Sunday 28 October 2012

youth - yis or yes

most on this planet



what can be called as

muggle 'youth invincibility syndrome' - YIS

they are always far away from

YES - youth enquiry sense

when people reach that age

of 16/17

they get carried away by

a torrent of energy called youth

which they find themselves unable to cope with

its too intoxicating a drink for them

it makes them

heady, proud, non-listening

they all seem to gno what to do

without having any

real gnowledge at all

learning, humility

all seem like bad words

old age seems like something

which only happens to others

death does not even exist

it seems youth is what they are

born for again and again

but cannot really utilize anytime


Monday 15 October 2012

only for a job

a very bizzare phenomenon

which applies to

most of the muggles

on this planet

is that

they can only maintain

any sort of discipline

in terms of speech and action

for a thing called


a funny activity

which trades hours for pennies

they find it

very hard

to do anything

for their own self or evolution

even if they are

freed from

the waste of time

called job