the fact is

that right now






Friday 10 September 2010

limited will do

the more limited

a being is

the more fine

they are with it

they being the

majority on this planet

this accounts for their

choice of gurus

& what they pseudolove

Sunday 5 September 2010


all the temples

of every organized


on this planet

are a fraud

they serve the

fat priests



the only real temple

is the

temple area

of the avatar's head