Friday 31 December 2010


the west

in its blissless boredom

has created

its own definitions of


any essentially meaningless event

is important

just because it is organized by them

having this or that watch

is important

just because it is made by them

31st december

is important

just because they made this particular calender

gulping this or that wine / alchohol

is important

just because they say so

by their precepts

subjecting your mind body & soul

to torture

in any which way possible

is important


imPortant =

i am P oriented


i am divine axis oriented

the rest will

remain unimportant

no matter how hard

they pretend otherwise

Friday 24 December 2010

open to all

have been asked



is open to every


the simple answer is

it is

some think

i am against

certain race(s)

the truth is that

lotusocean just

tells it how it is

no one can take a step forward

without understanding

who they are

what their genes are made up of

what there ancestors have done


where they stand in the ladder of evolution

any misnomers or delusions


take one down not up

Sunday 12 December 2010

fantasy entering a new zone

the fantasies

keep on rolling from the west

falling straight into

the zone of the ultraridiculous

lets look at the lead character

of a TV series called

Stargate SG 1

called Colonel O'Neill

he is an

average stereotypical american

junk food eating

beer drinking

servant of their system

he however has extra powers -

can barely stand straight

can't string 2 sentences together

always ready for alchohol


blank-look giving


unco ( uncoordinated in mind, body & soul )

he is portrayed


saviour of earth (many times over)

an evolutionary breakthrough for homo sapiens

carrying genes of the ascended ancients

famous across the whole galaxy as a great being

the one who everyone seeks the approval of

the one whom women want

the one who can assess & react to any situation

the list goes on and on ...

each episode

springing from a

crazy-cannot handle reality of ones own state-collective-mind

this kind of fantasy

may keep them going in

their boring blissless lives

for a little while

but in the end

it will all implode

into the painful patheticness

which is the reality

one becomes 'higher'



disciplined devotion to divine

a fact not-yet registering

within their collective psyche

Friday 3 December 2010


there are those

who try to hide behind


& say that

there are many paths

the reality is that there is only

1 Path (P-ath)


its normal

2 directions

one going away from divine and

one going towards divine