Saturday 31 July 2010


a word now used

not for the degree of en-light-enment

but for how much trouble & depression

one has been through

or which drugs, psychedelics

one has taken

evil in its decrepit state

will only propagate

its own state as experienced

the fact is that

real exPerience

only happens through divine grace

nonsense traders

the west

has been a

trader of nonsense

for a while now

buy nonsense (fake gurus)

sell nonsense (mtv)

thats why all fakes and frauds

are welcome

anything real

please keep out

we have no use for ya

these traders

have put themselves

in charge of world resources

through hook & crook

now everyone everywhere

just trades in nonsense

Thursday 29 July 2010

of pigs & such ...

in the west

they cannot hide the fact anymore

that most of the

so-called homo-sapiens resident there

are now just pigs

that walk on 2 legs

all their adverts

are acknowledging

what they don't want to

acknowledge in person

every time they have to depict

a crowd of people

its aptly a crowd of pigs instead

they thought all this eating of pigs

would not affect them

the pig nature and attributes

would not take over

wishful thinking

even if the female variety puts lipstick on

its still a ...

and pigs don't fly

(refering to their many yellings

'i just wanna fly' etc)

they just are fattened for slaughter

in stuff they call war etc

its all out in the open

for anyone to see

who don't want to

blind themselves deliberately

just coz they can't handle the reality

as they wake up next to you gno who/what

sorry about the spell breaking

no need to fret or panic

there is a way out

bowing down to divine

the spell

most on this planet

are in a zombie state

clearly under a spell

a spell



in which

they see everything upside down

beast as beauty and so forth

an artificially manufactured spell

which can be easily



bowing to divine

Sunday 25 July 2010

science & spirituality

many would be surprised


there was a time

when science & spirituality

were one

the schism was artificially created

only by the introduction

of false science and false spirituality

the false science

cannot tell you

why an apple falls to the ground

real science can

& will tell you that it is

through golden mean symmetry based suction

that golden mean can be found

in the conch held by


the lord of this multiverse

from a spiritual standpoint

real science will also

tell you how

old growth forests are

rich in coherent charge density

which nourishes your biology & spirit

real spirituality has always

revealed the same

through all its tales

where the soul-upliftment activities

were carried out in old growth forests

sci-ence = cutting up of the essences

that is spirit-uality-singularity

Friday 23 July 2010

timepass & divine passtime

how does one tell

the fools & the wise apart ?

quite simple really

the fools

rely on

their self, its actions

& actions of other incoherent beings

for timepass

devolution being the only outcome


the wise

put attention on

avatars of divine

& their activities



evolutionary passtime

Thursday 22 July 2010


the term


as used by lotusocean

doesn't refer to

physical flying

whether it be in a flying machine

or flying like a bird

if flying in the air

was a mark of evolution

than all birds would

have to be considered hyperevolved

the fact is that

birds are as trapped

as any other being

which walks the ground

representations & titles like

birdman & garud

are symbolic references to

coherent & successful


in the realms of

mental, astral & causal

garud is the bird-brain

in both physical & metaphysical sense

upon which narayan ( divine ) rides

in its journies/avatars

it is all about flying /navigating

in the ocean of consciousness

within and in between dimensions

not flying in the air

as is fashionable in the hero's

like superman

Wednesday 21 July 2010

twice born

first birth is from the

physical mother

that everyone has

very few gno or aspire

for anything else

thus remaining firmly tied in the

knots of dependency and obligation

there is however

a second birth

not an outof

but an into birth

it is a birth

into divine

divine becomes

the mother, father, everything after that

no obligations

remain to the physical mother, father

relations etc etc

only when one is twice born

does one become a brahman

a gnower of brahmgyan ( multiversal gnowledge )

truely free

Tuesday 20 July 2010

say yes to say no

one gets to hear

umpteen slogans to the effect -

say no

to drugs, alchohol, gambling, addictions etc

but it has no use


there is no substitute



say yes to

the root problem

is lack of bliss


can only be fixed by

attention on

divine & its activities

but that has become an




taboo in

a world managed

by you gno who


they are making movies

about how

in another 1000 years

this planet

would be a complete idiocracy

presuming things keep on going

as they are

in pushing it all to the future

it seems they want to avoid

facing the fact

that the situation they envisage

has already been reached

in the right now

with many

stating without a pause

" drink water ?! ...

are you kidding me

water is not for drinking

its for brushing teeth"

water after all

has got nothing

on pepsi or red bull

Sunday 18 July 2010

planet of the teeth

if an observer

from another dimension or planet

tapped into this planet's

media & internet

all it would see

is teethy grins


that all is well here

and all are happy

it would surely be fooled

if it is dumb enough

to see the

forced tense teethy pretension

as sign of happiness

either the snakes (genepools)

here are just happy to have teeth

and want to show them off

at every opportunity

or they

want to desperately prove something

which is not the truth

Friday 16 July 2010


people on this planet

love to use this word

for any activity

outside of their limited perception

somehow they don't think

of family

as a cult

or society

as a cult

or country

as a cult

and all these cults

are dangerous

they kill

they rape land

they pollute the earth & the elements

they utilize beings for their nefarious ends

they demand unquestioned loyalty


they label anything outside of their hell

a cult

cult is just a short form of 'culture'

something which is clearly lacking

in most societies on this planet

so if an alternative

real divinely oriented

culture comes up

it needs

cult-ivating & nurturing

rather than mindless labeling

the land called england

the people who call themselves


& inhabit

the land now called


give the impression

that it has always been theirs

the truth is that

just like america was taken over

they took it over by force

from the black haired pigmented

people called druids/phoenicians

the ones who made stonehenge

& the white horses on the hills

& all the mounds & stone temples

just because they have changed

the original sanskrit names like

Upvan 'उपवन ' - meaning 'garden'

to Upavon

just because they couldn't pronounce it properly

doesn't mean that its their name

a lot of sanskrit names

changed over to funny english pronunciations

abound in this island

giving a clear hint as to the actual language

of those who were the ancient dwellers

of this land

and lotusocean repeats that

one only owns land

by embedding in it

just names ?!

there are some

who after reading

'who am i'

have stated that

its all just names

and the question still remains

just names ?!

'captain kirk ' is not just a name

it is a whole set of qualities

like the ability to make critical decisions

under pressure situations

'krishn' is not just a name

it brings with it a whole picture

of that particular avatar of divine

in 'who am i'

its shown

how the avatar that is PT

manifests all the divine qualities

attached with those names

in the right here right now

Thursday 15 July 2010


in this world

in these times

almost all actions

are mock actions

in meaningless mock-roleplays

mock rock, mock talk, mock prayer

even mock of mock

they all still wonder

why they never get to anything real

Monday 12 July 2010


'goal ... goaaaaaal '

they are all shouting

they all want 'goal'

yes a 'goal'

nothing illogical about that

having a clear 'goal' is necessary

bodes well for their future

except a slight glitch

where beings see

putting a ball in the back of a net

as a goal worth seriously pursuing

is a planet

which is essentially quite goal-less

give it to me

under evil demiurge's rule

most of this world

is now all about seeking attention

especially the female of the specie

they all want attention

its a continuos cry of

give it to me

i am ready to give the attention

but can they handle the attention ?

the truth is that

i do give them all attention

& all that is found

is uglyness, retardation & depression

if only they could give

attention to higher/divine

instead of asking for it for themselves

they would have a chance

of getting out of the hell they are in

they won't be able to handle

divine's attention anyways

it will just see right through

all their pretension & facades

they would run from it faster

than the vampires run from the sun


there are those

who get very anxious/defensive

at the mere mention of the fact


god/divine/higher has to be praised

they say 'praise' is unnecessary

& life can be lived without it

when the truth is that

even in their own life

they are always praising

either others like themselves, their own self

or those lower than themselves

majority of this world has no problems

encouraging those that don't

threaten their own ego

in simpler words

what they gno to be nothing really beyond them

its only when it comes to praising

the real higher/divine

that questions are raised

& feelings like jealousy enter the fray

in their foolish ignorance

they say 'why would higher need the praise'

well it doesn't

it is they who need to do the p(raise)

to raise themselves out of the blissless hell

they have put themselves in

through not doing it

a matter of taste

one cannot go higher

without having a taste for the higher

and one cannot get a real taste for the higher

without praising the higher

Saturday 10 July 2010

reduce it all to ...

people on this planet

may not be good at anything

uplifting or evoluting

but they are quite good

at reducing

everything to their own lowly levels

recently the cropcircle phenomenon

is being reduced to banality

to fit their own limited domains

even by those who have the basic sense

to not see it as just plain fraud

some of these interested researchers

only see upcoming eclipses in it

( quite an elaborate & strangelooking almanac !
why on earth would anything go to all
this effort to show a forthcoming eclipse ?! )

while others are seeing airconditioning devices in it

some are busy making videos with

random cropcircle image collages

with random tasteless sounds

from silly pop to mindless techno

to desperate emotional wailings called ballads

to mosquito buzzing heavy metal

all of which have only one thing in common

low quality & vibration

& absolutely no connection

with the spirit of the phenomenon

once again it is the

evil bratty habit of

reducing it all to their own

utterly lowly, limited and undivine levels

using their fawlty machines

instead of humbly learning

from something which is beyond them

Friday 9 July 2010

when tails is heads too

in a world

going mad on football/soccer fever

they have have come with this list -

World Cup 2010 - World Cup best and worst-looking XI

it aims to seperate the beauty from the beast

all lotusocean can see is

beast on both sides of the list

they seem to be sure that they can fool

all into believing that tails is heads

the genepools here

just don't want to admit to the uglyness

they have gotten to

by turning against the divine

a funny aside -

despite all this beastliness

they have difficulty putting a ball

into a net as big as a house

most attempts miss the target

by yards

in the supposed highest level of the game

Thursday 8 July 2010

short term long term

most beings here

spend their life

giving themselves very short term goals

will go to this club tomorrow

with x & y

clean my car today and so forth

this is what helps them to

carry on

in an ultimately aimless, boring and useless life

thay have no long term goals

their long term finishes at

setting up pension fund &

getting life insurance

for some it finishes at

winning some awards or trophies

no concern about the

soul's journey after death

a much longer timespan than the

short life here

no concern for real happiness or bliss

even in the here and now

this is the reason

why beings are able to live & operate

in evil's blissless, boring & robotic system

satisfied by mere survival

all the unwholesome activities

for the mind , body & soul

are also done in this consequenceless haze


long term perspectives just don't exist

Tuesday 6 July 2010


the snakes (genepools - also called people)

here on this planet/dimension are

writhing & hopping around madly


they are on a hotplate

they call it dance

in the moment

despite all the talk

about being

in the moment

they do not ever

really achieve it

slave as they are to

the incessant noise of their self

the attention never fully present

any moment is only

a real moment

when divine is part of it

one can never

be in the moment


having a longterm longing

for divine/god

being thoughtless


being divinefull

Sunday 4 July 2010


only graceful action

one can do

is sincerely

bow to divine

if that is not what one does

only other option

is disgraceful actions

and the longer one goes on

that devoluting path

more disgraceful it all gets

its all already at an insectoid level

if one puts on the TV

especially any socalled music channels

without Grace

there is no G race

or Genes on phire

racing up past speed of light

to break the matrix eggshell

Saturday 3 July 2010

the scales

there is a

fierce battle going on inside

most of the beings here

on one side of the scale is their ego

on the other side dissatisfaction with their current state

until the scale tilts in the favour

of the latter

no evolution or ascension is possible

as only than does one

bow down to the higher/divine

Thursday 1 July 2010

the lost logic

when people are driving around in a

new unknown place

where even the GPS cannot be of any help

they ask for directions

and when they are asking for it

they always look for someone

who gnos for sure

not someone who doesn't gno

or appears confused

do they invite people into the car

who say 'ummm i am not sure ... '

but thats exactly what they do in life

they are completely lost here

in this journey called life

but always bring in people who are as lost

as themselves into their lives

rather than seeking those

who gno the way


applied in a situation with less gravity

but not in a situation with immense gravity

and a lot at stake

desperati not illuminati

the undeserving rulers

of this planet

are refered to as


by those who are at least not fooled

by the silly notions of freedom

the majority is deluded by

i prefer to call these folks


they may rule this planet

through their evil system

but they remain

unhappy and blissless

their problem being more acute than

even some of the common muggles on the street

they are not very 'illuminated'

in any sense of the term

they have a favourite band

whose lyrics they relate to

'i can't get no satisfaction ...'

'sympathy for the devil'

in ancient more divinely attuned times

to rule

one needed to be one with the land & the elements

even in the medieval arturian legends

arthur and the land had to be one

for arthur to be king

so kingship was in accordance with divine logical laws

in going against divine and divine laws

this ability was lost

and now all that remains is

the kingdom of evil

they try very hard to keep this farce going

even though everything is crumbling

all around them

including their progeny

who would rather kill itself

than face the blissless boredom

of false power, pretentious hollow ceremonies

& fake service from their mindprogrammed subjects

the most natural thing

there are those

who believe in coming

down hard on their self

the self trying to discipline

its own errant unevoluting ways

is a contradiction in itself

rather than a realistic possibility

any real evolutionary discipline is not possible

without the focus

being on praise of the higher/divine

discipline is easy & automatic

for those who

learn to enjoy the bliss

which comes through doing whats natural

and nothing is more natural

than praising the higher/divine

it is an automatic impulse

only smothered by deliberate evil

inculcated over thousands of generations

all the beings in any era

ancient or recent have

only gotten to soul evolutionary discipline

through praise of divine

and those closer to it

than themselves